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Best Leather Phone Cases for iPhone & Android: Leather iPhone Cases and Galaxy Cases

If you want to upgrade the look of your iPhone, there’s no better way to do it than buying a leather case. A leather case protects your phone, and many of them also function as wallets. With the right leather phone case, you’ll have everything you need from your phone to credit cards all in your pocket.

Leather phone cases are stylish and functional, but there are so many brands to choose from, like Nomad phone cases or cases from OtterBox. It might be tedious to sort through every leather phone case on the market, but we’ve already done the work for you. Here are the best leather iPhone cases and leather Galaxy cases you can purchase. 

Best Leather iPhone Cases

If you’re an iPhone user, you’re in luck. There are plenty of elegant leather cases that fit assorted models of iPhones.

These are the Top 5 Leather Cases for Your iPhone:

  1. Nomad Rugged Case
  2. Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case
  3. OtterBox Strada Series
  4. SnakeHive Luxury iPhone X Case
  5. Apple Leather Case

Nomad Rugged Casenomad rugged case

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The Nomad Rugged Case is a basic and straightforward leather case. The case comes in a solid, deep brown and has a TPE bumper and full rubber frame around the edges of your phone screen. The case also has drop protection, so you can rest assured knowing that your phone won’t crack at low impacts. The Rugged Case doesn’t have any slots for cards, so if you’re looking for a leather wallet phone case, this isn’t the product for you. However, if you’re searching for a slim and gorgeous leather case, the Rugged Case is a great option. 

This specific case is designed for the iPhone XR, but the Nomad Rugged Case is also available for the iPhone X, XS, and XS Max. Since this phone case is made for newer iPhones, it’s compatible with wireless charging.

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Casemujjo full leather wallet case

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Mujjo’s Full Leather Wallet Case has everything you’re looking for in a phone case. With Mujjo, you can be certain you’re paying for a high-quality leather product. The full grain leather comes from US Texan bulls, and a vegetable tanning process is what gives the case its beautiful yet natural aesthetic. The interior of the case is soft, thanks to the Japanese microfiber lining. This case from Mujjo fully wraps around the back of your iPhone, and the leather is raised 1 mm around the phone screen. If you drop your phone, the raised bezel adds extra protection so your screen doesn’t meet the floor and shatter.

The leather card holder on the back of the case can fit two or three cards, so you can carry credit cards and a form of ID. This phone case comes in black, blue, gray, olive, and tan colors. This particular case is compatible with the iPhone X or XS, but you can also find it on Amazon for other iPhone models, like the iPhone XR. 

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OtterBox Strada Series otterbox strada series leather case

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OtterBox is a predominant brand in phone cases and other tech gear, so we aren’t surprised the company also makes a fantastic leather phone case. The Strada Series combines the functionality and protectiveness of OtterBox’s products with the contemporary look of leather cases. Not all leather cases are optimized to protect your phone from drops and falls, but the Strada Series has Certified Drop+ Protection. To absorb shock, this phone has multiple layers, including an inner and outer shell as well as interior lining and support. 

Around all of this is the smooth leather folio. Since the Strada is a folio case, there’s a leather cover so your phone screen isn’t exposed. The downside of this case is that there’s only room to comfortably fit in one card or a couple of bills. However, this keeps the case slim, unlike other OtterBox cases which tend to be a bit bulkier. This case comes with OtterBox’s lifetime limited warranty, and this particular case fits the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus. If you have another iPhone model or Android phone, you can search on Amazon or OtterBox’s website to see if the Strada Series is made for your phone as well. 

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SnakeHive Luxury iPhone X Casesnakehive luxury genuine leather wallet phone case

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Made of Nubuck leather, this iPhone case will feel exceptionally soft as your phone rests in your hand. This phone case from Snakehive is absolutely gorgeous, and it has plenty of room to fit all your cards. The leather cover can also be transformed into a phone stand, so you can watch videos comfortably. To keep your phone in place, the case has a rubberized TPU holder. This feature also absorbs shocks and impact, so your phone won’t crack. You can fit three cards inside the folio case. The ports are free to access even when the front cover is over your screen.

SnakeHive pays attention to all the little details that make your case look beautiful. The case is hand stitched, and you can choose from a variety of colors. Who said a leather phone case had to be brown? While SnakeHive does offer a brown leather case, there are also vibrant purple and orange colors along with two-toned cases for the iPhone X or XS. 

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Apple Leather Caseapple leather phone case

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For an iPhone, a go-to choice is a case made by Apple. The company makes leather phone cases, and they’re simple yet functional. These cases were created specifically to fit Apple products. You can keep the case on while using Apple’s wireless charging technology. Inside, the case is lined with soft microfibers that keep your phone safe and sound. The phone case is made with high-quality European leather. 

