how to make your iphone charge faster

How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

Sometimes, you forget to plug in your phone overnight or you’re about to leave the house when you realize your phone is on low battery. As frustrating as these situations can be, they can be solved with relative ease. There are ways to make your phone charge faster so that you don’t have to wait around by an outlet.

On top of that, new iPhones have a new fast charging feature. Certain Androids also have this fast charging ability. If you have a new iPhone, consider investing in an iPhone fast charger. If not, try these tips to make your phone charge faster. 

Tips to Charge Your Phone Faster

If you’re in a rush and don’t have a lighting cable or fast charging capabilities, there are still a few tips and tricks you can use to charge your phone quickly.

Use a Wall Charger

First, skip the wireless charger and plug your phone into the wall. Although wireless charging comes in handy, it’s not as efficient as using your cable and charger.

It might also be tempting to plug your phone into your laptop so you can keep it next to you, but your laptop doesn’t have the same power. A wall charger has a higher output than the USB ports in a computer. If you do need to use your laptop to charge your phone, make sure it doesn’t go into sleep mode. Your phone may stop charging. If you have an iPhone and a MacBook, some newer models will recognize that you’ve plugged your phone in and send extra power, but generally speaking a wall charger is still better. 

Don’t Use Your Phone

While many of us are addicted to our smart phones, you shouldn’t use it if you want it to charge faster. Texting, scrolling through social media, listening to music – all of these will use battery power. If you’re trying to charge it quickly, put your phone down and don’t touch it.

Turn on Airplane Mode

If you’re trying not to play with your phone but you can’t resist the sound of a notification, turn on Airplane mode. Another option in the same lane is to turn it off completely while it charges, although you’ll have to turn it back on to check its progress. Airplane mode is a great option for fast charging because it turns off Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular functions that use background power even when you’re not on your phone. 

Keep Your Phone Cool

While you’re charging your phone, make sure your device is in a cool or room-temperature place. If you’ve spent all day outside in the summer heat, you may have noticed your battery life draining quickly. Extreme temperatures affect your iPhone’s battery, so do your best to keep your phone around room-temperature when possible. At its optimal temperature, your phone will charge faster and the battery will work longer. 

Some phone cases can increase the temperature of the phone, so if you have a case that does this, take it off while charging. If you aren’t sure, check if your phone feels extra hot while charging, and if it’s hot, remove the case temporarily.

Use a Portable Charger or Battery Case

If you find that your phone is frequently dying while you’re on the go, invest in a portable charging bank or a battery case that charges your phone when it’s on. Both of these options will charge your phone when you’re not near an outlet, and they can both fit easily in a purse, backpack, or even a large pocket. While these won’t make your phone charge faster, they will keep it alive when you’re out and don’t have time to charge it. If you’re in the car a lot, a car charger would also work well to keep your phone alive, and some car phone mounts also work as chargers.

Buy a Fast Charging Cable

Newer iPhones, namely the iPhone 8 and up, all have fast charging abilities. Some Android phones can also fast charge. According to Apple, with fast charge, your phone will be recharged up to 50% battery in only 30 minutes.

With Apple, fast charging only works until your phone is at 80% with its battery life. At this point, fast charging stops, so you’ll have to settle for a slower charge. However, if you’re using fast charge to give you a battery boost to last the rest of the day, there shouldn’t be any issues with fast charge stopping here. 

To use fast charge, all you need to do is plug your phone in like you would regularly. Essentially, fast charging means you’re using more power to charge your phone. To do this, you need a cable that can deal with more power. Invest in an iPhone fast charger to speed up your charging time. 

Charge Your Phone Faster

Try these tips to make your phone charge faster so that you can get on with your day! For all of your technology needs, iDapt has the latest information and the best products.

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