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12 Best Landing Page Builders

Maintaining a website can get expensive, especially if you need new pages built. If you’re running ad campaigns, you’ll need landing pages built to accompany your ads. It’s important that pages on your website match your brand and your goals – whether those goals are conversions, form submissions, leads, or sales. 

Building landing pages for your own website doesn’t have to require help from an expensive web developer anymore. You can design your own landing pages with these landing page creation tools! 

There are plenty of online landing page builders out there, and many are easy to use, cost effective, and produce beautiful landing pages that can drive traffic, sales, and more to your website. Find the best landing page creators for your website.

Top 12 Landing Page Builders

  1. Unbounce
  2. Instapage
  3. Landingi 
  4. ConvertKit
  5. GetResponse
  6. ClickFunnels
  7. Wishpond
  8. Ucraft 
  9. Leadpages 
  10. Hubspot 
  11. ShortStack 
  12. Elementor




Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders – and for good reason. This platform is advanced but simple to use, even if you haven’t designed a landing page before. Create custom landing pages without programming knowledge, and Unbounce will help optimize those pages for sales, conversions, form submissions, and more. 

No more cookie-cutter landing pages – Unbounce makes it easy to create professional pages that match your brand. They offer templates that you can easily change, a drag and drop editor for simplicity, and unique functionality.

Convert more of the visitors to your site with conversion optimization. Unbounce makes A/B testing easy, and they can help match your landing page with the searcher’s intent with Dynamic Text Replacement. Their Smart Traffic tool uses AI optimization to direct visitors to the right landing pages, enhancing your conversion rate. 

Unbounce integrates seamlessly with over 1000 marketing tools. Connect Unbounce with your other marketing tools so that new visitors information is sent directly to the right spot, improving your marketing campaign and keeping your processes connected. 


  • Plenty of templates
  • Easily customizable with drag and drop editor
  • Smart Traffic AI optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Over 1000 integrations


  • Conversion optimization included
  • Professional landing pages that don’t look like cookie-cutter templates
  • Testing and analytics to track performance
  • Seamlessly integrates with various marketing tools and softwares


  • Not made for beginners
  • On the expensive side

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Instapage is targeted at websites that need a landing page for online advertisements. Create landing pages for every ad campaign and track their progress with Instapage’s AdMap. This is a great tool for your Google Ad campaigns, Facebook Ads, Display ads, and retargeting ads. 

Turn ad clicks into conversions by creating the perfect landing page for each specific advertisement, and track your ad campaigns with AdMap to see the performance of each ad. 

Run A/B tests and track metrics for all of your landing pages to see which design, layout, color scheme, and more are the more effective. Not only does Instapage make A/B testing easy, but it also offers multivariate testing, heatmaps, and analytics. 

Instapage is easy to use, but it’s even easier with their collaboration tools. Update a page with a coworker at the same time to share changes and review together. Integrate new landing pages with your existing marketing stack for better lead nurturing. 


  • Ad Landing Page Creation
  • A/B Testing and multivariate testing
  • Heatmaps
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Customizable designs
  • Integration with other marketing tools
  • AdMap campaign tracking
  • Robust analytics
  • Over 200 landing page templates


  • Easy to create and customize pages
  • Great for creating conversion optimized ad campaigns
  • Plenty of experimentation and analytics to test performance
  • Easy collaboration and customization


  •  Expensive
  • Website personalization only available with Enterprise plan

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You don’t need any programming experience to create a landing page with Langingi. Their landing page creator comes with plenty of templates, drop down menus, and tools to create your own page with ease. Landingi puts lead generation first, helping to manage leads, automate response tasks, and track with key analytics. 

Landingi comes with over 200 landing page templates for every call to action and industry. Find the perfect template to base your page off of, or create your own page from scratch without any coding. You can design beautiful, responsive landing pages that are on-brand.  

Looking to create a sales funnel? Landingi makes it easy to create sales funnels that guide visitors down a roadmap to conversion. Landingi’s roadmap feature connects your new landing pages to walk visitors through the sales process. Their URL builder helps you add tracking codes to your URLs so that you can track clicks via Google Analytics.

From easy to build sales funnel landing pages to pop-ups with customizable triggers and more, Landingi helps your website generate leads and sales. Their lead inbox helps you organize your new leads, and anti-spam filters reduce wasted time filtering through responses. Use A/B testing to find the most effective landing page for lead generation with Landingi. 


