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Best Protective Cases for iPhone X

An iPhone X or XS is an expensive purchase, so take the right steps to protect your investment. With a strong and durable phone case, your phone is guaranteed to be fine, even after it falls.

Besides functioning as protective gear, phone cases can have other purposes. Whether you’re looking for a wallet phone case, battery pack phone case, or just the chance to personalize your tech accessories, you can find what you need on this list of top-rated phone cases.

20 Best iPhone X Cases

We’ve compiled the best iPhone X cases, known for their protective ability and durable materials. To keep your iPhone as safe as possible from damage, choose one of these top-rated and stylish cases.

These are the Top iPhone X Cases:

  1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case 
  2. Urban Armor Gear Monarch Case 
  3. Speck Presidio Grip Case 
  4. Totallee Thin Case 
  5. Moshi StealthCover
  6. Smartish Kung Fu Grip Case 
  7. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case 
  8. OtterBox Commuter Series 
  9. Nodus Access Case 
  10. Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case
  11. iPhone X Leather Folio Case 
  12. Mous Limitless Case 
  13. Catalyst Waterproof Case 
  14. Case-Mate Brilliance Tough Case
  15. Otterbox Strada Case 
  16. X-Doria Defense Shield Series Case
  17. Tech21 Evo Check Case 
  18. Smiphee Battery Case
  19. Case-Mate Naked Tough Case
  20. Kate Spade New York Protective Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

spigen ultra hybrid iphone x case

For a basic yet stylish case, choose the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. With a clear case, you can have both solid protection and a clear view of your sleek phone. The case will remain clear thanks to the fact that it’s made with materials resistant to yellowing. The Spigen Ultra Hybrid does come in a few different colors for the edges of the case, like Matte Black and Red.

When it comes to falls, the phone has Air Cushion Technology that helps to absorb any shocks from impacts. While the back of the phone case is rigid, other parts of the case are more flexible. The phone case is tough and durable while also remaining shock-absorbent. This phone case is compatible with the iPhone X and iPhone XS. 

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Urban Armor Gear Monarch Case

urban armor gear monarch iphone x case

If protection is your number one priority when shopping for a phone case, then Urban Armor Gear’s cases are the right choice. The Monarch Feather-Light Rugged case has five layers of protection, made of materials like leather, polycarbonate, and metal alloys. Despite the many layers to the case, it’s still light and slim.

The case weighs 1.4 ounces and can slip in and out of your pocket. Additionally, the case exceeds drop-standards set by the military. The honeycomb pattern on the side of the case makes the phone easy to grip, but even if you drop your phone, it’s sure to be protected. The case comes with a 10 year limited warranty, and you can buy this case for your iPhone X or XS in five different colors.

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Speck Presidio Grip Case

speck presidio grip iphone x case

For consumers who are more interested in a minimalist look, the Speck Presidio Grip Case is an excellent alternative to the Urban Armor Gear Monarch Case. Though it doesn’t have five layers of protection, Speck created this dual-layer case with high-quality protection in mind. This case will keep your phone secure from falls up to 10 feet high.

The case includes materials to absorb shocks from any impacts, and the rubber patterns result in a no-slip grip. The finish on the case is resistant to any scratches, so it’ll look as polished and new as the day you bought the product. With the Speck Presidio Grip Case, you can choose from classic solid colors like black and gray or brighter ones like teal and purple.

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Totallee Thin Case

totallee thin iphone case

The Totallee Thin Case is one of the thinnest phone cases you can buy for your iPhone. The case is only 0.02 inches thick, and it comes in solid colors. The Speck Presidio may be a more minimalist option than Urban Armor cases, but for a case that exudes minimalism, there’s nothing better than the Totallee case. There’s some added grip around the edges of the case to ensure that your phone doesn’t slip out of your hand.

The iPhone’s camera is one of the product’s selling points, so you wouldn’t want anything to happen to it. Totallee’s case has a raised camera ring for extra security. Your camera lens will stay in top condition. Plus, Totallee will send you a replacement case if it arrives damaged, issue full refunds, and provide you with a two year warranty. 

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Moshi StealthCover

moshi stealthcover iphone case

The Moshi StealthCover wraps around your entire phone, even the front screen. The magnetic covering on your front screen is clear, so you can still check the time and your notifications while the case is still fully closed. Your phone’s facial recognition technology will also work with the front cover on the screen. A magnetic clasp on the side of your phone adds even more protection from scratches and scuffs.

The drop-protection with the Moshi StealthCover is tactical military-grade, so you can rest assured knowing your phone will be protected in small falls. Like other cases designed for newer iPhone models, Moshi’s case works with wireless charging. For now, this phone case comes in two colors, Champagne Pink and Gray. Although this phone case is one product on the pricier end, it’s sleek look, thin case, and front cover make this a great buy.

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Smartish Kung Fu Grip Case

smartish kung fu grip iphone case

With a name like the Kung Fu Grip Case, you’d expect this phone case to be strong, with something a little special. This phone case from Silk has a “super grippy texture” lining the edges of your phone. With this feature, your grip is sure to stay firm. In the case you do still drop your phone, there are air cushions at the corners of the phone case to protect your iPhone.

