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Best 3 in 1 Chargers & Charging Stations

Nobody likes it when their workspace or nightstand is cluttered with messy wires. That’s why charging stations have grown in popularity over the past few years. Multi-device chargers allow you to keep all of those cords that have become an eyesore out of sight and out of mind.

The Apple AirPower promised a 3 in 1 charging pad, but Apple failed to produce the product. In lieu of the AirPower, these charging stations can charge 3 or more devices, some wirelessly, some with a cord.

While charging stations come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, there are a few features that you should be paying attention too, especially when it comes to an apple charging station. Does it have an iPhone and watch charger? Is it a Qi wireless? Those are just a few things that were going to break down for you today, while looking for your perfect multiple device charging station.

Top 10 3 in 1 Charging Stations

We’ve put together a list to show you the best wireless charging stations out there today that will help you cut down on clutter and cords. Some of these 3-in-1 chargers are totally wireless, while others are partly wireless with USB ports for cord charging. 

  1. Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition
  2. Conido 3 in 1 Charging Stand
  3. OLEBR Aluminum Alloy Charging Stand
  4. Bestand 3 in 1 Aluminum Wireless Charging Stand
  5. ZENS 10-Watt Wireless Charging Stand
  6. Belkin Wireless Charging Doc
  7. NexGadget 8-in-1 Charging Stand
  8. j.stark 3 in 1 Charging Stand
  9. Maksut 3 in 1 Charging Stand
  10. Beacoo 3-in-1 Charging Stand


Nomad Base Station Apple Watch

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Most people nowadays have iPhones, making the Nomad Base Station essential for anyone looking for an Apple wireless charger. The Nomad has three charging coils and a slot for your Apple watch. The three charging coils allows you to place your phone, and even your AirPods, in any orientation for simultaneous charging. There is also a charging slot for your Apple watch that allows you to use it as a nightstand, so you’ll be able to use your apple watch as an alarm clock.

This charging station is sleek and durable, with a charging pad is made with padded leather, so it is soft to the touch. While this wireless charging pad was made with the Apple watch and Apple products in mind, it will also charge Qi-enabled phones from Android or other manufacturers. 



Conido 3-in-1 Charging Stand

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For someone looking for a versatile charging stand, the Conido is an affordable choice. The Conido allows you to charge different types of phones other than Apple, but it also has a spot to charge you AirPods and Apple watch. With this charging stand, you will be able to charge various types of Android phones as well.

It’s compatible with the 10W power output of Android Qi-enabled phones and the 7.5w fast-charging function of Apple products. The phone charging stand can also be tilted, so you can charge your phone at any angle.




OLEBR Aluminum Alloy Charging Stand

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Many people may be looking for wireless charging at this point in time, but the OLEBR Aluminum Stand is a great wired alternative. Not everything has to be super high tech – sometimes using the original charging cable works just fine. You can rest easy knowing you can still use fast-charging cables with this charging stand.

The OLEBR Aluminum Alloy Charging Stand not only has a place for your phone, but also for your AirPods and Apple watch. It has a great, sleek design and it works perfectly for anyone who likes to use their phone for FaceTime or Skype because of the standing iPhone position.




Bestand 3 in 1 Aluminum Wireless Charging Stand

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This 3 in 1 wireless charger stand is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable option and wants to charge more than just apple products. This charging station allows you to charge all Qi-enabled devices, so you don’t have to worry about it not charging your phone. It also charges your phone fast, as the charging pad charges at 10W.

With this  3-in-1  charging stand, you have the option charge your phone vertically or horizontally. This charging stand doesn’t come with an Apple watch charger, but you can order one for it or just use the wireless charger. The stand itself has a very clean, organized design, and it’s sturdy, so it won’t break easily. 




ZENS 10-Watt Wireless Charging Stand

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Many people complain about the “sweet spot” on wireless charging stations, but with the ZENS Wireless Charging Stand, that is a complaint of the past. The ZENS charger has hassle-free placement, which means you can place your phone almost anywhere on the charging pad and it will charge. It doesn’t have an AirPods charger specifically, but they can charge on the wireless charger right next to your phone.

