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10 Best Workout Apps


You need the best workout apps to achieve the best in your fitness goals. If you are used to attending a gym, there are some issues which may make you prefer working out in a private place. For instance, you may be in a gym and other people are losing fats fast to build abs while you are lagging behind. You should not feel discouraged; you need to invest in the best workout apps which will guide you in working out even when in your private space. With the right apps, you can work out from any place. The apps are also helpful in making you adjust your lifestyle accordingly. For instance, you may have a target of losing at least few pounds each week, the apps will let you know if you have burned your daily target of calories. There are others even come with inbuilt exercises which you can follow to stay fit.


10 best workout apps you need to try


1. 7-Minute Butt Workout

The app comes with seven minute workouts which target your gluts and the buttocks. If you believe your buttocks are not in good shape, you should not worry on how you can get the buttocks into shape. Going to the gym is one of the methods but you will have to pay a lot of money for the services of a trainer. Things have been made easy if you can employ the easy to follow workouts explained in the app which you only take seven minutes in a day to accomplish. The workouts are very effective in targeting the butt muscles so that you can achieve your desired butt.


2. MyFitnessPal

The app combines threes functions. It works as a calorie counter, diet tracker and an exercise motivator. When you track the different parameters, it becomes very easy for you to lose weight and gain your desired body shape. The app will help you have a customized plan of working out based on your lifestyle and the type of food you eat. The app has a database of more than 5 million foods with their calorie information so that you can know exactly what you will have to eat at different times to stay fit.


3. Yoga Wake Up

It is an app which will remind you to start the workout immediately you get out of bed. Apart from reminding you of the workouts, it also plays calming audio sequences which will lead you into sessions of morning stretches. The app can replace your alarm clock each day as it wakes you up to start the workout process. Remember you need to work out on a regular basis if you would like to achieve the best results. The app will motivate you into developing a habit of working out each day when you wake up in the morning hence changing your life for good.


4. Noom

It will help you monitor your eating and exercise routine. Many people who follow the guidelines in the app strictly have achieved in losing up to 18 pounds in a period of 16 weeks. It works in such a way it will help you build a healthy lifestyle based on fitness plans and customized meal plans. It has accurate weight and food trackers which can act as your personal coach when trying to lose weight. You can easily determine hindrances in losing weight if you can follow the guides in the app.


5. Gixo

It avails live trainers 24/7. You can choose from different sessions such as 15 minutes up to 40 minutes sessions and the coaches in the app will guide you. You do not have to worry on how you can leave the apartment before you can access a fitness trainer, the app allows you to work out from the comfort of your home and it will connect you to a trainer.


6. Asana Rebel

If you love yoga, then the app is the best for you to consider. It is created to help you achieve different poses in yoga without a trainer. It can help in burning fats, strengthening muscles and helping you maintain balance. It also introduces cardio so that you can benefit from both yoga poses as well as a cardio workout.


7. Six Pack in 30 Days

You can easily strengthen your core and achieve a six pack in 30 days through following the tips explained in the app. The app is built to help even gym newbies. There is no need of equipment because it will introduce you to different workout sessions such as Russian twists and even reverse crunches which will help in developing the core.


8. Strava

It is an app which is effective in keeping track of cycling and running distance. You get running aspects such as endurance, speed and even the acceleration you need to improve your triathlon performance. You even get to interact with friends in the app who will offer you motivation to push the limit so that you can finish the marathon in record time.


9. Studio Tone It Up

The app will help you interact with a community of women who will help you work out to achieve the best body shape. The workouts explained in the app can help you develop a strong body which is toned. Some of the exercises explained in the app include yoga, barre, cardio, boxing, strength training and kettle bell. Each week comes with new classes which will help you avoid boredom and stay motivated to work out and stay fit.


10. Couch to 5K

The app comes with a motivation quote which aims at getting you out of the couch so that you can reach the finish 5k finish line. The app will expose you to workouts so that you can sweat at least 30 minutes in a day for only 3 days in a week. The cycle will repeat for nine weeks. If you can follow the guide offered for the entire period of 9 weeks, you will transform your body for good.


The above are the best workout apps which you can try. They will guide you to work out and save money instead of paying a gym instructor. Most of them will teach you to work out without the need of equipment.

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