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10 Best Wireless Earbuds: AirPod Alternatives

Looking for the best wireless earbuds?  These days, it seems like everyone is always listening to something. Whether it’s music, podcasts, or radio, with the right earbuds, you can take it all on the go with you. Wireless earbuds make it easy and convenient to listen to your favorite music. Without the cord, you can move around without getting all tangled up. If you haven’t bought a pair of wire free earbuds already, you can hop on this next tech trend. 

Top 10 Wireless Earbuds

We’ve put together a list of the best selling wireless earbuds to help you make the right purchase. 

These are the Best Wireless Earbuds:

  1. Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds
  2. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Earbuds
  3. Beats Powerbeats Pro 
  4. Samsung Galaxy Buds
  5. Sony WF-1000XM3 Earbuds
  6. RHA True Connect Wireless Earbuds
  7. Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones
  8. Apple Airpods 
  9. Bose SoundSport Wireless Sports Headphones 
  10. 1More Stylish True Wireless Earbuds 


Wireless Earbud Reviews

Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds

jabra elite 65t

If you’re looking for high-quality sound for a reasonable price, then the Jabra Elite 65t is for you. For phone calls and music, the sound is clear and balanced. The Jabra Elite 65t has four-microphone technology, and this feature cuts down on the effects of wind during your calls.

In the Jabra Sound+ app, users have the option to customize music sound with an equalizer. Although there are earbuds on the market with better sound, it’ll be difficult to beat the prices of the Jabra Elite 65t. These earbuds go on sale frequently and are currently listed on Amazon for $139.99.

Jabra Elite 65t earbuds last for five hours, and the charging case gives you an additional 10 hours of battery. That’s more than enough to last the entire day, and they take under two hours to recharge. A pair of Jabra Elite 65t earbuds will connect to Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, so you’ll still be able to use any voice capabilities that assist you in daily life.

While these earbuds are made to withstand any damage from water, sweat, and dust, they also come with a two-year warranty. Overall, a pair of Jabra Elite 65t earbuds are a great purchase.

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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless Earbuds

sennheiser momentum true wireless earbuds

At nearly $300, these earbuds may seem pricey, but you’ll quickly see why Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds are worth the cost. The sound on the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless is unparalleled. You’ll hear a better bass, and the mid-ranges and highs in music are also clear and strong.

With these earbuds, there’s stellar clarity and dynamics. This is the perfect pair of earbuds for music lovers. However, if you usually listen to music at the gym, you will likely be better off with a pair of earbuds built for high activity.

Although this pair of earbuds is a little larger than others, they’re still relatively comfortable. Sennheiser’s Momentum earbuds last for four hours, and you’ll get an additional eight hours with the portable charging case. The earbuds are made from strong, durable materials that are also splash-resistant. Fingertip control technology allows you to control any calls, music, and voice assistants by tapping the earbuds themselves. Ultimately, the main feature of this pair of earbuds is the amazing sound. 

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Beats Powerbeats Pro

beats powerbeats pro wireless earbuds

Beats Powerbeats Pro has a number of features that makes it worth purchasing. The sound is fantastic, and the earbuds are adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit for each individual buyer. The noise isolation is limited, but the sound overall is balanced. With each earbud, you have the ability to control and adjust the volume and track controls.

For the fitness junkie, these are the best pair of earbuds to buy. They’ll stay firmly in place even during an intense cardio workout, and Powerbeats Pro are optimized for water and sweat resistance. These earbuds are comfortable, so they won’t bother you during the day or while you’re at the gym. 

Another selling point of these earbuds is their battery life. These earbuds should last around nine hours before they need a charge, and even then, you get 24 hours of battery life with the charging case. The downside is that the charging case is bulky and larger than others, so you’ll need a bit room in your bag to take it with you. These earbuds are made by Apple and are a great alternative to Airpods. 

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Samsung Galaxy Buds 

samsung galaxy buds wireless

Even if you don’t have an iPhone, there are plenty of phenomenal options when it comes to wireless earbuds. For Samsung users, try the Samsung Galaxy Buds. Connecting these earbuds to your phone is simple and easy, and you’ll be well on your way to listening to music. Samsung Galaxy Buds are bluetooth enabled.

