Universal Battery Charger

IDAPT has a line of universal battery chargers that seek to reduce desk clutter and unnecessary wire messes. The i4 is a charging station compatible with over 4,500 different devices that allows its user to charge up to four devices at the same time. A fantastic feature of this charger is its ability to charge all devices at the same rate regardless of how many are placed upon it.

The basic idea behind this universal battery charger is to help simplify the daily lives of consumers by saving them precious time and space. Each charging station comes accompanied by six tips, which are the most common formats in the market like iPhone/iPod, micro USB, mini USB and tips for Sony Ericsson and Samsung phones. To set up the IDAPT i4’s glossy base, the only steps required are to plug the power cord into its back, select the three tips that will fit our individual needs, and then proceed to press the power button. After this, a set of three LED lights will turn on letting the user know that the i4 is ready to charge any mobile device. A lateral USB port provides users the chance to charge an extra device.

The IDAPT i4’s longevity is unequalled by any other device of its sort in the market. The company has committed itself to continue updating its system of interchangeable tips as new devices reach the market. So you can keep buying tips as technology advances and you continue to acquire new devices. This feature can also be considered eco-friendly, as a longer product-life could signify preventing the manufacturing of thousands of other useless chargers.

For those households with more than one mobile device, acquiring the i4 should be considered a smart investment. Cable clutter around the house can be quite hazardous for pets, children, and the elderly as it is extremely easy to trip over unseen cables. The IDAPT i4 universal battery charger provides a solution to this common dilemma by utilizing a single power cord and offering the opportunity to charge all of your devices.