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Best Free Dating Apps

Advance in technology has really changed the way people date. Unlike the past where people had to first meet physically before they start dating, nowadays, people can date for months online before meeting.

Statistics show that one in every four in millennial generation start dating online. However, as smartphones continues to become more and more powerful, many people now prefer using them to find their perfect match as opposed to using desktops. The shame that was once associated with online dating is now gone. In fact, you are most likely to feel uncomfortable if you are single and you don’t have any dating app on your smartphone.

Dating apps have completely transformed the way people date online. Thanks to them, it is now possible to date while walking with your dog on the street or when relaxing at home. In addition to convenience that dating apps have brought, they have also helped people save money.

However, with so many dating apps available online, it is easy to get confused on which dating app to choose. In this article, we have conducted extensive research and compiled a list of Best free dating apps. We have not included these apps just because they are free but also because of their amazing features, reputation and ratings.


What are the best free apps for dating online?


1. Tinder

Tinder is not only famous because it is free dating app but but also because of it amazing features. Unlike other free dating apps that require users to have certain social media accounts, Tinder does not require you. The only that you need to comply with is age limit which is above 18 years. Once you open your free account , you can create a brief profile to help other user know more about you and the person you are looking for. Tinder also allows users to link their tinder account with Instagram accounts. Tinder will show you the name , photos as well as age of the person you are interested with. If you like the person, then you can like his/her photos to show your interest. You can also send a message to declare your interest. Although the free version comes with limited features , they are still good enough to help you find your perfect match.


2. Bumble

Bumble is almost similar to Tinder, the only major difference is that only ladies can start conversation once a match is made. This feature helps to save women their precious time. By only allowing women to start conversation, it reduces the possibility of getting clingy and annoying advances from men. It also take that pressure of starting conversation from men. The core values of this app is confidence, empowerment and equality. Once the match is made the lady will only have 24 hours to start conversation. If she fails, the the match will disappear. Similarly, the man also has 24 hours to reply. This feature is important because it ensures that only serious people use the app to find their perfect match.


3. OkCupid

OkCupid is one of the best dating apps on the market with straightforward and easy to use platform. This dating app is always updated and new features are added frequently to enhance user experience. Some of the recently added feature include Flavor, a feature that allows users to quickly view unique things about potential matches such as world traveler , beard lover among many others. This app is simple and easy to use. All that you need to do to get started is create your own profile which you can link to your Instagram account them make it public for other users to see. You can also answer specific questions about yourself and traits that you are looking for in a partner. This will increase your chances of finding a perfect match. However subscribing to a premium version will give you access to exclusive features such as the a ability so see the users who likes you and access to more refined tools.


4. Pickable

This dating app uses a different approach to create a conducive environment for women who are searching for someone special online. Unlike other dating apps the requires women to upload there photos, this app does not require women to do that. All that they need to do browse to find potential partners then message the person that they find suitable. Men can respond to chat request or just chill out at the dashboard that shows real time updates on whether someone is browsing on their photos. This dating platform gives men a more laid back feel while at the same time give women more control when it comes to finding a perfect match.


5. Happn

This dating app will show you singles whom you have a lot in common with. All that you need to do to get started is create your own profile via Facebook which you can also link to your Spotify and Instagram account. Users that you have a lot in common with will appear on the top, a factor that will increase your chances of finding a perfect match. Happn currently has over 50 million users around the globe and the app operates in over 50 countries.


6. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee meets Bagel is a popular free dating app used by many people across the globe. Everyday at noon men will get a list of single and searching women within their locality. Women will also get their own list as well but will only be given a list of men who have expressed interest . Users who get their perfect match are given a private room to chat to know each other better. This dating app is also LGBTQ friendly. You can also subscribe to the premium version to access more exclusive features.

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