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Magical Disney Phone Cases

Want to add some of that classic Disney magic to your everyday life? Buy a Disney-themed phone case! Whether your favorite characters are Mickey and Minnie, Disney princesses, or other animated characters, there’s a perfect phone case for you. 

Disney iPhone XR Cases

  1. Disney Collection Mickey and Minnie iPhone Case
  2. Litech Artistic Design Disney iPhone Case
  3. OtterBox Symmetry Series Disney Phone Case

Disney Collection Mickey and Minnie disney collection mickey and minnie phone case

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are both staple characters to the universe created by Disney, and you can expect to see these two characters on a lot of Disney merchandise. However, this phone case is anything but boring and predictable. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are colorful and vibrant, so you get a gorgeous pop of color with this case.

Disney Collection also makes a sparkly red and black case with outlines of famous mouse ears, a Winnie the Pooh case, and a Lion King case featuring Simba and Nala. These cases are only made for the iPhone XR, but Disney Collection also makes cases for other iPhone models. Although the patterns and designs of this case are the selling point, the phone case is also shock absorbent and has a raised edge around the camera. These features mean the case is protective and stylish. 

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Litech Artistic Design Disney iPhone Case


litech disney iphone case 

Litech has an assortment of iPhone XR cases that are inspired by Disney. Plus, these cases are all clear, so you can show off your love for Disney while also displaying the sleek color and design of the phone itself. With this phone case, you can choose from multiple Disney designs. One is a dreamy, watercolor castle, and there are two cases featuring Stitch. If you prefer superheroes, there’s a case with Spiderman.

This phone case is flexible yet durable, and it’s made of TPU polycarbonate. The case is resistant to scratches, so you can expect to view the case’s design and phone clearly. Another benefit to this phone case is it’s slim design; the case is only 1 mm thick but still protective. 

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OtterBox Symmetry Series Disney Phone Case

otterbox symmetry series disney iphone case

OtterBox is well-known for their phone cases, but did you know the company has a line of Disney cases? Their Symmetry Series for the iPhone XR includes a wide range of characters. Highlights include Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible (or Elastigirl), and characters from the Star Wars franchise. There’s also the Rad Mickey and Rad Minnie phone cases, which are retro-themed. The Rad Mickey case has a bright aqua background while the Rad Minnie case has a fashionable light pink.

Since this is a product from OtterBox, you can expect high-quality materials and heavy protection. The dual-material phone case has Certified Drop+ Protection and works with Alpha Glass, which is Otterbox’s screen protector. Like with any other purchase from OtterBox, this phone case comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Disney iPhone X Cases

  1. Disney Collection Disney Family iPhone Case
  2. Umiko Glitter Mickey Mouse Ears Case
  3. Casesophy Disney Toy Story Phone Case

Disney Collection Disney Family iPhone Case

disney collection iphone xs case

If you can’t choose between your favorite Disney characters, then purchase a case from Disney Collection’s Disney Family line. With these phone case, you’ll get multiple Disney characters. Choose from Donald Duck and Mickey, Belle and the Beast, a case with many characters that’s designed to look like stained glass, or a case with a single Mickey Mouse on it.

At first glance, it may look like Mickey’s the only character on the case, but take a closer look and you’ll see Peter Pan, Queen Elsa, Pocahontas, and more characters covering Mickey’s ears down to his shoes. This case is made out of silicone, so it’s flexible and should easily slip over your phone.

The case is shock absorbent, and there’s anti-slip materials on the phone so you can maintain a strong grip. This case will fit the iPhone X and iPhone XS, but if you have an iPhone XS Max, you’ll need to find another Disney case! 

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Umiko Glitter Mickey Mouse Ears Case 

umiko glitter mickey ears case

Love sparkle? You’ll feel like you have the glitz and glam of a Disney princess when you carry your phone if you buy this phone case. Made by Umiko, this phone case is covered in rhinestones and diamond jewels. So what exactly makes this a Disney phone case? Well, there are mouse ears adorning the top of the case!

Though the diamonds might steal the show, this case is still protective and scratch-resistant. Although, if you want to wear the lanyard that comes with your purchase, this phone is a little harder to drop. This case comes in Bling Black, Bling Rose Gold, and Bling Hot Pink.

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Casesophy Disney Toy Story Phone Case

casesophy disney toy story case

Did you grow up watching Toy Story movies and rush to the theater when Toy Story 4 came out? If you answered yes, then this is the phone case for you. This case includes characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and everyone’s favorite green aliens. If you want to show off your loyalty to one specific character or toy, there’s even a case with multiple smiling green aliens.

This case is made by CASESOPHY, which also has phone cases with Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, Minnie Mouse, Stitch, and Donald Duck. Essentially, if you spent your childhood watching Toy Story or exploring the Hundred Acre Wood with Christopher Robin, CASESOPHY has an assortment of phone cases you’ll adore. These phone cases are compatible with the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and XR. 

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Disney iPhone 8 Plus Cases

  1. Logee Stitch Phone Case
  2. Phenix-Color Monsters, Inc. Phone Case
  3. OtterBox Symmetry Series Disney Phone Case

Logee Stitch Phone Case 

logee stitch phone case

Stitch has certainly made a name for himself as one of the cutest characters in the Disney Universe. On this clear case, all he wants to do is eat the little Apple logo! With a clear case, one concern customers have is keeping it clean and preventing it from yellowing. This phone case has anti-yellowing properties in addition to being able to absorb shocks from any impacts.

