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7 Instagram Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Running an Instagram business account is harder than it may seem. Even if you’ve hired a social media manager or you are a social media expert, it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain an active Instagram account, and even more time and effort to grow one.

Social media is here to stay, with Instagram coming to the forefront of relevant social media, especially for younger demographics. If your business isn’t already marketing itself on Instagram, you should make an account ASAP. Most likely, you already have one, but maybe it hasn’t generated much in terms of leads, traffic, or new customers.

If you’re looking to grow your presence on Instagram but need some help staying on top of it, you’re in luck. There are a wide variety of apps and tools that can help manage and grow your Instagram account, offering follower growth, post scheduling, analytics, and more.

The Best Instagram Business Tools

We’ve compiled the best marketing tools for Instagram to grow your business. Even if you don’t run a business account, these tools can be helpful to find new followers, improve your content, and track the progress of your Instagram. Anyone looking to improve their Instagram can benefit from these Instagram business tools.

These are the Top Instagram Marketing Tools in 2020:

  1. Iconosquare: Best Instagram Analytics
  2. Social Buddy: Best Instagram Growth Service
  3. Later: Best Instagram Scheduling Tool
  4. Hashtagify: Best Instagram Hashtag Tool
  5. Linktree: Best Instagram Link Tool
  6. FourSixty: Best Instagram E-Commerce Tool


Best Instagram Analytics

Iconosquare was developed to work specifically with Instagram, and is an official Instagram marketing partner. While many social media tools offer analytics, Iconosquare has the most comprehensive, useful, and easy-to-digest anayltics.

Iconosquare offers content engagement information, tells you which hashtags perform best for your brand and competitors, and the best time to post for your specific account and followers. You can set up scheduled reports to be sent directly to your inbox, and compare your performance against the benchmarks of your industry and competitors.

This tool also offers Instagram Story analytics, which is useful as that feature becomes more and more popular for users and brands. Iconosquare also offers social monitoring tools to track your brand and competitors. One extra unique feature to this tool is influencer identification, which finds influencers in your niche to work with or analyze as competitors.

Pricing: Starts at $29/month

Best for: Analytics, Social Monitoring

Social Buddy

Best Instagram Growth Service

An important step in growing your account is increasing followers on Instagram. There is an abundance of apps and tools that claim to grow your Instagram following, but your best bet for real, sustainable growth is Social Buddy. Social Buddy finds you real followers by targeting hashtags, locations, and competitors in your specific niche.

Because Social Buddy targets followers within your industry, you’ll gain followers who are actually interested in your content and are therefore engaged. Social Buddy can grow from 500-2000 followers a month, which can significantly improve not only follower count, but engagement, website traffic, and eventually sales.

Often in an attempt to grow accounts, businesses buy fake followers at a very cheap rate. This ultimately hurts your account, as engagement rates will drop and those fake accounts will look spammy. Instead, opt for organic growth through an Instagram growth service. Unlike competitors, Social Buddy finds only real followers and safe methods.

Pricing: Starts at $59/month

Best for: Follower growth and engagement


Best Instagram Scheduling Tool

When you have a lot of content to post or manage multiple accounts, manually uploading, editing, and captioning each post in real time can be exhausting. You probably have other, more important things to focus on than each individual post to your Instagram. That’s why an Instagram scheduling tool is vital to keep you on track and organized.

Later is a comprehensive social media manager, so it offers various tools on top of its scheduling capabilities. Their scheduling tool is the best on the market, however, so we recommend Later primarily for that feature. You can plan Instagram posts weeks in advance, and even drag and drop images on a feed to see how your grid will turn out once everything is published.

Later is an Instagram partner and uses the Instagram Graph API for auto-publishing, so you can schedule your posts safely. Simply create as many posts as you want, schedule the time you want them to be published, and leave it to Later.

Pricing: Free plan for individuals (with reduced features) or starting at $19/month for businesses

Best for: Visualizing and scheduling your posts


Best Instagram Hashtag Tool

Hashtags are important on Instagram: they help your posts reach a larger audience, brand posts based on topic, and can help interested users and potential customers find your business. The problem with hashtagging is choosing the right ones. Hashtagify is a tool that will offer information on hashtags to help you find the best ones to use.

Hashtagify works for Twitter and Instagram, but the data from both is useful regardless of your platform. Search for a main hashtag and find related hashtags to use, check out popularity trends, and learn what hashtags influencers and competitors are using.

With Hashtagify, you can also track your hashtag performance and see how it has helped your reach, engagement, popularity, and more. Find the best hashtags and learn how to better implement them to grow your Instagram.

Pricing: Starts at $19/month

Best for: Hashtags


Best Instagram Link Tool

Instagram does not make it easy to share links. Your Instagram bio is the only place you can include a clickable link, unless you are verified or have over 10,000 followers and can share links in Instagram stories. Luckily, LinkTree can help you make the most out of your single link.

With Linktree, your link leads to a page of options, so you can link to multiple pages on your website. That way, you aren’t constantly updating the link in your bio so that every post with the “link in bio” in the caption is correct. Your link stays evergreen with Linktree.

Linktree allows you to pick a background and connect various links to whatever your call to action may be. Links are easy to change and manage with this tool.

Pricing: Free, or a $6/month premium version

Best for: Adding multiple website links


Best Instagram E-Commerce Tool

If you run an e-commerce business, FourSixty can help you market your products on Instagram. FourSixty makes your Instagram posts and even user generated content shoppable. You can tag products in your picture and bring viewers on Instagram directly to product pages to make purchases.

FourSixty is customizable, so the branding matches your aesthetic. You can also create Instagram galleries on the product pages on your websites, so visitors can see real people wearing or using the products.

Curating user generated content will encourage customers to share their purchases online, further helping you market your products. This also improve engagement with your company on social media. You can also add a pixel to your site to track how FourSixty has improved site visits and conversions and get insights into your campaign.

Pricing: Starts at $50/month

Best for: Creating shoppable links, user-generated content

Instagram Marketing Tools

There are tools out there that promise a larger host of features. Many comprehensive social media management tools offer scheduling and analytics all in one as well as some other features, though few can help in terms of followers. If you’re focused primarily on Instagram, the above tools can help with more specific goals.

Consider investing in one, a few, or all of these Instagram marketing tools to improve your online presence and find more followers and customers. These Instagram business tools can drastically boost your Instagram clout, and they’ll take some of the work of maintaining your Instagram account off your plate.

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