should i buy applecare?

Is AppleCare Worth It?

AppleCare is the brand name that Apple has introduced in the form of extended warranty and technical support for the devices it issues to its regular customers.

If you own an Apple product and live in a country where Apple has official stores, you can get AppleCare for any device you want. But is AppleCare protection worth the cost? 

How Does AppleCare Work?

You probably have a gadget that comes with an extended warranty, or you purchased the extended warranty in case of damage. 

AppleCare works differently as it’s specifically designed for Apple products; it’s like insurance. You pay a price up front, and Apple will repair your device at a heavily discounted rate, even if the damage is your fault.

Having AppleCare does not mean that you get free repairs. If you choose to buy AppleCare, Apple has broken down the prices for different products and different types of repairs. A broken screen will cost around $29 with AppleCare, as opposed to over $150 without AppleCare. 

You will notice that with AppleCare, the prices are the same for any device and any damage caused. Without it, everything depends on the model of your device and the frequency of the damage you cause. However, AppleCare only offers repairs for accidental damage on two occasions over two years. After that you have to bear the full cost, unless the issue was a product defect by the manufacturer.

How Much Does AppleCare Cost? 

The cost of AppleCare depends on the plan you choose and the device you’re insuring. Plans range, but you don’t necessarily have to pay the full price up front – some plans allow you to be billed monthly.

Should I Buy AppleCare?

Deciding whether AppleCare is worth it depends on two factors: what model of the phone you have and how often you break it.

If you bought the latest iPhone and you know you’re prone to breaking phones, it may be a worthwhile investment. Consider how much you’ve spent in the past on repairs without AppleCare, and weigh which is less expensive.

If you’re good at taking care of your devices and don’t tend to break them (knock on wood!) then it may be a waste of money to pay for AppleCare that you won’t ultimately use.

AppleCare Alternatives

Don’t want to spend extra money on AppleCare? Take care of your Apple devices, and you may never need the added insurance of an AppleCare plan. Use these safety methods for phones and other devices as an alternative to AppleCare

Use a Case

If you are a clumsy person and you drop your phone every once in a while, you should probably put a case on it. Get a case with an edge raised above the screen to help reduce the chance of the glass shattering. Rubber cases are recommended, as they are the most shock resistant. There are plenty of cases out there to choose from, whether you want a strong, tactical phone case, a protective phone case, a wallet phone case, or themed cases like Disney phone cases, Star Wars cases, and so on. If you’re considering AppleCare for a different product like a laptop, there are protective cases for those as well. 

Put on a Screen Protector

One of the most common causes of phone damage is a broken screen. This is why it’s important to put on a screen protector to prevent shattering. Some of the best screen protectors come with warranties themselves, so if they fail to do the job your device is still protected.

Try a Popsocket

Do you tend to drop your phone a lot? A popsocket will improve your grip. Popsockets sit on the back of your smartphone and can be popped out to offer a better grip, or to work as a kickstand for your phone. There are plenty of fun designs, from Marvel popsockets to Harry Potter popsockets to simpler, pretty ones like rose gold popsockets and glitter popsockets.

Square Trade

If you do not like cases on your phone, you can also go for another insurance option. Square Trade is pretty much like AppleCare, but with it you can switch your coverage to other phone companies and devices. With Square Trade, you get your devices fixed at any repair shop and make the insurance claim. It may be more affordable – you’ll have to compare plans for your specific device and the protection you want. 

Final Thoughts

For the clumsier folks who tend to break their Apple devices, AppleCare may be a worthwhile investment. If you take proper care of your smartphones, laptops, and other devices, however, it’s probably not worth paying extra for insurance you won’t use. Ultimately, the decision to purchase AppleCare or not depends on your personal use and level of care for electronic devices.

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