There’s a screen guard that raises your phone slightly. This means that when your phone is facedown, it doesn’t come in contact with the surface it’s on. If that doesn’t keep your screen scratch free, the included film phone screen protector will do the trick. The screen protector also keeps your screen clean and in pristine condition. Silk also makes this case for the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR. 

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Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

spigen neo hybrid iphone case

Another excellent phone case from Spigen, the Neo Hybrid Case offers many of the same benefits as the Ultra Hybrid. The Neo Hybrid’s design shows off the glossy, shiny metallics around the phone’s edges. Part of this case’s appeal is the two-layer design, which absorbs shocks and prevents damage to the case, like scratches and scraps.

The frame of the case is built for greater durability while fitting snugly around the iPhone. The volume buttons are still easy to press and function well, even with the case around them. Wireless charging isn’t an issue with the case still on your phone. You can purchase the Neo Hybrid Case in various colors for around $15 for each style.

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Otterbox Commuter Series

otterbox commuter series iphone case

If Otterbox is known for any product, it’s their phone cases, and the Commuter Series is a great case for newer iPhones like the iPhone X or XS. This case has a polycarbonate shell and a synthetic rubber slipcover. With high-quality materials like these, it’s no wonder that the Otterbox is such a durable, strong case. The Commuter Series Case is a two-layer case, and a covering over the port prevents any dust from intruding.

The case also is compatible with Alpha Glass, which is Otterbox’s screen protector. Alpha Glass screen protectors are sold separately, so don’t expect a screen protector to come with your phone case. However, the Commuter case does offer some protection for your screen with a raised bumper. Still, with an Otterbox case and an Alpha Glass screen protector, your phone will be shielded from any cracks or scrapes.

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Nodus Access Case

nodus access iphone case

The Nodus Access Case is the first leather phone case on this list, though certainly not the last. Although the Nodus case is pricey at about $70 including shipping, this phone case is made with Italian leather. The leather is carefully stitched together to create an upscale and lovely case.

This leather case is slightly different than other leather phone cases because there’s no plastic compartment hold your phone in place. Instead, there’s strong adhesive with micro suction technology. Fortunately, the adhesive won’t leave a stain on your phone, and it keeps your phone in place just as well as plastic. Along with the case, there’s a compartment that allows you to store some credit cards and cash. If you want to keep your cards and phone together, this is an ideal option. 

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Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

mujjo leather wallet case

If you prefer leather iPhone cases that can take the place of your wallet, the Mujjo Full Leather Wallet is another case you should consider adding to your shopping cart. This phone case doesn’t have a cover that also houses your credit cards or driver’s license. Instead, there’s a pocket on the back of the case that fits two to three cards.

A case from Mujjo is made with great care. The case is made using fine full-grain leather, and Japanese microfibers make up the interior lining of the phone case. From an aniline oil treatment, the case receives its rich colors, from brown to a dark blue or full olive green. The edge of your phone screen is protected by the raised leather, but it’s still best to buy a screen protector for the highest protection. For a leather case, the price is relatively affordable.

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iPhone X Leather Folio Case

apple leather folio case

When it comes to iPhone cases, what company knows the product as well as Apple? This case is made from European leather and also includes a microfiber lining to cushion and protect your phone. You can also store several cards or a few bills in this phone case. When you open this case, your iPhone wakes up and goes back to sleep once you close it. With the leather folio case on the device, your phone will still be compatible with wireless charging.

This case is fairly expensive, which isn’t surprising since it is an Apple product in addition to being a leather case, which are typically more expensive than silicone cases. However, it you’re a fan of Apple products, this might be the right case for you. This case comes in a simple black, taupe, dark blue, or a bright berry color.

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Mous Limitless Case

mous limitless iphone x case

For those who want a more unique iPhone case, the Mous Limitless Case is here for you. With patterns like Real Shell, Bamboo, and Walnut, your case will be set apart from the rest. Mous Limitless Cases are made with authentic materials and is enhanced with Airoshock Technology. This technology protects your phone if it drops or slips and ensures that your phone remains intact by absorbing and dispersing energy from impacts.

Along with the case, you also get a screen protector with your purchase. The screen protector is made from a blend of materials, like silicon and more. With the screen protector, you’ll also receive cleaning supplies, like alcohol wipes. Since you get a durable, protective case and a screen protector, you know your phone is safe if it falls.

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Catalyst Waterproof Case

catalyst waterproof iphone case

The iPhone X is supposed to be waterproof up to around three feet. That being said, the iPhone X is not immune to water damage, so you don’t need to plunge it in water just to double check. However, if you are usually around water or are concerned about dropping your iPhone in water, it doesn’t hurt to get some extra support from a waterproof case. Catalyst’s Waterproof Case works in up to 33 feet of water, so if you’re going scuba diving, you may even be able to take your phone along.