  • Over 200 template pages
  • Drag and drop editors
  • Large image and icon gallery
  • Roadmap feature to create sales funnels
  • Customizable pop-ups, triggers, and automated responses
  • Lead inbox to organize leads
  • A/B testing
  • URL builder


  • Focused on lead generation
  • Roadmap funnel builder
  • Easy to customize without coding experience
  • Triggers, pop-ups, and other automation


    • Cheapest package limits features


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ConvertKit is primarily an email marketing tool, but they have a great landing page creator that is meant to convert your leads from email. This tool comes with plenty of landing page templates that are totally customizable, so you can take a design you like and make it your own. Their landing pages are fully mobile responsive and easy to create – no coding experience needed. 

Create landing pages with CRO in mind so that more visitors convert.  ConvertKit offers plenty of forms to place on your landing pages to collect contact information and more, as well as custom success messages for conversions. Their lead magnet landing page is especially effective. 

ConvertKit combines your page builder and email marketing software in one. Create email designs to match your landing pages and send visitors to the page via email. The email creation tool is just as easy as the landing page creator, with vivid images and clickable CTAs. Automate your readers path from email to landing page to customer with easy automation triggers. 

Whether you need Shopify, Big Commerce, Teachable, Crowdcast, Stripe or many more, you can integrate your current programs with ConvertKit. You don’t have to give up your ecommerce platform, payment processor, or other favorite tools. ConvertKit has a long list of integrations that will seamlessly fit into your landing pages. 


  • Conversion optimization
  • Email marketing tool to create emails and matching landing pages
  • Easy automation triggers
  • Lots of integrations
  • Customize without coding
  • Mobile responsive


  • Great for creating landing pages for email campaigns
  • Easy to create and customize templates
  • Integrates with other software
  • Good CRO tools


  • Not primarily for landing pages – email first
  • Works for ad campaigns, but not its primary function

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GetResponse is a full service marketing software solution that includes a landing page creation tool, email marketing, webinars, and automated workflows. Get everything done with GetResponse, from customer awareness to conversion. Their landing page creator is great for ecommerce sales or lead generation, as well as hosting online events like webinars. 

Use GetResponse’s templates to create landing pages. You can easily customize their pre-built pages with an easy drag and drop editor to create mobile-friendly landing pages for your site. Their editor includes a built-in image editor from Shutterstock as well as GIFs.

Convert web visitors with ready-made sales funnels. GetResponse has a series of landing pages ready to walk visitors through the sales process to improve sales, lead generation, and sign ups. From ads to landing pages that are A/B tested, with conversion optimized pop ups and more. Create your online store with GetResponse or integrate with Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Stripe, and more. 

If you’ve ever wanted to host a webinar, GetResponse makes hosting online events easy. Show off your expertise by creating landing pages with either free or paid webinars. GetResponse has webinar software integrated, so you can share files and videos, share your screen, collect feedback, and promote collaboration. 


  • Comprehensive marketing tool
  • Pre-built pages
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Built-in image editor
  • Conversion optimized sales funnels
  • A/B testing
  • Pop ups
  • Webinar software


  • Versatile tool for email, ad campaigns, sales funnel, and other landing pages
  • Lots of CRO features to increase conversions
  • Easy to create mobile friendly pages
  • Unique webinar software for online events


  • Inexpensive, but you have to upgrade after 1000 page views

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ClickFunnels is a landing page creation tool that helps you make landing pages that also work as sales funnels. With ClickFunnels, the goal is to create pages that convert visitors into paying customers by walking them through the sales funnel. 

This tool is easy to use, and you can also sign up for the Platinum package to use their follow up tools, like email and text marketing to retarget visitors who bounced. ClickFunnels practically comes ready out-of-the-box. Their page editor is a simple drag and drop tool, so you can drag the page elements that are most important and organize it the best way for your needs. 

Some landing page builders are more about style and design, but ClickFunnels is all about driving leads, sales, and conversions. If those are your goals, this may be the landing page tool for you. ClickFunnels is focused on taking website visitors through the sales cycle until they convert, so its pages are very CRO optimized. Their pages collect contact information, offer easy 1-click upsells to improve sales, and they offer A/B testing to find the best layout for your page. 

