True Universal Charger

Wireless chargers seem like a great idea. Yes, it would be genius to take advantage of electromagnetism and be able charge all those gadgets laying around the house without the need of plugs or tips. Unfortunately, those wireless chargers currently available in the market need a sleeve, an adapter, or the manufacture’s batteries before they can work which can be expensive and extremely inconvenient.

IDAPT’s i4 proposes a different system that is more convenient for most users. Although it is not a wireless system and one has to plug the device to a power outlet, it offers a system of interchangeable tips compatible with over 4,500 devices. Besides being able to charge most Apple gadgets, it comes equipped with tips for Blackberry, Sony Ericsson and Nokia products among others. It also offers a standard lateral USB outlet for digital cameras, eReaders and tablets. 

The i4 universal charger features a power button that gives its user the ability to turn it off when it’s not needed. This charger will not use power as long as there is not a device connected to it making it a green option for users of mobile devices. Once your gadgets are fully charged, a red light will turn green letting you know that your devices can now be removed.

IDAPT excels in terms of design with the i4. Available in a wide variety of colors, this universal charger can be placed anywhere around the home. Its “high-tech” look has the ability to enhance any type of décor instead of conflicting with it. Made of scratch-resistant materials, it is a wonderful option for households with children or pets.  It is also light enough to be taken on trips anywhere around the world. Whether you keep it at home, take it to the office, or pack it for a trip, this stylish charger will look good anywhere it goes.

The IDAPT i4 universal charger has the potential to become an indispensable part of any home with more than 2 mobile devices. The i4 is no fad; its innovative system of interchangeable tips guarantees buyers their ability to keep this product for many years to come. Compact and convenient, it gets rid of all that aggravating cable clutter by providing a universal charging solution to your gadget needs.