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Star Wars Series “The Mandalorian” Now Streaming on Disney+

The release of Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ was headlined by the brand new Star Wars live-action series called The Mandalorian. Created, written, and co-produced by Jon Favreau, Disney hopes that this show will continue the success of the Star Wars series.

What We Know About The Mandalorian

The show takes place five years after the events of the Star Wars movie “Return of The Jedi.” It follows the story of a bounty hunter who searches the galaxy for criminals.

The subplots of the series will dive deep into the fragile state of the galaxy after the rebellion. It will give more insight into how the First Order and the Evil Empire came to power. The show is being described as a type of “space western” plot-line. Pedro Pascal will be playing the main character of the Mandalorian, and describes his character as “Clint Eastwood-esque with advanced combat skills and questionable moral character.” 

Mandalorians are a group of people from the planet Mandalore, located in the outer rim of the galaxy. Most people believe that the story will involve the famous Mandalorians Jango and Boba Fett, but they most likely will not appear.

The reason is that Boba, who is the son of Jango, was killed in the movie “Return of the Jedi.” Since this series takes place five years after those events, it’s unlikely he will rise from the dead for an appearance. In fact, there is little chance we will see many characters from the movies due to the timeline of events. 

Where Can I Watch The Mandalorian?

Star Wars: The Mandalorian is only available on the new streaming platform, Disney+. Disney+ launched on November 12th, 2019.

How Much Does Disney+ Cost?

Disney+ can be purchased for $6.99 a month and will offer a lot more than just this show. Many of the old Disney Channel movies and series will be on the service as well. They also have a partnership deal with Verizon where customers will be able to download Disney+ for free with specific cable and internet packages. 

Does The Mandalorian Come Out Weekly? 

The first season will be eight episodes long, released each week. The first two episodes came out on November 12th and November 15th. The next one will be released on November 22nd, and then every Friday until December 27th.

The second season has already been approved and confirmed by Disney. It will only be played on the new streaming service Disney+ and will not be played anywhere else. 

International Release

Though Disney+ has already been released in the United States, it will not be released in many other countries until a later date. It will be available in New Zealand and Australia on November 19th. Other countries like Germany, Spain, Ireland, the UK, and France will have to wait until March 31st, 2020, however. Sadly, this is long after the first season of The Mandalorian will be finished everywhere else. There are talks of a possible movie release if the series becomes really successful. 


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