ClickFunnels has every page you’ll need for a website, from billing pages to opt-in forms and fully pre-built funnels. The only downside to ClickFunnels is that there is less room for customization compared to other softwares, but if you’re looking for an easy, fast solution, this is a great product. Check out ClickFunnel’s Expert Secrets Book. for free to learn how to use their platform! 


  • Pre-built sales funnels
  • Ready out-of-the-box or customizable
  • Easy drag and drop page editor
  • Free eBooks with helpful tips
  • A/B testing
  • 1-click upsells
  • Conversion focused


  • Very focused on sales
  • Can build every page within a sales funnel
  • Easy to use with templates ready to go
  • CRO features


  • Less customizable than other options

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Wishpond is another full-service marketing platform that includes a great, intuitive landing page maker. Creating landing pages is easy with Wishpond, with a simple drag and drop editor that requires no programming experience or expertise. They offer plenty of features, and all pages are mobile-responsive.

Create landing pages optimized for your goals. Wishpond is easy to use, so you can create professional looking pages with ease. They have various templates to choose from and an easy editor. You can add custom HTML, CSS, and Java, but no coding is necessary. Their countdown timers and limited time offer features can improve CRO. 

Design custom forms with unlimited fields to collect visitor data. From email opt-ins to file uploads and more, it’s easy to collect information to gather leads and retargeting info with Wishpond. Track form submissions and improve conversions with A/B testing and pop-ups. 

Wishpond’s full marketing software makes it easy to find and nurture leads for your business. Create landing pages for your ads, collect customer information, retarget visitors or those who abandoned their cart, and bring them back to improve conversions. With lead management, email marketing, call tracking, and marketing automation, Wishpond helps you make the most of your landing pages. 


  • Full service marketing platform
  • Easy drag and drop editor
  • Custom coding possible, but not required
  • Countdown and limited offer timers to improve CRO
  • A/B testing
  • Custom pop-ups and forms
  • Retargeting
  • Lead management
  • Email marketing and call tracking


  • Comprehensive marketing tool
  • Easy, customizable landing pages
  • Great CRO features
  • Lead nurturing and management with extra features


  • Not primarily for landing pages – full marketing toolkit

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Ucraft is not only a landing page builder, but a full website builder! Create a professional and responsive website with Ucraft. It comes with free hosting included as well as affordable pricing, so you can build your own website without excessive costs. If you only need their landing page creator, they offer a free version. 

Ucraft offers a free version, so you can make landing pages for free. Not all of the features will be included for free, but their drag and drop editor is easy to use and great for beginners. Start your website with Ucraft, or connect an existing domain without any hassle. Their landing pages are mobile-friendly, and include forms to improve conversions. 

Ecommerce sites can be tricky, but it’s easy to update yours or design it with Ucraft. It’s easy to create an online store or ecommerce landing page with Ucraft, and it integrates with various payment and shipping softwares to create a seamless sales journey. Their ecommerce solution is a great choice for small business owners. 

Ucraft, like many other tools, offers plenty of templates to choose from. All of the templates are fully customizable, and there are stunning designs even in the free version. 


  • Easy page builder
  • Customizable templates
  • E-Commerce solution
  • Various integrations
  • Limited free version
  • Full website builder
  • Responsive and mobile friendly


  • Great for e-commerce sites
  • Easy to build a full website, or add single pages
  • Free option for landing pages
  • Custom templates even in free version


  • No testing for performance
  • Integrations not included in free package

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Leadpages is another great choice if you’re looking to create high-converting landing pages for your website. This platform is a favorite of small businesses, and you can build landing pages or build your entire site with Leadpages. The drag and drop builder is easy for anyone to use, and the platform offers advice to improve CRO on each page.

If you don’t know how to code, Leadpages has you covered. You can create custom landing pages without any programming required, so even website amateurs can build professional landing pages. They also offer over 200 high-converting template pages, so you can insert your images and copy or customize them further.

Leadpages technology includes conversion guidance, which offers suggestions to improve CRO as you create your landing pages. This tool offers tweaks to improve the design of your page so that you get more conversions with their expertise. 

With Leadpages, you can create unlimited pages, bringing in unlimited traffic and leads for your business. There are no publishing limits or bandwidth limitations. Their page speed is also unparalleled, so you don’t have to worry about page speed technicalities – just about creating the perfect landing page for your brand. 


