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9 Best Instagram Growth Services to Grow Your Account

Instagram has grown into one of the most popular social platforms. It is used by individuals to share their experiences with the world through stunning photos.

Businesses have also capitalized on the platform to advertise and sell their products and services. With billions of users, the platform offers endless opportunities. However, the competition is stiff, and it is difficult to get as many followers and like as you may desire.

Instagram has become so big that there are businesses that have built their services around it. Instagram growth services help to attract more organic followers to your Instagram page, consequently increasing your exposure to the ever-growing Instagram community. 

There are numerous companies offering Instagram growth services, and some deliver better results than others. Here is a review of the top Instagram growth services for 2021.

Last updated March 1 2021.

These are the Best Growth Services for Instagram Followers:

    1. Social Buddy
    2. Kicksta
    3. Ampfluence
    4. Combin
    5. Social Sensei
    6. Upleap
    7. Instazood
    8. ViralRace
    9. Instapromote


#1 Pick

Social Buddy

social buddy

Social Buddy is hands-down the best Instagram growth service for 2021. It guarantees authentic and organic growth of your Instagram followers. This means that all followers gained through Social Buddy are real people, not bots that will not help your efforts. 

Social Buddy offers the following Instagram growth services:

  • Organic Growth

There are millions of bots and fake accounts on Instagram and other social media platforms. Social Buddy targets real accounts created and used by real people from all over the world.

As such, all your new followers will be authentic users who may be genuinely interested in what you have to post. This will not only increase your account’s exposure but also improve its credibility, as social platforms are always cracking down on bots. 

  • Precise Targeting

Who would you like to follow your Instagram account? Someone that would be interested in what you have to sell? In this case, an Instagram user all the way across the world may not be of much help.

Social Buddy not only adds organic followers to your page, but also targets these followers based on your needs and preferences. Some of the criteria used in targeting includes location, profession, niche, and gender.

This is especially helpful for businesses and influencers seeking to make the most out of their exposure on the platform. Your target audience should be people interested in your content!

Better audience targeting will also improve your engagement rates with likes and comments. 

  • Account Management Email Support

Social Buddy is always there for you. The growth service provider provides each client with a dedicated customer care agent. As such, you can raise queries any time via email and get a helpful response promptly.

Customer service is rarely included with other Instagram growth service offerings. 


Here are the results we had from our test with social buddy.

We tested an account in the travel niche.  In 30 days, the account grew over 1000 followers.  Engagement increased on our latest photos by double.

80% of the followers were other travel bloggers, hotels, resorts, and accounts related to the niche.  As you can see, we ended the service on December 11th and the growth stopped. Social Buddy has other case studies on their website as well.


instagram growth study

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Kicksta is one of the best Instagram growth services, using organic growth to authentically grow your account. It helps you find accounts similar to yours and targets those real users to become your followers. With Kicksta, you’ll get real followers who will actually engage with your content.

Check out Kicksta’s best features:

  • Auto Engagements

Once you give access to your account, Kicksta will automatically start engaging with the targeted accounts. By liking posts on your behalf, Kicksta will help bring more attention to your Instagram profile.

Once someone clicks your profile to see who liked their posts, they’re more likely to follow you – bringing natural Instagram growth for your account.

  • Real Followers 

Kicksta guarantees real followers – no fake accounts or Instagram bots. By targeting competitors or similar accounts in your niche, Kicksta can attract new followers who enjoy your content.

That way, you have a large number of Instagram followers who actually like, comment on, and share your posts.

  • AI Technology 

Kicksta uses advanced, artificial intelligence-based technology to target and engage with Instagram users. Their high tech system ensures that they target the right, safe accounts to bring in more followers.

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Ampfluence is a well known and trusted Instagram growth service that can help attract followers to your Instagram account. This growth tool promises organic Instagram engagements and followers, without using bots or fake accounts.

Ampfluence helps to increase your followers, likes, and other engagements so that you’ll get more out of your Instagram account. 

  • Advanced Targeting

Ampfluence uses advanced targeting methods to help you find high quality followers who will engage with your content.

You define your target audience in your initial consultation, so the team at Ampfluence knows what types of accounts to engage with based on factors such as location, hashtags, interests, and more. 

  • Human Run Actions 

Ampfluence uses social media marketing tactics similar to those of Instagram bots, but all actions taken on your account are human-done and authentic.

This method of organic Instagram growth is fully compliant with Instagram’s policies, and creates continued, sustainable growth for your account. 

