Best Pet Cameras to Monitor Dogs and Cats

pet camera to monitor pets

You probably have to leave your furry friend at home alone more than you want to. If you constantly come home to torn up furniture, you might benefit from a pet camera. These new devices give you surveillance of the activity in your home while you’re away. It can also let you communicate with your pet, entertain them with games, and even give them treats.

Know which model is the best pet camera for your dog or cat by reading this buyers guide. You can choose which features are most important to you, so that you meet your needs without spending on needless extra qualities that you won’t end up using. Check out our favorite pet camera below!

Best Pet Cameras:

  1. Furbo Dog Camera
  2. Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera
  3. PetChatz HD PawCall
  4. PetCube Play 2 Smart Pet Camera
  5. PetCube Bites Pet Camera
  6. Petzi Treat Cam
  7. Arlo Pro Camera
  8. YI Dome Camera
  9. Blink Indoor Camera
  10. Tooge Pet Camera

Pet Camera Reviews

Furbo Dog Camera

furbo pet camera

This Alexa-compatible pet surveillance camera is a favorite among dog owners. Its customizable features allow for more than just observance. You can also try features like BARKING ALERT and TREAT TOSSING.

Barking alert sends updates and allows for 2-way audio when your dog is making noise. Treat tossing is a dog treat dispenser. These can be controlled by your smartphone so that you don’t have to wait until you’re home for all the alerts.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatibility: Alexa
  • Resolution: 1080p Full HD Camera
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 160-degree wide-angle view
  • 2-Way Audio: Yes
  • Easy Setup: Yes
  • Additional Features: Barking Alert, Treat Toss


  • Offers more additional features like bark alert and treat toss than other brands
  • High visual accuracy and clarity due to HD, wide-angle view, and night vision
  • Easy, fast setup


  • Only 160-degree coverage, rather than 180
  • 3.7 pounds makes it one of the larger models

The Bottom Line

This model is a favorite due to its extra features. It doesn’t have the widest camera coverage, but its features like BARKING ALERT, TREAT TOSS, and even PERSON ALERT make it valuable for more than just checking on your dog.

Use this dog camera to help you maintain the security of your home with its impressive features. 

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Compatible with Alexa (As Seen On Ellen)
  • 1080p Full HD Camera & Night Vision: livestream video to monitor your pet on your phone with a 160-degree wide-angle view, day & night.
  • 2-Way Audio & BARKING ALERT: Furbo’s BARKING SENSOR detects when your dog is barking. It sends push notifications to your smartphone when it detects barking. Know what’s going on at home and talk to calm them down via the app.
  • Fun TREAT TOSSING: TOSS a treat to your dogs via the free Furbo iOS/Android app. Fill it with your dogs’ favorite treats & play a game of catch.
  • Easy 3-Step Setup: 1) plug in to a power outlet using its USB cord 2) download the Furbo app 3) connect to your home wifi.
  • Stable internet connection & Wifi signal are recommended for best performance.

Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

pawbo life pet camera

This fun-filled dog monitor does more than just stream video. You can interact with your pup through its laser game. You can reward them with treats when they behave, and even have a chat with two-way audio.

This app for interacting with your Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPods iOS 8 or later. On the device you can view 720p HD live video and wide-angle view.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatibility: Apple Devices iOS 8 or later
  • Resolution: 720p HD Live Video
  • Night Vision: No
  • Viewing Angle: 130 degree wide-angle view
  • 2-Way Audio: Yes
  • Easy Setup: Yes
  • Additional Features: Instant Social Sharing, Laser Game, Treat Dispenser, Video Recording


  • The laser game and treat dispenser make interacting with your dog from anywhere easy
  • There are many ways to film or photograph your pet


  • Smaller viewing angle and no night vision
  • No bark or suspicious activity alerts

The Bottom Line

This animal camera is great for both dogs and cats. The laser game feature makes it possible to play with your cat while you’re away. You can choose the treat you pre-load so that your specific pet always has a treat to look forward to when you leave the house.

It can be easy to get stuck on the lack of night vision and the smaller frame coverage, but the other features compensate for these cons. This device is great for pet owners who want to interact with their lonely or anxious pets while they are away. 