Although leather cases do tend to be more expensive than silicone or plastic phone cases, Apple’s leather case is pricey, especially considering that it doesn’t function as a wallet. However, Apple’s cases are convenient. You can pick one up at the Apple store while buying your iPhone as well as online There are also plenty of colors to pick from, so whether you prefer a classic black or a bright yellow, there’s a case that’s just right.

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Best Leather Android Cases

No iPhone? No problem. There are plenty of leather phone cases for Android phones as well, like the Galaxy series from Samsung and more.

These are the Top 5 Leather Cases for Androids:

  1. Vakoo Galaxy S7 Leather Folio Case
  2. OtterBox Strada Series Case for Galaxy S9
  3. Spaysi Samsung Galaxy S10 Leather Case
  4. OCASE Samsung Galaxy S8 Leather Case
  5. Snakehive Genuine Leather Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

Vakoo Galaxy S7 Leather Folio Case

Vakoo Galaxy S7 Leather Folio Case

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The Vakoo Galaxy S& Leather Folio case is made with premium PU leather. It is dirt resistant and provides great protection for your phone while also looking stylish and mature. This case is currently only available in soft black leather. Smooth stitched seams ensure both quality and visual appeal. This leather phone case has a cover to protect your screen, with a soft TPU lining. Inside the cover are pockets for ID cards, credit cards, or whatever else you can fit.

The Vakoo Galaxy S7 Leather Folio case is made with high quality leather and other premium materials, so it’s built to last. Keep your cards organized and your phone protected with this phone case. It also comes with a 1 year warranty in case any issues arise.

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OtterBox Strada Series Case for Galaxy S9

OtterBox Strada Series Case for Galaxy S9

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OtterBox is a well known and trusted manufacturer of phone cases, so it’s no surprise that they’ve made the list. The OtterBox Strada Series Case for Galaxy S9 is made with premium leather, a polycarbonate shell for protection, and a metal latch to keep the folio part of the case closed. This leather case is thin and sleek, so it won’t be too bulky to fit in your pockets. It has a card holder slot within the folio to hold credit cards and more.

This leather OtterBox case comes with maximum protection against drops, scratches, and other damage. Like all OtterBox products, this leather phone case comes with a lifetime warranty. This model comes in espresso brown or black, and only fits the Galaxy S9, but the same product is available for other Galaxy phones.

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Spaysi Samsung Galaxy S10 Leather Case

Spaysi Samsung Galaxy S10 Leather Case

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The Spaysi Samsung Galaxy S10 Leather Case is a classic leather phone case that comes with additional features. This phone case is unique in its design, with a back opening folio flap. The back compartment has wallet slots to hold credit cards, cash, IDs, or photos. With four card slots, one cash slot, and a transparent slot for an ID or photo, you can hold everything you need in this case. The back flap also serves as a stand to keep your phone upright and vertical.

A magnetic snap closure ensures that your cards are safe. A flexible TPU frame provides drop protection and keeps your screen safe. This Spaysi leather phone case comes in black, blue, brown, and red.

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OCASE Samsung Galaxy S8 Leather Case

OCASE Samsung Galaxy S8 Leather Case

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The OCASE Samsung Galaxy S8 Leather Case is made with high quality simulated leather that looks and feels great. This case offers superior protection, improving the durability and lifespan of your Galaxy S8. The inside of this folio case has card holders to keep all your valuables in one place. With three card slots plus a side pocket for cash, you can incorporate your entire wallet into this leather phone case. A magnetic lock keeps your cards in place.

The OCASE leather case has an adjustable kickstand, so you can display your phone horizontally hands-free to watch videos. This case comes in black, blue, brown, burgundy, and gray.

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Snakehive Genuine Leather Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

Snakehive Genuine Leather Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

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This genuine leather phone case is handmade in Europe. Made from European Nubuck leather, this case is soft and matte, with a unique aged finish. The inner part of the case is made from soft leather to keep your phone safe and your screen protected from scratches. A secure, rubberized TPU holder keeps your phone in place and provides shock resistance in case of drops. The inner folio has card slots and a cash slot.

The Snakehive phone case is hand-stitched for quality and durability. It can be switched into a kickstand to hold your phone up. This leather case comes in 11 colors, including black, brown, yellow, plum, and more.

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Final Thoughts on Leather Cases

There’s a wide variety of leather cases to choose from, so look at these top cases before making your decision. For a tech accessory that will keep your phone safe and hold your credit cards, a leather phone wallet or leather folio case is the perfect solution. 

Looking for more information about phone cases? Learn more about the best protective cases for the iPhone X. There are some leather cases that do a great job of protecting your phone and absorbing shock from falls, but you may want an ultra-thin case or a heavy-duty one.

Although a case provides plenty of defense against drops, add on a screen protector so you iPhone has the ultimate protection. With all these products, you can show off your iPhone and keep it in prime condition. 

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