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Tips for Setting Up a Gaming Computer

The average gaming PC costs about $1200 but you can easily build your own for under $1,000. However, if you want to enjoy high-end games with a 60+ frame rate then expect to spend over  $2,000.

The best thing about building your own gaming PC is the fact that you can add or remove hardware as desired.

If you’re setting up a gaming computer then have a look at these tips.

Tips for Building a Gaming PC

  1. Pay Special Attention to the CPU
  2. Choose a Versatile Motherboard
  3. Pick a Graphics Card for the Future
  4. Choose the Right Storage
  5. Get More RAM
  6. Do Not Neglect Case and Power
  7. Invest in a Good Monitor
  8. Don’t Compromise on Accessories
  9. Consider Your Game Room Setup

Pay Special Attention to the CPU

The most important thing is the CPU since it will decide the games you’ll be able to play on your computer. A few factors to consider include:

  • Cores
  • Threads
  • Generation
  • Power (Base and Turbo Frequency)

Some CPUs are specifically designed for gaming computers and can support most titles.

Makes sure to pick a CPU that can handle the heat since gaming is addictive and you may be playing at a stretch for a good few hours. .

Cost: About $300


Choose a Versatile Motherboard

The motherboard must be able to accommodate all your hardware. There should be enough options: USB ports for peripherals, PCIE slots for video cards, memory slots for RAM, SATA ports for drives, etc.

Since you will have to upgrade the PC in a few years, we suggest to choose a motherboard that can easily incorporate new or additional hardware. 

Cost: About $200


Pick a Graphics Card for The Future 

Since new titles with improved graphics are coming at a rapid pace, most graphics cards end up being redundant in just a few months. If you want your gaming computer to continue to support the latest titles then you must choose the most advanced gaming card.

This will be one of the most expensive parts of your gaming computer but it’s worth the price since a poor GPU can ruin the experience. 

Two of the most popular manufacturers of graphics cards are AMD and Nvidia. Check out their graphics cards to see if they fit your needs and budget. 

Cost: About $350


Choose the Right Storage

Most games are heavy and require between 5GB to 20GB of space to install and run properly. If you want to install multiple games, you will need at least 100GB of space.

Not having enough space can slow the computer down or effect performance. Another very important factor to remember is the type of storage.

You can choose between HDD and SSD. We suggest to go for the latter since SSD reduces load times and will result in better performance.

Cost: About $100


Get More RAM

Most games require about 8GM of RAM to work but that may not be enough since it is usually the minimum. Opt for DRAM to enjoy better performance and select the amount based on your needs. In most cases, 32GB will be enough.

Cost: About $40


Do Not Neglect the Case and Power 

The case must be durable and able to handle all the hardware. Transparent cases are quite in demand but they may end up being more expensive. You can opt for a traditional casing as well but make sure it is durable and reliable. 

Next, have a look at your power requirements and choose a power supply that’s able to handle your required load. You may have to add a fan to prevent the supply and the CPU from heating up. 

Cost: About $120


Invest in a Good Monitor

Very few people pay attention to the monitor despite the fact that it is as important as any other piece of hardware. How much you enjoy a game largely depends on the quality of the monitor.

The screen should be large enough to show the entire screen. 

Moreover, you should be able to tilt the monitor to enjoy the best angle. Some devices these days come with special features such as built-in speakers. 

Plus, it must be able to display quality graphics. After all, what’s the point of investing in 4K games if your gaming monitor cannot support it?

Check out the best gaming monitors to find one within your budget!

Cost: About $120


Do Not Compromise on Accessories 

Pay attention to the following:

  • Keyboard: You will find some keyboards that are specifically designed for gaming. They often include special buttons that enhance the experience and make it easy to perform the required task. Look into the best gaming keyboards to find the right one for your needs.
  • Mouse: Gaming mouse are quite common and come with special features such as dedicated buttons and lights that often illuminate to highlight a special occurrence in the game. Some mice are generic but some are specifically designed for popular games like God of War. Choose from the best gaming mice and check out product details to ensure your mouse matches your style of gaming. 
  • Speaker or Headphones: Speakers can be good if you have your own room, otherwise opt for a set of headphones. Some special headphones come with a mic that makes it possible to stream games. The best gaming headsets are ergonomically designed for comfort while providing high quality sound. 

Cost: About $120


Consider Your Game Room Setup

It doesn’t matter how great your gaming computer is, you will never be able to enjoy it to the fullest if you do not have the right gaming table. Pick a table that is tall and wide enough to accommodate you and your essentials. 

Next, choose a chair that provides great support to your body so that you do not feel tired even after playing for hours. It should have a headrest and lumbar support with the option to adjust the height as desired. 

Gaming chairs can be very expensive as some include additional features like a heating pad. There are, however, affordable options that will still keep you comfortable over long hours of gaming. 

Cost: About $200

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Gaming PC?

By our estimates, building your own PC, along with a complete gaming setup, will cost roughly $1550. This is only our guess based on our estimated cost for each component, but you can choose to spend more or less to fit your budget and expectations. Every gamer is different, so you may choose to splurge more on some features and less on others.

Setting Up a Gaming Computer: Conclusion

We hope these tips will help you set up the right gaming computer. The key lies in understanding your budget and picking options that are easy to upgrade so that you do not have to buy a new computer anytime soon.

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