Pawbo Life Pet Camera: WiFi HD Video with 2-Way Audio, Treat Dispenser and Laser Game, Designed for Dogs and Cats
  • Pawbo Life camera (PPC-21CL) w/ 720p HD live video, 130° wide-angle lens, and 4x digital room, capture and record every precious moments from your mobile device.
  • Built-in microphone/speaker/laser/treat dispenser let you listen, talk and reward your pet's favorite snack or play & interact with your pet anytime, anywhere.
  • Instant social sharing: snap photos and share your pet and family's adorable images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Remote Pawbo Theme Park accessories / control multiple Pawbo cameras / connect up to 8 users simultaneously.
  • Easy set up Pawbo Life app: support iOS 8 or later (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and Android 4.0.3 or later version. Wi-Fi environment required 802.11b/g/n(2.4GHz) connectivity with WPA2-AES encryption. Pawbo support team via service.usa

PetChatz HD PawCall

petchatz hd pawcall

The construction of this high end dog camera treat dispenser is durable and safe against chewing. This ensures maximum safety for your dog or cat. If your pet gets anxious while you are away, use PetChatz to disperse aromatherapy scents as well as treats.

Product Specifications:

  • 2-Way Audio: Yes
  • Pet-safe Design: Yes
  • Easy Setup: Yes
  • Additional Features: 2-way video, aromatherapy, treat dispenser


  • Two way audio and video makes seeing and soothing your pet easy
  • Aromatherapy is a unique feature that can reduce your pets separation anxiety


  • This device is more expensive, but offers additional features to account for the price change

The Bottom Line

If your pet deals with separation anxiety while you are away, this device can certainly help. Its aromatherapy and treat dispenser make your pet feel like you aren’t far away. The major benefit of this device is the two-way audio and video. You can video chat with your lonely dog or cat any time. 

PetChatz HD and PawCall: Digital Daycare with two-way premium audio/HD video pet treat camera w/DOGTV, sound/motion triggered video recording, calming aromatherapy (as seen on The Today Show)
  • PetChatz Digital Daycare is a full day of interaction and entertainment for your home alone pet. A completely interactive experience with two-way video chats, treat dispense, calming aromatherapy, brain (treat) games, pet-to-parent messaging (with PawCall) and entertainment with streaming DOGTV. All in the safety and convenience of your home. (DOGTV subscription required).
  • turn on the sound/motion triggered PetWatch video recording to capture your pet’s activity while you are away.
  • pet-safe design made in the USA with no corners, edges or cords to chew; attaches securely to your wall (>100 lb pressure tested) or kennel for optimal pet safety.
  • designed by top pet experts to be much more than a treat camera, the PetChatz Digital Daycare System can be controlled from anywhere using an iOS/Android app or desktop computer.
  • premier US Based PetChatz Customer Care available to help with any questions.

PetCube Play 2 Smart Pet Camera

petcube play 2

The PetCube Play 2 Smart Pet Camera has high end video recording technology. It uses sound and motion triggers to catch 30-second action bursts of your pets activity throughout the day. It can store up to three days of these short videos.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatibility: iOS 11 and higher, Android 7.1.2 and higher
  • Resolution: 1080p Full HD Video
  • Viewing Angle: 160 Degree Wide-Angle Full-Room View
  • 2-Way Audio: Yes
  • Easy Setup: Yes
  • Additional Features: 4X Zoom, Interactive Laser Toy, 3-Day Video Storage


  • Advanced video recording abilities for posterity and observation
  • Large frame of view for full coverage


  • This device doesn’t use a treat dispenser to help your pet focus or reward them for good behavior

The Bottom Line

The Play Mode allows for you to play with your pet in real time. This feature, as well as two-way audio means that you can make your pet feel loved even while you aren’t physically there.

[New 2019] Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Laser Toy & Alexa Built-In, for Cats & Dogs. 1080P HD Video, 160° Full-Room View, 2-Way Audio, Sound/Motion Alerts, Night Vision, Pet Monitoring App
  • Built-in interactive laser toy: play remotely via a human and pet safe laser toy controlled from your phone, or set to autoplay mode to entertain and exercise your pet. Re-engineered to be super precise - touch the spot in your room or swipe across the screen and the laser will follow your finger in real-time
  • Quick 2-minutes setup: Compatible with 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz Wi-Fi connections. Ios 11 and higher, Android 7. 1. 2 and higher are required
  • 1080P full HD video, full-room view & night Vision: check on your pet remotely when you’re away from home. 1080P HD video pet camera with 160° wide-angle full-room view. See up close with 4x zoom
  • High-quality two-way sound: now with 4-microphone array and significantly improved speaker bar, provides rich “lifelike” sound quality. Two-way audio allows you to hear and speak to your pet from your phone
  • Built-in Alexa: now with Alexa voice assistant built-in — no need for a separate Alexa device. Anything you can do with Alexa, you can do From Petcube play 2

