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Best Stick-On Phone Wallets & Phone Card Holders

Nowadays, many phone cases also function as wallets. If you already have a phone case you love, then you don’t need to get a new wallet phone case. Instead, buy a stick-on phone wallet.

By attaching one of these, you’ll effectively have a credit card holder for your iPhone. You can often find silicone card holders in multiple packs, so you’ll have a few spares. There are also leather card holders, and plenty of card holders have fun and playful designs. Stick-on phone pockets generally work on any iPhone or Android device.

Best Adhesive Phone Wallets

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These are the Best Phone Card Holders:

  1. AgentWhiteUSA Cell Phone Stick on Wallets
  2. Hoblaze Phone Card Holder
  3. Cardly Stretchy Cell Phone Stick On Wallet
  4. Shanshui Phone Card Holder 
  5. Case-Mate Stick-on Credit Card Wallet
  6. Huo Zao Credit Card Holder for Phone Back
  7. Wallaroo Premium Leather Credit Card Holder
  8. ACRSIKR Card Holder for Back of Phone
  9. Cardly Cell Phone Card Holder
  10. Fulgamo Phone Card Holder

AgentWhiteUSA Cell Phone Stick on Wallets

This 3 pack of phone card stickers is extremely affordable and durable! They come in assorted color options, and they’ll easily stick on any phone.

[amazon box=”B06XCXPCTH” image_size=”large”]

Hoblaze Phone Card Holder

The Hoblaze Phone Card Holder is another great option that comes in a pack of three. These are made of stretchy lycra that won’t break, and they feature an extra hidden pocket for cash.

[amazon box=”B07RYWHX9C” image_size=”large”]

Cardly Stretchy Cell Phone Stick On Wallet

The Cardly Stick On Wallet comes in assorted colors and packs of two or three. They have two pockets to fit all of your cards, and the adhesive won’t leave a residue if you take it off.

[amazon box=”B07766951L” image_size=”large”]

Shanshui Phone Card Holder 

The Shanshui card holders come in a 5 pack of silicone phone wallets. They make it easy to carry everything you need, and they’re super durable.

[amazon box=”B06WWPKB9K” image_size=”large”]

Case-Mate Stick-on Credit Card Wallet

This stylish option from Case-Mate has two slots for cards and is made with quality materials. It comes in cool styles like the iridescent one pictured, glitter options, and different colored leathers. Some also feature a loop or stand to prop up your cell phone.

[amazon box=”B01N6S7YZE” image_size=”large”]

Huo Zao Credit Card Holder for Phone Back

Get a 10 pack of Huo Zao credit card phone back holders for you and all of your friends. These silicone phone wallet stickers come in assorted colors.

[amazon box=”B074P175W3″ image_size=”large”]

Wallaroo Premium Leather Credit Card Holder

Upgrade your phone card holder with this premium leather option. It is compatible with wireless charging and comes in 12 leather colors.

[amazon box=”B074LR8XFK” image_size=”large”]

ACRSIKR Card Holder for Back of Phone

This card holder has a ring stand, so you can prop up your phone or use the ring to hold it more comfortably. The material is RFID blocking and comes in three colors, each with 2 pockets.

[amazon box=”B07VCHTDX7″ image_size=”large”]

Cardly Cell Phone Card Holder

This Cardly stick on wallet folds and opens up so you can fit even more on the back of your phone. It comes in 5 colors and can also prop your phone up horizontally.

[amazon box=”B07QXDH4SW” image_size=”large”]

Fulgamo Phone Card Holder

This phone back wallet is made of stretchy lycra, with two pockets to fit all of your needs. It has a cool marble pattern, and other pattern options available.

[amazon box=”B07RNK2DCR” image_size=”large”]

Phone Credit Card Holders and Other Phone Accessories

Try one of these stick on phone wallets to hold your credit cards and cash with ease! Phone card holders make sure that your cards are safe and secure on the back of your cell phone. With these cell phone wallet stickers, you can easily carry everything you need, all on your phone! No more carrying bulky wallets – most of our phone card holders can store 3 cards or more, plus cash. You can make sure that you never leave the house without your ID, cards, and cash with this adhesive phone accessory. They’re all available on Amazon, with free shipping and low prices!

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Stick-On Phone Wallets and Card Holder Comparison Table

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