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Social Buddy Review: Is it Legit for IG Growth?

Updated February 10th, 2021

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels, especially for younger users, so it’s no surprise that many people are looking for ways to find more followers. Instagram growth tools are one of the best ways to grow your Instagram without putting in hours of effort on your own time.

We’ve tried and tested the best Instagram growth services available this year, and our favorite is Social Buddy. Social Buddy also offers a TikTok growth service for the newly popular video app.  Did it work in our tests?

Yes, Social Buddy did grow our test accounts.

Social Buddy Test

Our test of Social Buddy had great results. Customer support answered all and any of our questions during sign up, and then slowly our account started growing.

In one month, our test account grew over 1500 new followers. The growth has continued, with great projections over 6 months. The screenshot below shows our progress; while some of the percentage changes are negative, that only shows slightly slower growth compared to the week prior.

social buddy review test results

Social Buddy helped our account grow quickly but not so fast that it looked unnatural, so this is a safe and reliable Instagram growth service. All of the new followers look like real, legitimate accounts – no fake profiles with no posts or followers themselves.

This test led us to pick Social Buddy as our #1 Instagram growth service. Other services we looked at were either unreliable, extremely expensive, or follower bots that would ultimately hurt your account. We recommend Social Buddy for anyone looking for more Instagram followers!


How Does Social Buddy Work?

Social Buddy streamlines follower growth through a common follow/unfollow method. When you sign up with Social Buddy, you are put in contact with an account manager who handles all of your account’s actions.

For Social Buddy to work, you have to provide targeting information – it’s important for your account manager to understand what kind of accounts they should target to find followers who are actually interested in the type of content you share.

Social Buddy’s targeting is based on a few different factors: competitors, influencers, hashtags, and your location.

Provide your account manager with a list of competitor accounts or other accounts in your field, top influencers in your niche, hashtags that are related to your content, and your location. They will use this information to find followers that are more likely to follow your account and like and engage with your content.

From there, the team at Social Buddy starts following and engaging with these target users by liking their posts. The idea is that this will grab their attention, get them to check out your profile, and hopefully they’ll give you a follow back!

After a few days, you will start unfollowing these new accounts so that your follower list grows while your timeline stays the same.

The best news: it works! While not every user you target will follow you back, a large number will and you will start to see your account grow, just like ours did.


Is Social Buddy Safe?

Yes, Social Buddy is one of the safest growth tools out there. Social Buddy alternatives often use shady practices or send bots to your account to make it look like you have a large following. Social Buddy uses reliable social media marketing practices to get real people to follow you.

When you buy Instagram followers in bulk, Instagram notices an unnatural action and may flag your account. Social Buddy uses natural processes to get you real followers, not spam accounts or bots. Some other services like Social Buddy use similar practices, while others use more insidious and risky methods.

Organic growth is the safe way to find new followers and potential customers for your business online. The best Instagram follower services like Social Buddy provide great results over time with these safe practices.


How Much Does Social Buddy Cost?

Social Buddy costs $99 a month. The cost covers your account set up and targeting, 24/7 customer service through your dedicated account manager, and organic growth.

We saw amazing results with Social Buddy, so from our experience, $99 is worth the value received from this service. For those who are unsure, you can cancel your account with Social Buddy at any time – you only pay month to month, and there are no contracts that commit you to the service long-term.

If you aren’t seeing the results you hoped for, you can also reach out to your customer support manager to adjust your targeting. Our research into other Social Buddy reviews shows that this can greatly improve your progress!


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