PetCube Bites Pet Camera

petcube bites pet camera

This treat dispenser comes with some free treats so that you can use it immediately. Its easy installation and simple use with Apple or Android products makes it versatile and simple to set up. Motion and sound alerts mean improved home security in addition to pet monitoring.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatibility: iOS 8.4 or Higher, Android 4.3 or Higher
  • Resolution: 1080p Full HD Video
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 138 degree wide-angle view
  • 2-Way Audio: Yes
  • Easy Setup: Yes
  • Additional Features: Sound/Motion Detection, Video Recording, Bark/Meow Alerts, Treat Dispenser, 3X Zoom


  • Night vision and wide-angle view allow for an all-encompassing range of view
  • Motion detection and bark alerts mean increased security and more focused monitoring


  • There aren’t any play options for laser or otherwise

The Bottom Line

This device is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to be staring at their phone all night. Bark/meow alerts and motion detection mean that you can set alerts for activity that may indicate a disturbance.

Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser, HD 1080p Video, Two-Way Audio, Night Vision, Sound and Motion Alerts. Dogs and Cats. Compatible with Alexa. (Renewed)
  • TREAT YOUR PET REMOTELTY: From the Petcube App, fling treats at varying distances or schedule automatic treating. Compatible with a variety of dry, crunchy dog and cat treats. Usually flings 1-5 treats at a time depending on size. Premium brand dog treats are included.
  • 1080p HD VIDEO and NIGHT VISION: Stream HD video from your pet camera to your smartphone 24/7 with 1080p video, 138° wide angle view, and 3x zoom.
  • TWO-WAY AUDIO: Hear and speak to your pet remotely. Say hello and let them know you love them. And if they are up to no good, tell them to stop.
  • SOUND and MOTION DETECTION: Whenever sound or motion is detected, you will get a notification on your smartphone. Capture, review, and save alert triggered videos on video timeline. Never miss a moment again!

Petzi Treat Cam

petzi treat cam

This simple pet camera serves as both camera monitor and treat dispenser while you are out running errands or away on vacation. It is affordable without compromising on quality.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatibility: iOS and Android
  • Resolution: HD Video
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • 2-Way Audio: No
  • Easy Setup: Yes
  • Additional Features: Automatic Treat Replenishment, Treat Dispenser


  • Night Vision capabilities and HD video make it easy to monitor your pet at any time of day or night
  • Treat replenishment means you don’t have to worry about running out
  • It is a less expensive model


  • There aren’t two-way video or audio options for increased communication
  • This product doesn’t use play modes to engage with your pet

The Bottom Line

This model is an ideal, less expensive device for someone wanting to see what a dog monitor can do for you. If you are out for short bursts and simply want to check up on a new puppy or keep your dog from bad behavior, this treat dispenser can do the perfect job. 

Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser, Enabled with Amazon Dash Replenishment
  • A fun and easy way to connect with and treat your pet from anywhere
  • Watch the excitement on your pet’s face when you pop in
  • Dispense your pet’s favorite treat with the Petzi treat launcher for a big smile, say hello to your pet through the high quality one-way audio
  • Dedicated iOS and Android app that controls the device and allows content to be shared socially
  • Capture candid photos of your pet to save or share on your favorite social site

Arlo Pro Camera

arlo pro camera

This multi-camera setup is ideal for external home security on a porch or backyard. If your pet is free roaming through indoor and outdoor areas, you might want to consider taking advantage of this 6 camera system. With weather resistance and wireless monitor, the Arlo Pro is durable and built for outside use.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatibility: Amazon Alexa, Echo Show, Fire TV, Google Assistant
  • Resolution: HD Camera
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • 2-Way Audio: Yes
  • Easy Setup: No
  • Additional Features: Wire-Free, Weather Resistant, Motion Detection, Rechargeable Battery


  • Vast compatibility options mean that this device is accessible to all
  • Night vision and 2-way audio make communication simple


  • Additional camera mounts not included

The Bottom Line

This device is perfect for pets with a wider range of freedom. Multiple cameras make it easy to observe the safety of your pet while you are away.

