Universal Desktop Charger

The IDAPT i4 charger makes it possible to charge up to four devices simultaneously thanks to a patented system of upgradable interchangeable tips. Extremely user-friendly, it is compatible with over 4,500 different devices currently present in the market. Some of these include devices manufactured by well-recognized brands such as Apple, Blackberry, HTC, and Nintendo among others. Forget about that jungle of cables and adapters lurking in your home and office. This ingenious solution caters specifically for those who own more than one mobile device and keep adding more to their collection periodically.

Featuring a sturdy and glossy base, the i4 universal desktop charger has the ability to look good anywhere it is placed. Available in a wide range of colors, it can also help complement any décor and reflect its user’s personal style. Three charging docks form part of the base. It is through these charging ports that the interchangeable tip system works. To insert the tips, the only step the user is required to follow is to push both buttons on each side of the docks to eject the tips. Once this is done, a new tip can be inserted depending on user needs. Completely, customizable, this system offers customers the chance to own a charger that not only caters to the needs of their devices but also of those incurred by themselves.

More eco-friendly than any other charger in its category, the IDAPT i4 universal desktop charger has been designed to save more power than the more common chargers in the market. It meets Energy Star standards and has been equipped with a power button that allows its user to turn it off when not in use in order to prevent vampiric power draw. As an extra measure, the company has included a set of LED lights that are placed next to each charging port. After each device has finished charging, these LED lights will turn from red to indicate that the charging process has ended, this way, letting the user know it is now o.k. to turn the device off.

The i4 universal desktop charger is an easy solution to the charging needs of every family and office. Conveniently available for purchase, these chargers can be found on the company’s website and other major online retailers.