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IDAPT designs lifestyle solutions that simplify everyday lives of mobile technology users. Their innovative range of universal chargers, based on a patented system of interchangeable tips, has achieved worldwide recognition among users and industry experts.  The variety of chargers on the market make it a hassle for the typical consumer to find a simple, universal solution . For a comprehensive background on how battery chargers function, you can find great information on this Wikipedia article.

Recently they have launched a new line of innovative audio and protective accessories that not only meet user’s needs but also enrich the daily use of a variety of mobile smartphones, tablets and ebooks.  This innovation allows for convenient integration of your devices and audio systems.  The applications are endless.  Whether it be playing your favorite tunes on your theater system or adjusting the study music on your laptop as you review your cpa courses, IDAPT accommodates your lifestyle needs and keeps you powered-up. As a college student juggling multiple necessary devices, IDAPT keeps you on top of your charging needs and allows you to focus on your classes and exams.

IDAPT S1 is a home audio solution designed to respect the clarity and rich nature of the sound, while offering extra handy features, not found in most speakers. These functions will simplify the daily life of the user of an iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, HTC or any other Bluetooth enabled device.

They have developed a variety of lines of cases to bring personality to your mobile device. Through different designs, colors and textures, you will experience your phone in the most suitable way, while protecting it at the same time.

“…It is a well known fact that many of the best ideas are the simplest and IDAPT’s i4 is a shining example of this. We finally have a multi-device charger which lives up to its promise…”
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