Mobile phone charger

Greater part of all mobile phone chargers are not 100% chargers. In fact they are simply adapters that provide a power source for the charging circuitry which is contained within the mobile phone in majority of cases.

Because of the huge variety of DC connector-designs and voltages, large part of the mobile phone chargers are not compatible with other manufacturers' phones or even models of phones from the same manufacturer.

However, users of almost any popular universal mobile phone charger are able to use a set of connectors with device brands/models and individual charge parameters and thus ensure delivery of the correct charge level for their mobile device.

Cellular phones can accept a relatively wide range of voltages, as long as it is sufficiently above the mobile phone battery's voltage. In the same time, if the voltage is too high - the phone can be damaged. Mostly, the voltage is 5 volts or slightly higher, although it can vary up to 12 volts when the power source is not loaded.

Another interesting way to charge the mobile phone is to use human-powered mobile phone chargers, which typically consists of a dynamo powered by a hand crank and extension cords. There are also solar and wireless chargers.

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