When it comes to sound, you’ll hear a nice, deep bass, but the equalizing features aren’t perfect. This doesn’t mean the audio has a poor quality; in fact, the audio is solid overall. Additionally, the earbuds are secure and provide a comfortable fit. 

The battery life with these earbuds is six hours and 13 hours with the charging case, which is very compact. These earbuds are comfortable to wear for a full day or for working out, although they aren’t quite as good as a pair of earbuds made with an active lifestyle in mind. For a sleek and stylish look, buy a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds.

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Sony WF-1000XM3 Earbuds

sony wf1000xm3 wireless earbuds

Sony’s been a well known company for tech and sound equipment, so it’s no surprise they make fantastic earbuds. This pair of true wireless earbuds is noise cancelling, so you can be fully in tune while you’re catching up on the latest episode of your favorite podcast without outside distractions. Based on your activity level, the earbuds will automatically switch to ambient sound mode.

If you want more control over the sound, just use the app on your phone to make manual adjustments. By tapping on the earbuds themselves, you can also make some adjustments, like skipping to a new song. Through the touch control panel, you have the ability to make or take phone calls and activate a voice assistant as well. 

With the charging case, Sony’s earbuds will give you 24 hours of battery life. In some cases, a quick charge comes in handy, and Sony does not disappoint. In just 10 minutes, you can get another 90 minutes of blasting music. The sound quality is excellent and has improved drastically from older models. On Amazon, you can buy this pair of headphones in either black or silver. 

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RHA True Connect Wireless Earbuds

rha trueconnect wireless earbuds

For a reasonably priced pair of earbuds, the RHA True Connect is definitely one product to consider. Although these earbuds aren’t noise cancelling, there’s plenty of other solid features when it comes to sound. The sound is balanced well with high-quality noise isolation features. Comfort is another bonus with these earbuds. The ear tips are made of silicone and foam, which were designed with True Connect earbuds in mind. 

As for the battery life with True Connect earbuds, you’ll be able to last a full day. One charge gives you five hours of battery, and the case gives you a total of about 20 hours. Unfortunately, the case isn’t as compact as others. This one is bulkier, but you can still toss it in your bag before you head to work. The connection to your phone is reliable and strong.

This is RHA’s first wireless earbud product, and it still stands up to its competitors. Compared to earbuds like the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless, it’s much more affordable with many similar or stronger features. If you buy this directly from RHA, then you’ll receive a three-year warranty to keep your earbuds secure. 

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Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones

master and dynamic mwo7 true wireless earphones

Many AirPod alternatives look fairly similar, so if you want to set yourself apart, try Master & Dynamic’s MW07 True Wireless earbuds. Since these earbuds are handmade, no two pairs are exactly the same. MW07 True Wireless earbuds are made from acetate and stainless steel. On Amazon, they come in a wide range of colors, including a basic Matte Black to the whimsical and bright pink Cherry Blossom.

Appearances aside, these earbuds have a high functionality. The acoustic sound is wonderful. You’ll clearly hear the bass and a balanced sound profile. They also pair to your device quickly, and they’ll stay connected reliably.

Although these earbuds look more distinct than other brands, they’re still a comfortable, snug fit. A pair of these earbuds comes with five sizes of ear tips. Fit Wings made from silicon also work to keep the MW07 earbuds stable and in place. When it comes to this fun and unique pair of earbuds, the most significant downside is the battery life. One charge lasts a bit under four hours. With the charging case, you get around 14 hours of battery life, but for the steep price, you may hope for a little more. Still, these earbuds are made with strong, durable materials, so if you splurge on a pair, they should last you a while.

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Apple Airpods


When you think of wireless earbuds, Apple Airpods might come to mind. It may seem like everyone has Apple Airpods. Though they aren’t the only pair on the market, there’s still a reason why Airpods are so popular. With the sleek and minimalist look, these white earbuds are stylish yet functional.

If you have an iPhone or other Apple products, the Airpods are super compatible. Airpods will immediately and seamlessly connect to your devices. You can also use your Airpods to communicate with Siri, and tap them to skip to the next track.

