Universal Charger IDAPT i2+


IDAPT I2+ is an innovative charging solution that can charge up to 3 mobile devices simultaneously and is compatible with over 4,500 mobile electronic devices including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nintendo DS, PSP, GPS systems, digital cameras, and Bluetooth products. The IDAPT i2+ features an interchangeable tip system making it completely customizable. It has 2 charging points and an additional USB charging point, allowing users to charge their electronics without the mess of tangled cords or the need for more than one outlet.


Enjoy complete compatibility with the majority of brands of mobile phones, Mp3 players, ebooks, portable gaming devices, batteries, navigators, cameras, controllers, tablets, etc.


You will be able to charge up to 3 devices at the same time in a fast and efficient way.


Unique and patented tip system ensures a wide compatibility today and in the future.


The power-off switch allows you to disconnect the charger when not in use.


IDAPT is designed to eliminate cord clutter so you can charge several devices without a tangle of wires or the mess of charging cases of wireless pads.


icon_usbUSB OUTPUT
High efficient USB allows you to charge tablets, ebooks, multimedia players and other portable devices.


It includes a wall plug so you can use this product daily at home.


IDAPT is an affordable way to charge all your devices. Save money now and in the future with a charger that will cover all your devices.


AC Input: 85-240 VAC – 0.2A; 50/60 Hz worldwide compatible / 3 independent chargers with self-regulating power supply

DC Output: Up to 13 W
Cord length: 1,6 m
Dimensions: 169 x 135 x 32 mm
Weight: 250 g