Mobile Charger

The IDAPT i4 mobile charger allows its user to charge up to four gadgets simultaneously through a single power cable. The type of mobile devices it is able to charge includes, but it’s not limited to, PSP’s, cell phones, GPS systems, readers and e-books.

This mobile charger includes four power sockets on which to place an included set of six interchangeable tips. If an extra one is needed or lost, the company offers replacements online where they can be easily found and purchased.  Made of plastic, these tips are sturdy enough to support some of the heaviest of gadgets in today’s market. Each tip is perfectly designed to fit into any of the sockets, leaving no room for polarity mistakes.

Another unique aspect of the IDAPT mobile charger is that it is designed to be dual voltage, which allows it to work in most countries around the world. This is, therefore, the most convenient universal charger to take on international trips. Lightweight and compact, the i4 fits perfectly in any traveler’s baggage.

A great feature of any of IDAPT’s products is their longevity. The company continues to update the interchangeable tips as new mobile devices come out.  This makes their mobile chargers future-proof because customers are guaranteed to find the tips that correspond to their new devices for years to come. All types of fads have to come to their end one day, and unfortunately for most of us, this fact is most prominent in the technology industry. The market is continually flooded with new gadgets every year. IDAPT’s products represent a long-term investment for those of us who like to be in possession of the latest technology.

Besides liberating its user from the annoyance of having different chargers for each device in a household, these mobile chargers also have the potential to help reduce their ecological footprint. Each of IDAPT’s products offer customers peace of mind by knowing that they can reduce power consumption by almost 5 percent. These chargers, besides making life easier for their users, can also help us lead more environmentally-friendly lifestyles.