how to make coffee at home

How To Make Coffee at Home: 6 Popular Methods

How often do you go to the coffee shop? Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could make your own coffee at home? It is not difficult – anyone can learn how to make coffee at home.

In fact, home-made coffee could be the best coffee you have ever had. What’s more, there are dozens of ways how you can make coffee at home. Here are some tips to get you started. 

Easiest Coffee Brewing Methods 

Learn how to make the best cup of homemade coffee with these methods. You don’t need any professional experience to brew an amazing cup of coffee from the comfort of your kitchen!


Pour Over 

pour over carafe

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways of making coffee at home, and it goes back centuries. It is simple, and all you need is ground coffee, hot water, and a filter. Following is a step-by-step guide on how to make coffee using this method:

  • Place the filter over a coffee cup (or any other vessel where you intend to put the coffee).
  • Use hot water to cleanse the filter of its raw taste and smell – this is important for maintaining the coffee’s original taste and smell.
  • Place ground coffee on the filter and pour a few droplets of boiling water over it.
  • Wait for 30 seconds until the coffee grounds bloom and then pour more boiling water over it – as much boiling water as the amount of coffee you need.
  • Remove the filter and coffee grounds and enjoy you homemade coffee. 

The pour over method takes about four minutes to make coffee. Remember to use proportional amounts of ground coffee and hot water. 


French Press 

french press

The French press is a classic way of making coffee at home. It is easy and quick, as outlined in the following step-by-step guide:

  • Pour ground coffee in the carafe. 
  • Add boiling water, stir it vigorously, and then wait five minutes for it to settle. 
  • Put the lid on the carafe and start pressing the plunger down hard and slowly to separate the ground coffee from your coffee brew. 
  • Transfer the brewed coffee to another carafe and enjoy your homemade coffee. 

This method takes only four minutes to brew. It is also advisable to use coarse ground coffee and maintain proportional amounts of the ground coffee and boiling water.  


Cold Brew

iced coffee

This method is recommended for coffee lovers who prefer their coffee cold. However, you should be forewarned that it takes considerably longer than other methods. The main reason why it takes longer is that coffee takes longer to dissolve in cold water. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Put ground coffee in a jar and add as much cold water as you need coffee. 
  • Stir the solution vigorously and leave it to settle for about 12 hours. 
  • Transfer the coffee to a separate jar and use a sieve or filter to separate the ground coffee. 

This method takes about 12 hours for the coffee to brew – however, you should be ready to wait as long as necessary, depending on how well you want your coffee brewed.

It is recommendable to use coarse ground coffee and room-temperature water. You can also put it in the refrigerator if you want your coffee chilled. 

There are cold brew coffee makers that can make this process even easier and more effective!



aeropress coffee

The AeroPress is relatively new, having been invented recently in 2005, but it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make coffee at home. It works much like a French press. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this fancy appliance: 

  • Put a paper filter in the plastic cap and pour boiling water over it to get rid of the filter’s raw taste and smell. 
  • Pour out the hot water you used to cleanse the filter and place the cap over a mug or jar. 
  • Pour ground coffee in the cap’s chamber and add boiling water. 
  • Remove the cap and stir vigorously. 
  • Insert the plunger and press down hard and slowly until it reaches the ground coffee. 

This method is quicker than most others as it only takes two minutes to complete. It is recommendable to use fine ground coffee, as coarse coffee may take longer to dissolve.

Additionally, the fact that this appliance is lightweight and portable makes it ideal for the most enthusiastic of coffee lovers. 



siphon coffee

This is one of the most complex and sophisticated methods of making coffee at home. It makes use of a vacuum space and vapor pressure to make the coffee. However, it makes up for the complexity by making refined coffee – one of the best home-made coffees you have ever had.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make coffee using a siphon:

  • Soak a paper filter in hot water to cleanse it of its raw taste and smell. 
  • Place the soaked filter into the top component of the siphon – the top component is called the hopper, and it shouldn’t be difficult to recognize. 
  • Hook the hopper to the glass tubing and fasten it securely. 
  • Fill the siphon’s bottom component (called the bulb) with water. 
  • Place the hopper into the bulb and hold it over a burner for the water to boil. 
  • Take the siphon off the burner and add ground coffee. 
  • Stir the coffee vigorously and wait for it to settle for about 90 seconds. The coffee will start draining into the bulb soon after that. 

This method takes about eight minutes to complete, but be prepared to wait for as long as necessary. It is also recommended to use fine to medium coffee to it to dissolve completely. 

Use this video to help you learn the siphon process:


Instant Coffee 

This is without a doubt the easiest and fastest way of making coffee at home – it can take less than a minute, depending on how fast you are with your hands. All you need is a sachet of your favorite instant coffee, a mug, and hot water.

Pour the coffee into the mug, add hot water, and stir vigorously until it dissolves. Remember to use proportional amounts of water and coffee. 


High Tech Coffee Makers

pod coffee maker

If you want to save time and make your morning cup of joe even faster, there are plenty of amazing coffee makers out there. With programmable start times and other cool features, there’s nothing wrong with using a classic coffee maker.

Pod coffee makers are all the rage right now too, with brands like Keurig creating an easy one-cup experience. Simply put in your coffee pod, press a button, and voila!


Brewing coffee at home is quick and easy, and some would argue that it is even therapeutic. It is also cheaper, and it guarantees that you have a constant supply of coffee so that you don’t have to rush to the coffee shop every time you crave your dose of caffeine.

Step up your at-home coffee game with tools like milk frothers to create cappuccinos, or grind fresh beans with a high quality coffee grinder.

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