With the case, you’ll get about 20 hours of battery life for your earbuds. On Amazon, the Airpods come with a charging case. In some situations, you may need to purchase a charging case separately, which comes at an additional cost. If you think you might lose your wireless headphones, you don’t need to worry. You can track your Airpods using your iPhone. While the sound is solid, the quality hasn’t improved significantly from older generations. Still, these earbuds are lightweight and comfortable to wear, which makes them appealing to Apple users.

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Bose SoundSport Wireless Sports Headphones

bose soundsport wireless sports headphones

If you want to work out in style, the Bose SoundSport Free earbuds are the right choice for you. For a brighter pair of earbuds, choose between the Bright Orange or Ultraviolet with Midnight Blue styles. This pair of earbuds is made for athletic activities, so you can be sure they’ll be a snug fit. To make sure these earbuds stay securely in place, they come with three sizes of ear tips: small, medium, and large. Like any other wireless earbuds made for sports and running, the SoundSport Free buds are resistant to sweat and the weather. They have an IPX4 rating.

You can use these earbuds to listen to music or to make calls, but the audio from phone calls only comes in from the right earbud. This feature is a little unusual, but this doesn’t change the quality of the audio. Like Airpods, the SoundSport earbuds has a feature that lets you track them should they get lost. When you bring the charging case with you, you’ll get a total of 15 hours of playtime. This means you can keep your earbuds on for more than just the gym. Take them along for work and your commute.

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1More Stylish True Wireless

1more stylish true wireless earbuds

This is the cheapest pair of wireless earbuds on our list at $100. Though they’re not as expensive, they’re still a strong choice for your next pair. With a small case you can fit into your pocket, these earbuds are ideal while you’re on the go or traveling.

The sound quality is comparable to 1More’s wired earbuds, although it’s not quite as good. Still, the silicone ear tips are there for more than just comfort. They also increase noise isolation in addition to the bass and fullness of your music. These earbuds are also sweat resistant, so they can handle a quick workout.

Using the earbuds, you can take and decline calls, skip tracks, playback audio, and handle your voice assistant. Unfortunately, you can’t change the volume by tapping your earbuds. The battery life of Stylish True Wireless is excellent. With one charge, you can get around 6.5 hours of battery. The charging case gives you up to 24 hours of battery, and with the Quick Charge feature, you get an additional three hours of battery life for only 15 minutes of wait time while charging. These earbuds come in black and gold colors on Amazon.

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Why Buy Wireless Earbuds?

Wireless earbuds are a convenient option that you can bring with you while traveling to work and throughout your daily life. Without a wire that connects to your phone, you have more mobility and freedom. Especially for working out at the gym, this is an excellent option.

Usually, wired headphones and earbuds have better sound quality, but with rapid improvements in technology, this isn’t the case anymore. Plenty of wireless and true wireless earbuds have clear and crisp sound and great range. 

One concern that some people have when considering these products is that it seems easy to lose them. With the right fit, wireless earbuds will stay in place with no issue. Since most cases are small, you can carry them around with you and slip your earbuds back in it once you’re done using them. If losing your earbuds is a concern, then purchase a pair with a tracking system, like Apple’s Airpods. 

What’s the difference between wireless earbuds and true wireless earbuds?

All of the earbuds on our list are true wireless earbuds, but that doesn’t mean wireless earbuds aren’t the right choice for you. But what’s the difference between the two options? Both wireless and true wireless earbuds don’t need to be connected directly to your phone or laptop and have bluetooth capabilities. However, wireless earbuds still have a cord. With wireless earbuds, the two earpieces are connected with a cord. Some have a cord you can wear around your neck. 

On the other hand, true wireless earbuds go directly into your ears. There’s no cord and less hassle. Instead, you can keep your earbuds in a charging case. You can get great quality sound with both wireless and true wireless options, so before making a purchase, do some research to learn about the benefits and downsides of each product to find the best fit for you. 


Wireless earbuds are becoming more popular for good reasons. The sound quality is rapidly improving, and you aren’t tied down by a cord. When you’re looking for the best wireless earbuds, find a pair that has clear, crisp sound and is comfortable to wear. There is a wide variety of options at high and low price points, so you’re sure to find one that suits you needs, whether it’s for working out or a full day’s battery life for listening to music. Once you’ve bought your wireless earbuds, don’t forget to check out the best wireless chargers to keep your earbuds running.

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