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8 iPhone Charging Cases to Extend Battery Life

Do you find yourself reaching for your charger during the day? If your phone’s battery drains quickly, then it might be time to buy a charging case. Besides acting as a protective measure, battery cases can give your iPhone that extra juice it needs to get through the day. 

What makes a battery case better than other options like fast charging or a battery pack? Fast charging is a way to recharge your phone quickly, but you can take your battery case with you on the go. Plus, a case is more compact than carrying around a battery pack and cable. There are plenty of affordable options when it comes to charging cases for your iPhone.

Top Charging Cases for iPhones

We’ve collected top models for new and old iPhone models. Whether you have an iPhone X or stuck with your trusty iPhone 6, you can purchase the right case to extend your battery life.

These are the Best iPhone Battery Cases in 2020:

  1. ZeroLemon Battery Case
  2. Trianium Atomic Pro Battery Case 
  3. Mophie Juice Pack Case 
  4. Alpatronix BXX Battery Case 
  5. Smiphee Battery Case 
  6. Ekrist Ultra-Slim Charging Case 
  7. Maxboost iPhone Battery Case 
  8. Apple Smart Battery Case 

ZeroLemon Battery Case

iPhone X Battery Case

zerolemon iphone battery case

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If you struggle to keep your iPhone’s battery from dying every day, then the ZeroLemon Battery Case is for you. This iPhone charging case can give your iPhone X a full charge, which means that you’ll receive an extra 12 hours of talk time. You can even stream movies and videos for seven hours with this battery phone case, but to watch videos or listen to music, you need Bluetooth headphones. With the LED lights on the case, you can monitor the battery life of the case, and you can turn the case’s charging capabilities on and off when needed. 

This case from ZeroLemon is fairly slim, but there is a bit of added length due to the battery. Besides the battery function, this case is also protective, so your phone will stay scratch-free. Wireless charging isn’t compatible while this case is on your phone, but you shouldn’t need to worry about wireless charging capabilities when the case itself is the battery. If you need to use wireless charge, just slip off the phone case. You can get this battery case for a great price; it’s just $30 on Amazon.

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Trianium Atomic Pro Battery Case

iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 Charging Case

trianium atomic pro battery case

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The Trianium Atomic Pro Battery Case is another excellent choice for extending your iPhone’s battery life. This particular case is suitable as a charging case for the iPhone 8 or 7, but you can find this model available for other iPhones. With this case from Trianium, your phone’s battery can be extended for another 14 hours of talk time or 10 hours of web browsing time. This should be more than enough juice to get you through the rest of your day, with a little extra to spare. There are LED lights to indicate the case’s battery level.

This phone case’s protective measures include two-piece casing and a frame that surrounds your device. The case is shock-absorbent in case of any drops. Trianium’s battery case is also thin, so you should be able to fit your phone in your pocket. With the microUSB cable including in your purchase, you can charge your phone and the battery case simultaneously. Unfortunately, you can’t plug in headphones with this case, so you’ll need to use wireless earbuds

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Mophie Juice Pack Air

iPhone XS, XR, XS Max Battery Case

mophie juice pack air

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Mophie makes several battery cases, and on many lists of high-quality battery phone cases, you’re sure to see this brand. The Mophie Juice Pack Air is a popular choice. One major benefit is that this case is MFI certified, which means it’s been approved by the company Apple and is compatible with Apple products. Unlike other battery phone cases, you can use wireless charging capabilities, like the Qi wireless charging system, even with the case on your device. However, you still need Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to listen to audio.

Since this case is slim, it’ll fit in your hand comfortably. Between your phone battery and the additional charge provided by the case, you’ll have a total of 34 hours of battery life. LED lights on this case by Mophie lets you know when you need to charge your case again. Plenty of battery cases come in black or gray, but Mophie provides a couple other options, like red and a shining rose gold. The major drawback of this product is the steep price of $100, but you do get benefits you can’t find in other cases, like wireless charging. This specific case is for the iPhone XS Max, but the Mophie Juice Pack Air is available for the iPhone XS or XR.

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Alpatronix BXX Battery Case for the iPhone X/XS

iPhone X, XS, XS Max Charging Case

alpatronix bxx battery case

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The Alpatronix BXX Battery Case provides a variety of benefits that make it a great tech accessory and fantastic purchase. This charging case for your iPhone can provide another full charge to keep your device going until the end of the day. This case also has high-quality protection. There’s a hard shell that keeps your phone scratch-free, and the case includes materials like rubber that will absorb shock from impacts and drops. With a raised bezel, your phone screen has some defense against cracks. Your purchase also comes with a glass screen protector for added security.