  • Brand Exposure

Aside from just follower growth, Ampfluence increases exposure and visibility of your brand. Their strategy drives traffic to your profile, so your account will get more followers as well as shares, likes, comments, and more.

Whether you run a personal account or a business profile, more exposure will help your account see continued Instagram growth. 

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Combin is another top tier Instagram growth service that can help users get more followers. If you want to grow your Instagram account, Combin is a solid choice for organic Instagram growth. This growth service doubles as a scheduling tool, so it can manage all of your Instagram’s social media marketing needs. 

  • Advanced Instagram Search

Combin supplies users with an advanced Instagram search engine, where you can search for either posts or users based on hashtags used, location, recency of their post, and more.

You can also search based on who accounts follow or are followed by, by the content in their bio, or by what accounts they like and comment on. This advanced targeting search engine makes it possible to find the right kinds of followers to grow your account. 

  • Machine Learning User Analysis

Combin’s machine learning makes it possible to assess users so that you can figure out which accounts you should follow, and which ones you don’t want to follow based on red flags or targeting errors.

Machine learning makes it easy to identify low quality accounts so that you can save your follow actions and organic interactions for better users.

  • Bulk Actions and Follower Management 

Combin also offers bulk repetitive actions like liking posts, commenting, and following or unfollowing. This makes it easy to create relationships with many users at once.

You can avoid spammy looking fake comments by creating comment templates for different purposes. Combin also detects users who don’t follow back and makes it simple to unfollow those accounts in batches.

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Social Sensei

social sensei

Social Sensei has been in the social media business for close to a decade now. They have built up a vast following, and their services will help do the same for your IG page. They offer the following services:

  • Tailor-Made Social Media Strategies

Every client has unique needs and preferences, so Social Sensei promises a customized social strategy for every client.

Once you voice your needs, they will assign you a team that will craft a long-term strategy to grow your page. They move gradually to avoid getting your account flagged by the admin.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

You can get a dedicated account manager, depending on your preferred premium plan. The account manager will always be at your beck and call to address all arising issues.

  • Content Creation

While most vendors limit their services to delivering followers and likes, Social Sensei goes one step further to also create and upload your posts for you. All the created content is not only outstanding but also relevant to your account.

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Upleap is another Instagram growth service that provides organic Instagram growth. Growing your Instagram account is easy with Upleap, as your social media manager will help you find Instagram followers unique to your account. Check out Upleap’s impressive features:

  • Smart Targeting

Upleap uses intelligent targeting to find the right audience for your Instagram profile. Choose target accounts that emulate the kind of followers you are looking for – the kind that will engage with your content!

You can also target via hashtag and location. Upleap only targets real Instagram followers, so your engagement rate will grow along with your follower count.

  • Dedicated Customer Support

Every Upleap user gets a customer representative to answer questions, help you with targeting, and troubleshoot any issues. Your customer support team at Upleap will help grow your Instagram account with followers and even influencers in your niche.

  • Progress Tracking

The best part of getting new followers every month is watching your numbers grow! Upleap provides their robust reporting dashboard to help you see your growth strategy work.

It’s easy to make sure this Instagram growth tool is working because you can watch as followers on Instagram add up on your dashboard!

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Instazood is an Instagram bot that offers real, organic Instagram growth. Like other growth companies, Instazood uses a liking method to attract attention to your account, sending you high quality Instagram followers. Instazood can help you grow your following with real Instagram accounts.

  • Full Automation

Instazood makes growing Instagram accounts easy, functioning as an automated Instagram bot for your account. This tool automates the follow unfollow process, as well as automates likes, comments, and even views Instagram stories.

Their automation won’t make your account look fake, however, as you can control what is allowed.

  • Filters and Customization

With Instazood, you still have control over your Instagram account. If you need to make changes to your targeting, you can do so easily. You can also filter out followers that don’t match your parameters, whether it’s by location, gender, or otherwise.

  • Post Management and Scheduling

With Instazood’s premium services, you can even manage your Instagram post schedule and schedule posts out in advance!

Let Instazood work as your personal Instagram marketing agency, getting you followers on Instagram, improving your engagement rate, and saving you time and energy.

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viral race

ViralRace is dedicated to making your Instagram page’s account growth fast and easy. Everything is automated, and all you have to do is sit back and watch as your account grows. Their services include:

  • Organic, Engaged Followers

ViralRace works fast to get you followers and likes, and they source all their followers from real IG users. The vendor also prioritizes engaged users, which means that your new followers are ardent users of the social media platform.