Arlo Pro - Add-on Camera | Rechargeable, Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor, HD Video, 2-Way Audio, Wall Mount | Cloud Storage Included | Works with Arlo Pro Base Station (VMC4030)
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)
  • Add on Camera only Base Station Required
  • 100 percent Wire free and Weather resistant : Free of power cords hassles to place your camera where you need it indoor or outdoor(IP65)
  • Rechargeable Batteries : Arlo Pro cameras include rechargeable batteries that support fast charging
  • 2 Way Audio : Built in mic and speaker enable push to talk capability, so you can listen in and talk back

YI Dome Camera

yi dome camera

This high definition camera is one of the few on the market with 360 degree visibility. Keep your pets and your home safe with this high end pet monitor. Use the cloud to keep your footage safe so that you can view it back later. Two way audio means that you can talk to your dog or cat while you are away.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatibility: Apple or Android Devices
  • Resolution: 1080p HD Live Video
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 112 Degree Wide-Angle View, 345 Degree Horizontal and 155 Degree Vertical Rotation Range
  • 2-Way Audio: Yes
  • Easy Setup: Yes
  • Additional Features: Motion Tracking, Auto-Cruise, Bookmarks, Activity Alerts, Human Detection, Abnormal Sound Detection


  • Motion tracking and detection features mean increased security in the home
  • Combined lens view and rotation range make for 360 degree coverage


  • There are no treat dispense or play mode options, meaning you cannot play games with your pet.

The Bottom Line

This device is ideal for the homeowner who leaves their pet home for a night out. The available features make it easy to tell if something is amiss in the home, including break-ins, fires, or bad behavior from your pet. 

To keep your home and your pet safe, buy the YI Dome Camera on Amazon.

YI Dome Camera, 1080p HD Indoor Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wireless IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision, Motion Tracking - Cloud Service Available (White)
  • 1080p High-definition, wide-angle advanced glass lens combined with 345° horizontal & 115° vertical rotation range create a complete 360° coverage. Advanced night vision with 8 built-in 940nm infrared LED beads extend the viewing distance to 3 meters in pitch dark with no light pollution, so your baby or pet will not be disturbed by LED glare.
  • Responsive and advanced microphone with a built-in anti-noise filter for a clear 2-way Audio experience. Intercom Mode: one party to talk and listen at a time or Hands-free Mode: both parties talk and listen freely for maximum flexibility.
  • Receive real-time Activity Alerts while you're out. 10-sec motion tracking records and centers the moving object. Bookmark your favorite positions (up to 8) and return to them at the tap of a button. Select Auto-Cruise to survey the area 360° horizontally or cruise your bookmarks, suitable for large areas that need a quick scan (and tracks moving objects). (Only products sold by the seller YI Technology come with one-year warranty)
  • YI Dome integrates with your YI Home family in one simple interface. User-friendly and intuitive app to customize your settings: activity alerts, auto-cruise, bookmarks, camera sharing, customize schedules, and more. Supports connectivity to a large number of devices with the same app/account for maximum convenience. Available for iOS and Android.
  • Supports YI Cloud to avoid the risk of losing footage from a SD card, ensure all your videos are safe and protected. We provide the most efficient compression and the highest protection of data, so you can be sure that your footage is secure. Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to access your camera with YI Home App on mobile device, and YI Home App on PC* at anytime, anywhere. Built-in support for 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz (5Ghz currently not supported) Wi-Fi band. *PC App is for viewing only

Blink Indoor Camera

blink indoor camera

The Blink Indoor Camera is a less expensive alternative for pet owners who still want to keep their dog safe. Monitor your pet with security footage and one-way audio. You can use this device with an Android or Apple product for remote viewing.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatibility: iOS Devices 10.3 or Higher, Android 5 Lollipop or Higher
  • Resolution: 720p Full HD Live Video
  • Night Vision: No
  • Viewing Angle: 110 degree view
  • 2-Way Audio: No
  • Easy Setup: Yes
  • Additional Features: Motion Detector, Cloud Storage


  • Wide range of compatible devices means more coverage and accessibility
  • HD video allows for cloud storage of activity footage that can be saved and reviewed later


  • There isn’t any two way video or audio, meaning no communication with your pet
  • The lack of treat dispenser or play modes mean you can’t reward good behavior

The Bottom Line

The Blink Indoor Camera is ideal for pet owners who want to see what their pet is up to when they leave, without having to invest in an expensive dog nanny cam. This device has all the necessary components of a quality dog or cat camera, without any exorbitant additional features that cause the price to skyrocket. 