  • Easy drag and drop builder
  • Over 200 templates
  • Conversion guidance for improved CRO
  • Unlimited pages
  • Fast page speed
  • Customizable
  • Great CRO


  • One of the best tools for CRO
  • Focused on obtaining and converting leads
  • Lots of high-converting templates to customize for your brand
  • Conversion guidance tool offers suggestions as you go
  • Inexpensive


  •  Fewer features available with cheapest package 
  • Some complaints of issues publishing to pre-existing URLs

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Hubspot is one of the most well-known and versatile online marketing tools. One of their many features is a landing page builder, and like most of their products, it’s pretty great. You can create and publish landing pages in no time at all, and if you opt for one of Hubspot’s comprehensive packages, you can track the traffic, conversions, performance, and more for that page. 

One of Hubspot’s unique features in terms of landing page creation is the ability to create personalized landing pages for individual visitors. Since Hubspot also functions as a comprehensive CRM, it can detect past users and customize landing pages with targeted content, CTAs, and forms based on where that visitor is in the sales cycle. 

A/B test different landing pages, or do multivariate tests to see what works best for your business. Then, use Hubspot’s robust reporting and analytics to learn more about which page generated the most traffic, sales, and more. You can test every element of the page to find the best header, images, content, and more. 

Hubspot’s integrated SEO tools will ensure that your landing pages are optimized for search engines. If you’re looking to rank your landing pages on Google and other search engines, SEO is an important consideration. 


  • Full-service marketing tool
  • Easy page builder
  • Personalized landing pages identify unique visitors
  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • SEO tool to optimize for search
  • Complete funnel builder


  • One of the most versatile and comprehensive marketing softwares
  • SEO and CRO landing pages
  • Personalized visitor tracking
  • Plenty of testing and analytics to improve performance


  • Expensive
  • Not just for landing pages – may be more than you need

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If you want to run online contests, ShortStack is the tool for you. This platform can help you build custom landing pages, as well as run contests on your website with ease! Their styling features make it easy to create landing pages that match your brand’s style. 

ShortStack makes it easy to create interactive landing pages to engage with visitors. Run contests, giveaways, quizzes and more with their easy landing page creation tool. Using these tactics makes users more likely to supply contact information like email addresses, which improves conversions and helps to grow your contact list for retargeting. 

This platform makes it especially easy to build landing pages that match your brands colors, logo, and style. Their Style Panel makes it easy to change any element on the page, from layout, images, text, colors, and more. Embedding your custom landing page is simple, or you can use your custom domain. 

ShortStack offers real-time analytics, so you can track form submissions, contest entries, traffic, and more. They’ll also help you integrate other tracking tools like Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, AdSense, and more. You can also connect your other tools so that new contacts go to your CRM or any other software.


  • Branded landing page creation
  • Style Panel has comprehensive options
  • Easy to embed or use custom domain
  • Interactive landing pages for contests, quizzes, giveaways, and more
  • Real-time analytics
  • Various integrations


  • Great for running contests, giveaways, and more
  • Interactive landing pages improve CRO
  • Easy to customize landing pages to match brand


  • Not the best for landing page design unless you want their interactive or contest features

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Elementor is another great choice if you’re looking for WordPress landing pages. Its visual designer makes it easy to see what your final page will look like, and there’s no coding or programming needed to create a responsive landing page. If you can picture the website, you can make it with Elementor. 

Building landing pages can be hard without a clear vision. Elementor’s landing page tools are intuitive, so you can visually map out what you want the page to look like. Drag and drop sections, and choose from over 80 widgets for any page element you need. Their visual builder works seamlessly, with no code issues afterwards.

If you already have a WordPress site up and running, Elementor will work itself in without any issues. This software is compatible with whatever WordPress theme you’re already using, so you won’t have to change anything on your site to add new landing pages. 

Elementor has lots of great add-on features and integrations with other softwares. Use the best and most affordable web hosting, or integrate with other softwares to create stunning website pages that are also highly functional.


  • Visual builder – map out the page visually
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Over 80 widgets
  • Compatible with WordPress themes
  • Various integrations


  • Great for visually designing the page on the front end first
  • No programming needed
  • Integrates with other software for add-ons
  • Free version available


  • Margins can cause layout issues

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Final Thoughts 

Building a landing page has never been easier with these landing page creation tools. Whether you’re using WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or any ecommerce platform, these landing page creation tools will help you seamlessly design pages that will convert visitors and leave a lasting impression.

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