Univeral Mobile Charger

universal mobile charger IDAPT i2+IDAPT is a universal mobile charger that helps users to get rid of tangled cables at home, in the office and even while traveling. A single unit of IDAPT will let you charge more than 4 thousands devices, from mobile phones (iPhone, Blackberry, HTC...) to MP3 players, bluetooth headsets, gaming stations and ebooks. IDAPT universal mobile charger is a future proof devices, since it is compatible with a simple system of interchangeable tips. At IDAPT, we develop more than 20 different models to cover all your needs and we update the range of tips as new devices are launched, so you can keep using your IDAPT efven if you change your mobile phone.


We develop different types of universal mobile chargers for different needs. Thus, the IDAPT i4 and i2+ are office and home solutions that have 3 or 2 tip points of charge and a universal USB charger, while the i1Eco -awarded as one of the most innovative products at CES 2011- is an Eco-friendly travel solution. Thanks to this dual charger, you will be able to charge all your devices either at home or on the go, since in the pack you get the wall plug and the car adapter.


IDAPT uses self-regulating power outputs, so it's a safe power and it doesn't matter how many devices you are charging, it is able to simultaneously charge them with the same efficiency. Unlike inductive chargers, you can use it without adding a bulky case. If you want to keep using your regular case, you will be able to do it.