  • Automatic Likes

More likes will push your post to the Discover Tab, which will then earn you more organic followers. ViralRace will sell you all the likes you want and deliver them instantly to your posts.

All likes are organic too, so you will not risk getting your account flagged.

  • Automated Handling

Every service at ViralRace is automated. This means that you don’t have to lift a finger to do a thing. Just subscribe to the service and specify exactly what you need; ViralRace will take care of the rest.

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Instapromote has a highly flexible and versatile system that offers you a lot of options to grow your Instagram page. Their services include:

  • Automated Likes

You can get likes for every post you upload on social media when you buy the vendor’s automated likes premium services. All likes are authentic and organic.

  • Organic Followers

The Instagram marketing platform also delivers authentic and organic followers from real followers. These are active users who are bound to see your posts.

  • Quick Delivery

You can get likes and followers instantly if you wish to fast-track your IG account’s growth. You can also choose to have them delivered at set schedules.

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How To Choose The Right Company

Which growth service is the best for your needs? If you’re looking to grow your Instagram followers, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a growth tool or an Instagram marketing strategy. The best Instagram growth service for one user may not be the best for another. Consider the following factors when choosing an IG growth service.

Growth Methods

How does your growth service of choice actually grow your followers? The best Instagram growth services use organic growth, rather than Instagram bots or fake followers.

How can you tell if your new Instagram followers are fake? Look at their profile for their own follower base and pictures – if they have almost no followers and no posts, they probably aren’t real.

Real followers will actually like your photos, and they’ll stick around. Instagram tends to purge fake accounts on their platform, so if you buy fake followers or Instagram bots, they might be gone after a short period of time.

There are different organic growth methods that service providers use. The liking method is one popular way to attract attention – your growth service of choice will automatically like a users’ posts, grabbing their attention and leading them to your Instagram profile. From there, your potential followers can be wowed by your quality content and give you a follow.

The follow-unfollow method is another popular human growth strategy. A lot of people will follow back when they get a new follower, so some Instagram growth tools will follow users for you, anticipating that they will follow you back in return. Later, they will unfollow them, growing your account.

Research what each Instagram growth tool means by organic growth, and how they will grow your following.



Real followers are better than fake ones, but the best way to grow your Instagram is through real followers who will actually engage with your content. That’s why it’s best to look for an Instagram growth service that targets specific types of followers.

If your new followers are people who are in your industry, from the same area, or generally interested in the topics you post about, your engagement rates will be higher. You want to target Instagram accounts that are similar to yours, or that are interested in accounts like yours.

Using influencer marketing, you can target and get the best followers for your specific niche. Pick an Instagram growth service that acts as your marketing team, finding followers around the world who will engage with your content.


Customer Service

The best companies have customer support included. If a problem arises with your Instagram, you’ll want to know that there is a real person or people that you can reach out to for assistance.

For the best client satisfaction, find service providers that offer extra help, like hashtag research, growth strategies, and priority support.



The price tag is always, of course, a factor to consider. If you’re serious about growing your Instagram, you may be more willing to pay extra for a quality growth service.

Keep in mind that super inexpensive Instagram growth services may not work or will be more likely to give you fake followers. Quality comes with cost. Consider different pricing options while also accounting for value.


Why Should You Use a Growth Service?

There are many benefits to using an Instagram growth service to grow your account. These growth tools help attract more users to your Instagram account, so all you have to focus on is posting high quality content for those users to interact with.

Social networks are a huge platform for marketers, so brands and businesses everywhere use Instagram to promote their products and services. Some bloggers and influencers use Instagram as their sole platform for income, so it can be highly lucrative. Organic Instagram growth is key to growing your audience on social media so that you can find more customers online.

Without help from a growth tool, it can be hard to see big changes in your number of followers. These tools can save you hours of time that it takes to attract new people to your Instagram account. From there, those followers may go to your website and make a purchase, read your blog, or even visit your business in person.

A high quality Instagram growth service saves you time, effort, and money, and can help your benefit your brand with more exposure, your business with new customers, blogs with new readers, and so on.

Final Thoughts on IG Growth Services

Instagram is big business, and for individuals it is an awesome platform to connect with the world. Your exposure goes only as far as your followers. You don’t need to slave away wooing followers – these Instagram growth services will get you all the organic followers you want. Market yourself on Instagram with these and other services. Get started today to improve your Instagram presence and grow your online business or profiles. 

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