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9 Best Smart Garage Door Openers: WiFi Garage Door Openers

If you’re constantly in and out of your home, chances are you’ve asked yourself “Did I close the garage door on my way out?” at least once before.

What if there was a device that let you close, open, and monitor your garage door remotely?

That’s where smart garage door openers can help you out. There are a variety of similar products on the market, so we’ve the best garage door openers to help you make an informed decision. 

Top 9 WiFi Garage Door Openers

Check out the top-rated smart garage openers so that you can control your garage door remotely. Our top picks were chosen for ease of use, security, and other useful features.

These are the Best Garage Openers:

  1. GarageMate
  2. Tailwind iQ3 Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener
  3. Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener
  4. NEXX Garage NXG-100b Smart WiFi Garage Opener
  5. Genie Aladdin Connect – Smart Garage Door Opener
  6. Garadget WiFi Smart Garage Door Controller
  7. EACHEN WiFi Smart Home Garage Door Opener
  8. Alcidae Garager 2
  9. Asante Smart Garage Door Opener

Automatic Garage Door Opener Reviews


The GarageMate is fairly-priced and super easy to install. It uses Bluetooth 4.0, can pair with up to 8 phones, and has a CEC Level 6 energy rating, making it energy efficient. 

GarageMate: Open Your Garage with Your iPhones, Androids, or Apple Watch. Easy Setup. Secure. Bluetooth4.0. Please Read Description Fully Before Ordering.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and later for easiest setup and compatible with nearly all garage door openers. Note, if your Craftsman, Chamberlain, or Liftmaster was made after 2011, check if it has a yellow learn-button. If the button is yellow then it will NOT work with GarageMate. But if it is any other color (e.g., red, blue, purple, green, orange, black, gray, etc.) then it will work fine with GarageMate. See product images and description below for additional compatibility details.
  • Use Siri or OK Google to voice launch our App and automatically open the door. The Activity Log lets you monitor who opened your garage for added security. Securely pair up to 8 phones. Never needs batteries. App is always free and will never have subscription fees.. Note, if you have more than one garage you will need one GarageMate receiver for each garage but the same App can control all garages.
  • Uses Bluetooth4.0 and later (not Wifi and not Internet connected) for excellent range and security. This eliminates Internet security risks and makes setup easy, but it also means GarageMate can not control your garage when you a home and you can not check if your garage is opened or closed. Many of our customers use a low cost webcam with motion sensor alerts as a camera is the most reliable way to check the status of your garage door.
  • Works even in extreme temperatures from -40 degrees F to 140 degrees F. Uses 3 cents (yes pennies) of electricity per year and has the highest energy efficiency rating (CEC Level 6).



Tailwind iQ3 Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener

The Tailwind iQ3 is a more advanced option, with the ability to integrate with smart home assistants like Alexa and Google Home and can connect to up to 3 doors on one account. You can grant visitors one-time access with this opener. It requires WiFi access in your garage.

Tailwind iQ3 Premium Featured Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener - Internet Enabled Remote Control Compatible with Smartphones, Alexa, Google Home, Siri Shortcuts, Smart Things, and IFTTT. Up to 3 Doors.
  • Never leave your garage door open again. Patent pending technology senses which car you're driving and closes the door automatically when you leave (if you forget to do it yourself) - may require optional vehicle sensor. Please read the description details.
  • Superior peace of mind. Unique security "Night Mode" makes sure your garage door is closed all night long. Grant guest users restricted or full-time access based on date and time.
  • Open, close, check the door status, and receive alerts anywhere in the world using your smart device and the Tailwind iOS or Android app. Works with Google Home, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri Shortcuts, and IFTTT.
  • Patent pending technology recognizes your vehicle's Bluetooth ID or the Tailwind vehicle sensor (sold separately or in other kits) so the garage door opens automatically when you arrive in your vehicle and will close if you leave and forget to close it (iPhone users or vehicles without Bluetooth must use a vehicle sensor). Please check our other listings for kits that include a vehicle sensor. Your smartphone must be with you in your vehicle.



Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain MyQ is reliable, durable, and cheaply-priced. This is a truly universal product, compatible with older homes as well as the Amazon Key App, IFTTT, Google Assistant, and more. It even allows for safe in-garage deliveries. 

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub - Wi-Fi enabled Garage Hub with Smartphone Control, Model MYQ-G0301, Old Version, Black
  • Smart garage control open and close your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone through the myQ App
  • Universal – Easy-to-add functionality to upgrade your existing garage door opener. Works with all major brands of garage door openers made after 1993 that have standard safety sensors
  • The requirements needed to start - a router with 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi frequency, router with 802.11 B/G/N, a router within 50 feet of the myQ Smart Garage Hub (more details in PDF user manual)
  • Simple setup: Wireless install with easy step by step instructions provided in the myQ App means you’ll be able to enjoy smart garage control in minutes
  • Guest access: Securely invite up to three people to control your garage with the myQ guest feature (Note: Not intended for guests under the age of 13)



NEXX Garage NXG-100b Smart WiFi Garage Opener

This NEXX option is a higher-end product that’s worth the investment. You can track who opened your garage door and when it was opened, and sends reminders if it was left open. The real-time notifications act as a great security measure.