There are also bumpers on the corners of the phone to protect them in case you drop your device. Besides the iPhone 8 Plus, this case is available for many other iPhone models, including newer versions as well as the older iPhone 6.

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Phenix-Color Monsters, Inc. Phone Case 

phenix-color monsters inc phone case

If you want a case that will flaunt your love for cartoons, then purchase this Monsters ,Inc. phone case. This phone case is full of color and features plenty of characters from Monsters, Inc., not just Mike and Sully.

Phenix-Color makes this phone case, and the company also makes a Toy Story phone case in a similar style. The phone case is soft and will be comfortable to hold while also absorbing shocks if you drop your device. 

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OtterBox Symmetry Series Disney Phone Case 

otterbox symmetry series disney iphone 8 case

The OtterBox Symmetry Series is also available for the iPhone 8 Plus. There’s more variety here, from Disney Princesses to the Star Wars series and Marvel Cinematic Universe. Besides the traditional heroes, you can also get formidable villains to star on your phone case, like Thanos or Darth Vader.

Made out of synthetic rubber polycarbonate, these cases absorb shock from any impact. While some OtterBox cases are thicker and bulkier, the Symmetry Series cases are thin and slim, so they’ll fit neatly in your pocket. These phone cases should also fit an iPhone 7 Plus. 

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Disney iPhone 8 Cases

  1. Durarmor Disney Quotes Phone Case
  2. Rose Gold Disney Case
  3. Unov Watercolor Disney Castle Phone Case

Durarmor Disney Quotes Phone Case 

durarmor disney quotes phone case

This phone case is a bit different than your typical Disney phone case. Instead of a case that highlights your favorite character, this phone case includes iconic Disney quotes. The quotes aren’t limited to one movie, so you’ll have a variety of famous lines, from the simple “Hakuna Matata” to more inspirational ones, such as “All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust.”

The quotes are on a light blue background that reminds us of Cinderella’s dress for the ball. This case has a dual layer: a hard shell with a soft interior. With this feature, the phone case is strong and sturdy while also being able to absorb shock. Duramor also offers other Disney cases, like a stained glass Beauty and the Beast case. 

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Rose Gold Disney Case 

deco fairy rose gold disney phone case

For an elegant and subdued look, choose this Disney phone case in rose gold. This design includes the iconic outline of Mickey Mouse’s ears in a mandala pattern. The phone case is slightly tinted, so you’ll still be able to see the Apple logo as well as the light pink.

The raised edges around the phone case will protect your phone’s screen if it falls. By pairing this case with a screen protector, you’re sure to keep your phone in prime condition. 

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Unov Watercolor Disney Castle Phone Case 

unov watercolor disney castle phone case

For another artistic and whimsical option, buy a phone case from Unov. Although Unov makes a number of phone cases that aren’t related to Disney characters or movies, there are a few that have some Disney magic. One is the watercolor castle phone case, which also includes pink stars around the castle.

There’s also a phone case with a castle and a mermaid, which gives off major Ariel vibes. Finally, there’s a case with an outline of Loki’s helmet. Although you might not find the God of Mischief running around a Disney theme park, Marvel is owned by Disney. Raised edges and shock absorption are some of the phone case’s protective features.

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Disney iPhone 7 Cases

  1. Lex Altern Disney Phone Case
  2. Disney Avengers phone Case
  3. Disney Imagination Dream Quote Phone Case

Lex Altern Disney Phone Case 

lex altern disney phone case

Lex Altern is another company that has beautiful Disney phone cases. You can see the galaxy and a sky full of stars within an outline of Belle and the Beast dancing, a watercolor depiction of the spunky Merida from Brave, or Bambi frolicking around with purple butterflies. These phone cases are clear except for the character outlines.

Made from eco-friendly materials, these cases are soft and comfortable to hold. The case covers the entire back of your iPhone for full body protection. Your phone will be protected from any scratches, scuffs, or other damages even after an extended period of time.

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Disney Avengers Phone Case

disney avenger phone case

If you’re a Disney fan and comic book fan, then purchase a phone case that displays superheroes, specifically the Avengers. One of the phone cases from Putee features the promotional poster for Infinity War. For those with a specific hero and character in mind, there are cases for Captain Marvel, Captain America, the Hulk, and Deadpool.

The frame of the phone case is soft and has a harder back cover. With a phone case that has superheroes that protect Earth and the galaxy, you can be sure that your phone will be protected from scratches and falls. 

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Disney Imagination Dream Quote Phone Case 

disney imagination quote phone case

This is another phone case with a beloved Disney quote. Instead of quotes from Disney movies, this quote is from Walt Disney himself, “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.” Behind the quote, there’s a backdrop that reminds us all of Mickey Mouse.

Your phone will remain protected by the two layers of the case, and you can grip the phone well, thanks to anti-slip properties. This is a simple case, but it’s also a tribute to Walt Disney and a great way to carry around Disney magic with you all day long.

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Final Thoughts on Disney Phone Cases

You’re never too old for the magic of Disney! With these phone cases, you can always be reminded of your favorite childhood (or current) movies and films. Although Disney phone cases are whimsical and gorgeous, there are other protective phone cases for iPhones. Pair a top-rated screen protector with your new case to maximize protection.

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