Like the Mophie Juice Pack Air, Alpatronix’s case is also compatible with Qi charging, so wireless charging is still an option to power up your phone. This particular case fits the iPhone X and XS, but you can search on Amazon for the same battery case for the iPhone XS Max. This case also requires Bluetooth headphones for audio. For a reasonable price of $40, you get a long-lasting battery and exceptional protection.

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Smiphee Battery Case

iPhone X, XS Battery Case

smiphee battery case

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This battery case from Smiphee brings a little extra style and flair to your device. Although you can buy a black case, there’s also two-toned options: one in navy blue and gray and another in rose gold and gray. Of course, the appearance isn’t the only thing that makes Smiphee a solid product. With this battery case, you can double the battery life of your phone, so you have more time to make calls, check emails, watch videos, and more. The case is slightly curved inward near the top, so the camera lens is protected if you drop your phone. Plus, there’s a raised bezel to preserve your screen. The soft rubber that makes up this battery case will absorb shock and protect your device. 

While this case isn’t compatible with wireless charging, you can use wired earphones with the Smiphee Battery Case. If you’re looking for a battery case but don’t own wireless earbuds, this is the case for you. This specific case is for the iPhone X and XS. However, you can also find this as an iPhone 6 charging case. The Smiphee Battery Case for the iPhone 6 and 6S can be purchased on Amazon. 

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Ekrist Ultra-Slim Charging Case for the iPhone 6/6S/7/8

iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8 Charging Case

ekrist ultra-slim iphone charging case

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Slim and thin cases are nearly always preferable to large, bulky phone cases. It’s more comfortable to hold, and keeping your phone is your pocket is ideal so it’s always within reach. Ekrist’s Ultra-Slim Charging Case provides these advantages along with the ability to extend your phone’s battery life. This iPhone charging case can increase your battery life up to 180% for more talk time, web-browsing time, and other activities. 

As for protective measures, this case has a hard back cover and a raised bezel to keep your screen crack-free. Additional safety measures prevent your phone from overheating or overcharging. This case is compatible with the iPhone 6, 6S, 7 and 8, but not the plus-sized models. 

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Maxboost iPhone Battery Case

iPhone 7, 8 Battery Case

maxboost iphone battery case

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This Maxboost iPhone Charging Case is compatible with older iPhone models, like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. It provides a great additional charge. The battery gives you talk time up to 30 hours and up to 26 hours of time for browsing the internet. There’s two pieces to this case, so you need to snap on the bumper as you install the product onto your phone. With the bumper and strong backing, your phone will be protected even if it falls. LED indicators let you know when it’s time to recharge the case. Like other battery cases, you need wireless earbuds to listen to audio. 

If you like keeping all your information on your phone and laptop, you’re in luck. This Maxboost product has sync-through technology, so you can sync your device to the case without having to remove the battery case. There’s also a limited warranty that comes with your purchase. 

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Apple Smart Battery Case 

iPhone XR Battery Case, available in other sizes

apple smart battery case

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The Apple Smart Battery Case comes in a smooth black. While you can buy this case for several iPhone models, this particular case is for the iPhone XR. In most situations, you can buy the same case for the iPhone X and XS, but with this battery case, the iPhone XS version doesn’t line up exactly with the iPhone X. Keep this in mind if you’re looking for an iPhone X charging case. 

However, the downside is the price. This is the most expensive battery case on this list, coming in at $129.99. The price tag is a drawback for many Apple products. Although it may be worth it for their phones, you can find alternatives for charging cases. That being said, this case is created for Apple products, so it’s very compatible with iPhones. The case charges extremely quickly with a USB-PD charger. With the Apple Battery Case, talk time is up to 27 hours and internet time is up to 22 hours. If you’re willing to spend the money, this case is the best guarantee that your phone will stay charged. 

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Which iPhone has the best battery life?

Would you rather have a phone with a long-lasting battery life instead of relying on a battery case? Unsurprisingly, the iPhone with the best battery life is the newest model, the iPhone 11 series. Your iPhone’s battery life will vary depending on how you use your device, and the battery life may change over time.

Even if you have an iPhone with terrific battery life, it doesn’t hurt to buy a charging case or battery pack. These tech tools can be a huge help in a pinch!

More on the Best iPhone Cases

If you’re looking to buy a battery phone case, then consider buying a pair of wireless earbuds. Most battery cases don’t allow you to use wired earbuds, so take a look at the top wireless earbuds in 2020. While Airpods are extremely common, there’s a wide variety of great earbuds that you can use for listening to music and podcasts or during an intense workout. 

Charging cases aren’t your only option for a high-quality phone case. If keeping your phone in pristine condition and crack-free is your priority, buy a sturdy and protective case. There also gorgeous leather iPhone cases that are made with care and playful Disney phone cases that will transport you back to your childhood. These lists are the start to finding the iPhone case that’s perfect for you. 

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