Besides being waterproof, this case is also scratch-proof and equipped with sound acoustics technology for clear phone calls and for high-quality sound when listening to music. Even outside the water, this case still has selling points, like military-grade shock resistance. All these perks come at the price of $90, making this one of the most expensive phone cases on this list.  

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Case-Mate Brilliance Tough Case

case mate brilliance tough iphone case

Looking for some pizzazz and sparkle? The Case-Mate Brilliance Tough has over 800 crystals embedded into the case, so it’s definitely eye-catching. You can buy this case in Rose Gold Brooch, Champagne, Iridescent, and Lace colors, and each of them will shine bright. Don’t be distracted by this phone case’s looks alone; it still maintains much of the same functionality as other top-rated iPhone cases.

There’s a layer in the case to absorb shock, and this case also has military-level shock protection. The buttons can still be pressed easily without resistance from the case, and wireless charging works flawlessly. This phone case comes with a lifetime warranty. All in all, this phone case shows that you can have function and fun. Add a glitter popsocket for extra sparkle. 

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Otterbox Strada Case

otterbox strada case

The Otterbox Strada Series combines the protection of the classic Otterbox with the functionality of a wallet. The case is easy to fit onto your iPhone, and it’s made of snug leather. Inside, you can fit some credit or ID cards along with cash. The case has OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection, so your phone will be shielded from any scrapes, scratches, or scuffing.

You have a choice between three elegant colors: Espresso, Royal Blush, and Shadow. Like other Otterbox cases, this comes with a lifetime warranty, and it works well with an Alpha Glass screen protector. Since you have a leather covering over the screen, a screen protector may not be as necessary, but it’s still a great asset to have.

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X-Doria Defense Shield Series Case

x-doria defense shield case

The X-Doria Defense Shield Series’ main strength is its protective abilities, but you also get a few extra perks. The back of the phone is made of clear polycarbonate and has rubber in the interior. Anodized aluminum makes up part of the case as well. The raised lip gives your screen a little extra security to preserve the glass, but this case doesn’t come with a screen protector.

This phone case passes military-grade standards for drop protection, so your phone can survive drops of around 10 feet with zero cracks. An additional benefit is the amplified sound from the speaker to improve audio. Since the back of the case is clear, you can show off your iPhone, but for a little more flash, choose the Rose Gold or Iridescent styles. 

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Tech21 Evo Check Case

tech21 evo check iphone case

Tech21 is another popular choice for phone cases, and the Evo Check Case is a definite contender when you’re looking for a new case. The Tech21 Evo Check Case is simple but comes in bright, fun colors like Neon Yellow and Orchid. With a Tech21 produce, you get the benefits of FlexShock, which absorbs and disperses shock when the phone makes an impact.

This phone case will protect your phone from drops up to 12 feet high. FlexShock works well, so Tech21 phone cases are thin and light. You’ll easily be able to slip your phone in your pocket. The Evo Check Case doesn’t interfere with wireless charging, so once you snap the case on your phone, just let it be! 

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Smiphee Battery Case

smiphee battery case

The iPhone X has a terrific battery life, but if you still drain it quickly, then you might want to invest in a portable charger. Even better, you can buy a phone case that also charges your iPhone. The Smiphee Battery Case doubles the battery life of your phone and provides a full charge. To start charging your phone, all you need to do is hold the power button down for three seconds. When you use your charging cable, you can charge the phone and case at the same time.

This case is a lot lighter and sleeker than a bulky portable battery, and your phone will still fit in your hand nicely. Though the case’s primary function is a charger, it should still offer some protection from drops and scratches. Unfortunately, the Smiphee Battery Case isn’t compatible with wireless charging, but this is less of a concern because your phone case already doubles as your charger!

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Case-Mate Naked Tough Case

case-mate naked tough case

If you liked features of the Case-Mate Brillance Tough but wished it was toned down, then the Case-Mate Tough Clear is the best choice. This phone case comes in a clear color, but you can still find the same flashy style with patterns like Mood and Sheer Glam. With anti-scratch technology, you can expect a phone free from scuffing and marks.

The case meets military-grade drop standards, and UV yellowing resistant materials ensure that your case stays in top condition. The case covering gives the buttons a metallic shine but doesn’t take away from the functionality or ease when pressing down on them. In addition to the iPhone X, you can buy the Case-Mate Naked Tough for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. 

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Kate Spade New York Protective Case

kate spade new york protective iphone case

Kate Spade New York creates designer iPhone cases, and you’re sure to find one that fits your style. These phone cases have more flair, with flowers and glittering stripes. While these phone cases are gorgeous, they’re still functional. These cases have a no-slip grip design and is also shock resistant.

If you drop your phone, the case will take care of the damage, and your phone will be perfectly safe and intact. With its glossy finish, the Kate Spade cases really shine. The cases range in price from about $20 to $40. 

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Final Thoughts on iPhone X Cases

With so many options with iPhone X cases, you can find one that’s right for you and your needs. Whether you’re going for style, a wallet, or a battery pack, there’s a phone case on this list that fits the description and offers ample protection. To keep your iPhone in its best condition, find the right screen protector to prevent any cracks or scratches and avoid pricey repairs.

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