Universal Car Charger

Universal Car ChargerWe all know how difficult it can be to make sure we have the correct car charger for every gadget we need before going to a long journey by car.

The revolutionary way to get rid of this pain could be the usage of IDAPT's most advanced charging solution, the i1 Eco charger. This universal car charger will not only let you to charge two devices at once, but also is capable to be adapted for charging various mobile devices depending on whether your iPad needs a quick boost or your Nokia is on the wane.

The universal car charger i1 Eco features dual output. This approach will allow you to charge 2 devices in the same time with the help of USB port and innovative interchangeable tip system. IDAPT i1 Eco comes with 3 tips – micro USB, mini USB and Apple iPod/iPhone tip, allowing the user to mix and match devices.

Needless to say that i1 Eco universal car charger is 100% eco friendly product. It automatically shuts the power off once the gadget has been charged. This feature is not typical for other car chargers, which permanently use power whilst plugged into the wall.