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, HD Video, 2-Year Battery Life and Cloud Storage Included - 1 Camera Kit
  • MOTION DETECTOR: Built-in motion sensor alarm, when motion detector is triggered, WIFI cameras send an alert to your smartphone and record a short clip of the event to the cloud
  • BATTERY POWERED SECURITY SYSTEM: Wireless home camera with 2-year battery life, powered by 2 Lithium AA 1.5v non-rechargeable Lithium batteries (included), data is sent from IP cameras over Wi-Fi
  • SMART HOME SECURITY: Simple self-install home monitoring in minutes; easy control wireless cameras with the included iOS & Android apps or via voice through our Amazon Alexa Skill!
  • ADVANCED HOME SURVEILLANCE: Home and pet monitoring in real time with video camera “Live View” streaming mode
  • FREE CLOUD STORAGE: Totally wire-free, with no monthly fees or service contract required. (Requires iOS 10.3 or Android 5 Lollipop or higher)

Tooge Pet Camera

tooge pet camera

The TOOGE dog camera is a high end doggie facing camera. It uses night vision and a full range of motion to establish security in any room. Users can use the motion detection to ensure that their pet isn’t getting into anything they shouldn’t be, and use two-way talk to scold or praise their dog for its behavior.

Product Specifications:

  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Viewing Angle: 350 degree wide-angle view
  • 2-Way Audio: Yes
  • Easy Setup: Yes
  • Additional Features: Motion Detector, Multi-Camera Setup, Alarm Notification, Pan, Zoom, and Tilt Capabilities


  • Pan, zoom, and tilt actions make for 360 degree full coverage of the room
  • Two way audio is ideal for communicating with anxious or misbehaving pets


  • Without a treat dispenser, there is no way to reward good behavior other than through audio

The Bottom Line

The ideal user of the TOOGE Pet Camera is someone who wants full room or even multi-camera coverage of their home while they are out. These devices are simple to install. You can view multiple cameras on your mobile device so that even if your dog changes rooms, you can see what they are up to and make sure they are okay. 

WiFi Pet Dog Camera TOOGE Pet Monitor Indoor Home Cat Camera for Baby/Elder/Nanny Motion Detection Night Vision 2-Way Audio
  • 2.4ghz WIFI Connection --- TOOGE baby monitor can have a fast WiFi setup via mobile App on iPhone/Android phone/tablets.
  • FHD Night Vision --- TOOGE pet camera has 2 infrared LEDs which will let you see your baby/puppy clearly even in the dark without disturbance.
  • Two Way Talk --- TOOGE home security camera with the crystal clear two-way audio feature which allows you to comfort your baby whenever you want.
  • Motion Detection --- TOOGE baby camera monitor will track movements in real time and send alert notifications to your phone to protect your baby day and night.
  • Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom --- TOOGE dog camera provides horizontal 350° and vertical 80°rotation with zoom function for a complete coverage of your home.


Buyers Guide – What to Look For When Buying A Pet Camera

Visual Quality

When you buy a dog monitor camera, you want to research its visual range and quality before you check out. Important elements to consider are:

The resolution describes how high your video quality will be. Low resolution videos can be difficult to discern, especially when you’re watching them on a smartphone while you’re out to dinner.

Viewing angle refers to the coverage the camera is able to give you of the room it is in. Some cameras can tilt, pan, and zoom to allow full 360 degree viewing.

Night Vision of course means the ability to detect images even when a room is completely dark. This would be ideal for outdoor cameras or overnight trips.

Audio / Video Communication

Most if not all WiFi pet camera devices allow you to hear noises and see video of your pet. Some allow for two-way audio/visual communication. This means that you can speak to your dog and they can see your image on a small screen.

If you have a pet that gets separation anxiety when it is alone all day, look for the two-way audio and two-way video features so that you can comfort your pet all day long. This also allows you to stop your pet if it is chewing on furniture. Call it over and scold or reward for its behavior throughout the day.

Play Modes and Treat Dispensers

Beyond simply being the best dog cameras, some of these devices offer toy or treat dispensers as well. Many pet cameras involve a treat dispenser option that can be controlled remotely from your mobile device. You can reward your pet for good behavior with some of their favorite snacks.

Many cameras also involve laser pointer games so that you can let your dog or cat get some exercise while you aren’t home to take them out. Scent distributors and music players can also be programmed into your dog camera.

The Bottom Line

The best way to find the ideal pet camera for your home is to consider the above factors and only shop for features that are important to you. If your pet gets anxious throughout the day, an aromatherapy or two-way video can be the difference between walking in to chewed up furniture, and coming home to a happy pet.

When it comes to home automation and technology for pets, there are many options.  From monitoring devices to automated feeders for pets and self cleaning litter boxes, you can use tech to help with your pet care needs.

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