HTC Phone Charger

The HTC brand has proved to be one of the pioneering manufacturers of the mobile industry due to its ability to produce great quality smartphones. When discussing the Android format, the HTC line was able to successfully complement Google’s platform with their genius hardware features. Thanks to unforgettable devices like the G1, HTC EVO, Rezound, and Nexus One, HTC has been able to garner the industry’s attention as anxious spectators wait for the company’s next release. In an effort to cater to the charging needs of all users, IDAPT has created its i4 HTC phone charger. Capable of charging your HTC device and some other 4,500 different gadgets in the market, this charging station promises to set you free from wire clutter and keep all your favorite gadgets juiced with minimal effort on your part.

IDAPT creates chargers unlike anything you might have seen before in the market. Each charger works through a patented system of interchangeable tips, which is what grants this HTC phone charger such a wide range of compatibility with thousands of devices. The user gets the six most commonly used tips in the market and is free to use whichever ones are needed. IDAPT has made charging tips for almost any device in existence and continues to update its selection of tips as new devices come out. Once selected, all that is required from the user is to eject the tips already inserted into the charging ports simply by pressing the buttons located on each side. After this, we can proceed to insert a new tip and get our devices juiced. Extremely convenient and quick, this is a one-stop solution for any charging need you might have at home.

The IDAPT i4 excels in terms of design. The base has been made in a scratch-resistant material to keep its gloss and shine throughout the years. This HTC phone charger, simply put, has the ability to look great anywhere you place it. Its design is simplistic yet sophisticated enough to not clash with diverse styles of decoration. Available in a wide variety of colors, it also has the potential to complement any color scheme and reflect its owner’s personality.

Overall, the IDPAT i4 caters to your HTC’s charging demands while also being versatile enough to be able to charge any other mobile device in your arsenal.