Universal Phone Charger

Have you ever asked yourself why whenever you need to charge your mobile phone the charger is always not around? Did you face the situation when your charger was left at work while you were at home? Did a friend of yours "borrow" it? In fact there can be a variety of reasons why you may need portable phone charger. And not just any charger, but the real universal phone charger, since only this sort of charger may charge all your gadgets.

IDAPT i1 Eco is the only option if you are looking for high quality universal phone charger. It is universal and upgradable, capable of charging all your devices since it has complete compatibility with almost all brands of mobile phones, mp3 players, e-books, portable gaming devices, tablets etc.

Innovative patented system of tips ensures fantastic compatibility - more than four thousands gadgets can be charged with IDAPT i1 Eco. IDAPT develops and updates tips as soon as the new devices are launched in production. IDAPT universal phone charger is 100% ecological - made from recycled materials and is able to conserve energy through its auto-off system which turns off the charger while it is not in use.