You can easily fit two phones on this stand, and it has an extended Apple watch arm that sits above it. The ZENS Wireless Charging Stand can charge three devices at once, or fast charge two devices at once. Another interesting feature is that it has auto-off at 100% so you don’t have to worry about over-charging your phone and ruining your battery.




Belkin Wireless Charging Doc

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Belkin is a company that is known for high quality tech and phone gear, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they make a great charging stand as well. The Belkin Wireless Charging Doc is another solid choice for anyone looking at charging stands for their wireless charging products. This charging stand is optimized for Apple products, but it works for other Qi-enabled devices as well.

There is a 7.5W charging stand for a phone, a 5W charging stand for Apple watches, and a USB port on the back that allows you to charge a third device. The Apple watch charger supports nightstand mode, so you can use your watch as an alarm clock. This charging station has a sleek design that will look good on the nightstand, and comes with the reliable quality of Belkin’s household name. 



NexGadget 8-in-1 Charging Stand

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For anyone looking for a versatile charging stand that allows you to charge a lot at once, this 8-in-1 charger is a good place to start. This charging station has the capacity to wirelessly charge Qi-enabled devices, and it also has a place to charge your Apple watch, AirPods, and Apple pencil. The stand is sturdy enough to hold up a 12.9″ iPad Pro without tipping over.

The wireless charger can be adjusted so that it best fits your specific phone. There are also two USB ports conveniently located on the back, so you can simultaneously charge two other devices as well. All of the cords are packed nicely in the bottom of the stand to cut down on clutter. Sadly, this charging stand doesn’t have fast charging capabilities, but with all of the options you have with this stand, it more than makes up for it.




j.stark 3 in 1 Charging Stand

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Another great choice for anyone looking to cut down on clutter is the j.stark 3-in-1 stand. This is affordable charging stand that comes with all of the chargers, so you won’t have to worry about ordering another cord. It also works with various Android phones as well, so long as they Qi-enabled. The phone and watch stand are wireless, while the AirPods charger is wired.

The j.stark charging stand has a sleek design will turn heads. You can charge your phone either horizontally or vertically on the wireless stand, so it’s great for streaming while you charge. The wireless phone charger can fast charge at 7.5W for iPhones or 10W for Android devices. This 3-in-1 wireless charger is durable, made with high quality components, and it’s affordably priced. 




Maksut 3-in-1 Charger

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For anyone who is looking to keep all of their cables neat and tidy, the Maksut 3-in-1 Charging Stand is the choice for you. This stand comes at an affordable price range, and while it still uses charging cables, it will work great for all of you charging needs. All of your devices will fit into place on this stand – it can even fit tablets.

While it may not be the most high-tech charging stand, the Maksut 3-in-1 charging stand is simple and easy to use, and it will get rid of the unnecessary clutter of your various charging cords. It also comes in standard black, gun grey, or rose gold, so you can fit the stand to match your style. 




Beacoo 3-in-1 Charging Stand

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The Beacoo 3 in 1 is an iPhone and Apple watch dock worth getting. Its sleek design allows for you to charge your phone, watch, and AirPods all at the same time. While it may not be a wireless station, it works great with the original apple lightning cord and will charge all your devices quickly.

Adjustable supporting pads allow this Apple charging station to charge devices even as big as an iPad mini. Simply adjust the charger so it holds your chosen device. The adjustable nature of this stand means that you also won’t have to remove your phone case up to 5mm thickness. The Beacoo 3-in-1 Charging Stand supports nightstand mode, so you can see the date, time, and your alarms clearly. 



Final Thoughts

Nobody likes to have a cluttered workstation; with the addition of a 3-in-1 charging station, you can be organized and fully charged all the time. While there may be a lot of choices out there for Apple charging stations, we hope that our list has helped you narrow down your list.


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