Travel Cell Phone Charger

Choosing the right type of travel cell phone charger can be a confusing decision considering the great amount of products present in the market. This choice depends greatly on the type of cell phone or device we happen to own and our usage habits. Every phone presents different charging needs, which are oftentimes directly correlated to the phone’s capabilities. For this reason, it is important as consumers to inform ourselves on the different types of charging systems available in the market.

Considering the numerous varieties of mobile chargers and their affordability, it should be uncommon to find ourselves with a dead cell phone. The following, attempts to explain each type of cell phone travel charger to help you make a knowledgeable decision when the time comes to purchase any of them.

Mobile phone chargers are some of the most popular battery chargers. There are currently three types of travel cell phone chargers, referred to as DC cords, which users only need to plug into their car’s cigarette lighter in order to start juicing their devices.

First, there are fast chargers, which allow us to charge our batteries while giving us the chance to use them at the same time. One disadvantage presented by this type of charger is that if the user doesn’t manually stop the charging process when necessary, the battery can be at great risk of overheating and burn out its cells which could in turn damage the battery and diminish its capabilities.

The second type of cell phone charger includes trickle phone chargers. These work in a similar way as fast chargers, allowing its users to have the phone in use while it charges. The only difference between trickle chargers and fast chargers is that they will not burn a phone’s battery.

Last, there are rapid chargers. These present the same capabilities as the previous two types allowing consumers to charge their phones while they’re being used. This kind of charger has a sensor that lets it know once a battery has finished charging which sets it apart from any other type in the industry.

As consumers face the choice to purchase a travel cell phone charger that caters to their specific needs, they should consider the IDAPT i1 Eco. This is a portable universal charger that is made entirely of recyclable materials and is capable of charging two devices simultaneously. Featuring the same system as rapid chargers do, it has a power-off system which turns it completely off when not in use. This is a perfect option for people who live their lives on-the-go and those who would like to reduce their carbon footprint.