NEXX Garage NXG-100b Smart WiFi Remotely Control Existing Garage Opener with App, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, No Hub Required, Black
  • CHECK COMPATIBILITY BEFORE YOU BUY: Nexx Garage is compatible with most garage door openers but, before you buy, check compatibility on Nexx website or test following the instructions in the image gallery. 2. 4 GHZ Wi-Fi connection is required.
  • CONVENIENTLY OPEN AND CLOSE your garage door by turning your existing Wi-Fi network and garage door opener into a single integrated smart device that you can control and monitor from anywhere.
  • ACTIVATE YOUR GARAGE DOOR OPENER BY TAPPING on the Nexx Home app, or by giving voice commands to your Alexa or Google Assistant devices, automate with SmartThings, or by driving near your garage door.
  • MULTI-USER ACCESS & REMOTE MONITORING. You can authorize multiple people to access your garage, you can open and close the door if a guest arrives and you're away, and you can receive notifications if you forget to close the door.
  • BEST IN CLASS SECURITY ENCRYPTION: reliable and secure with real-time activity logging; and only one controller per garage door opener, you can easily monitor activity.



Genie Aladdin Connect – Smart Garage Door Opener

The Genie Aladdin Connect is a great option with extra safety features. You can set up virtual keys for neighbors or friends, and you can even grant access from your phone so that delivery people can safely leave boxes in the garage. It keeps a record of activity as well, and it can control up to 3 doors.

Genie ALKT1-R Aladdin Connect Smart Garage Door Opener, Kit, Works with Alexa & Google Assistant
  • WIFI ENABLED GARAGE DOOR: The Aladdin Connect garage door controller gives you the ability to monitor, open and close your garage door with your smartphone or smart device from anywhere. Also compatible with Amazon Alexa, & Google Assistant.
  • GET THE SMART SECURITY ADVANTAGE: Using a sensor attached to the garage door, Aladdin Connect monitors the garage door’s position, allowing you to be alerted when the door opens or closes – electronically or manually.
  • CONTROL UP TO 3 GARAGE DOORS: One door position sensor comes standard in this smartphone controller kit – but you can monitor up to 3 garage doors with additional door position sensors sold separately.
  • AUTOMATE DOOR CLOSE TIMES & CREATE VIRTUAL KEYS: Aladdin Connect lets you schedule times to close your garage door as well as close the door after a certain length of time. You can also set up virtual keys for friends, neighbors and relatives!



Garadget WiFi Smart Garage Door Controller

This gadget lets you control and monitor your garage doors from your smartphone, home automation system, web browser, and other devices. The Garadget notifies you when your door has been open for too long, when it opens at an unusual time, or when you forget to close it upon departure. The setup process is easy to follow and doesn’t require professional help.



EACHEN WiFi Smart Home Garage Door Opener

You can close or shut your door by using the EweLink smartphone app. You can also activate it by using voice-commanded devices or driving up to your home. This product uses unparalleled in-class security encryption. It logs all activity as it occurs, so you’ll always know what’s going on at home. Rest assured knowing that no unauthorized individuals will have access to your home.

EACHEN WiFi Smart Home Garage Door Opener Wireless Remote Controller with eWelink APP, Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Nest and IFTTT
  • Conveniently open & close your garage door by turning your existing Wi-Fi network and garage door opener into an single integrated smart device that you can control and monitor from around the World. NOTE: When the garage door opens automatically, please check to see if there is a timing function. If you don't need this feature, turn off loop timer!!!
  • Activate your garage door opener either through simply tapping on the EweLink mobile app, or by giving voice commands to your Alexa or Google assistant enabled devices, or by driving near your garage door
  • Multi-user access & remote monitoring; authorize multiple people to access your garage, open/close door when a guest arrives & you're away; receive notifications If you forget to close door
  • Requires 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection. Quick & easy installation without the need of a professional; compatible with almost all garage door Openers (check site for compatible Openers)



Alcidae Garager 2

The Alcidae Garager 2 doubles as a universal garage door opener remote and a surveillance system. It offers round-the-clock security, the camera includes night vision, and you’ll receive alerts when any type of sound or motion is detected. You can take advantage of this product’s two-way audio to identify visitors before letting them in.

Alcidae Garager 2, Smart WiFi Garage Control,Integrated Security Camera,View and open/close your garage from anywhere,Share Access with Family,Smart Alerts & 2-Way Audio,1080P Clear Image,Night Vision
  • [ COMPLETE GARAGE SOLUTION ] - Universal garage door opener remote and garage surveillance all in one. Operate your garage door from the Alcidae app, anywhere!
  • [ SMART ALERTS & NOTIFICATIONS ] - Receive an alert when motion or sound is detected. Sound Detection (Dog Barking, Alarms Sounding) and Motion Detection use state-of-the-art technology to detect and send notifications to your phone. Activity alerts are available free of charge.
  • [ INTEGRATION, & ACCESS SHARING ] - Share your WiFi camera and garage remote access with family and friends. Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • [ 2 WAY AUDIO, NIGHT VISION ] - Speak with family anytime using the Built-in Mic and Speaker. And with Night Vision, rest assured you’re capturing all activity even in the dark.
  • [ SUPPORTS OPTIONAL CLOUD STORAGE ] - Includes 30 day free trial for our popular cloud subscription with 7 days of cloud video playback. Experience safe, secure, and protected cloud video recording



Asante Smart Garage Door Opener

This Asante option features a 480p WiFi security camera with infrared capability. The camera needs to be wired to the actual garage door controller, so where you can place it is limited. It provides real-time continuous streaming, however, and the app comes with free unlimited cloud access.

Asante 99-00900-US With Built-in Camera Smart Garage Door Opener, White
  • Instantly view and control (open/close) your garage door from your Smartphone
  • Unlimited cloud access with free app
  • Night vision infrared lights can be manually turned on and off
  • Easy installation and setup process
  • Receive Email or SMS notification every time garage door is opened and closed with the optional sensor sold separately



Final Thoughts

Find the best garage door openers and learn how they work to find the best fit for your home.

All of the products on this list have the potential to elevate your home’s security. The final decision comes down to you and your family’s personal preferences when it comes to factors like installation, device connectivity, and special features.

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