Universal Holder HUG Wall


IDAPT Universal Holder HUG Wall is the safest holder for smartphones and tablets. Designed to be hung on your walls, the HUG Wall features a StickyStrap holding system. The StickyStrap technology will hold the device firmly, preventing it from falling or slipping off.

• Hold Smartphones and Tablets of any size
• A double holding system secures your device
• Suitable to any working and entertainment environment
• 360º rotation
• Easy to install

The Safest of Them All
• The Sticky (micro-suction technology) and the double strap firmly hold all of your expensive mobile devices.
Elegant Design
• An elegant desktop holder with a black stainless finish on the base and brushed stainless steel on the arm.
• The solid steel base with anti-slip technology for desktops provides more stability when attaching a device.
Stick & Strap Any Device
• Stick and strap smartphones, mini tablets (7’’) as well as larger tablets (11’’).
• Case-friendly: No need to remove the protective cases on your devices.
Playful Interaction
• Enjoy, exploit and (re)discover your devices.
• Provides easy, hands-free viewing of calls, texts, emails, movies and other apps.
Easy System
• An easy solution for all users
• One StickyStrap can be used with plenty of IDAPT HUG holders