Universal Charging Station

Most universal charging stations currently available in the market are visually unattractive. A great majority of them feature bulky black box designs and are accompanied by tons of cords and a bundle of tips. The IDAPT i2+ has come to change our notion of how a universal charging station is supposed to perform and look like. Featuring a sleek design and great functionality, this little gadget is here to change the way in which we charge our beloved mobile devices.

The IDAPT i2+ is made up by an acrylic base on which two interchangeable tips rest. The base is available in a wide variety of colors to perfectly complement any type of décor. The i2’s deco-influenced design makes it a unique product when compared to other desk chargers, which are usually rather bland in the looks department.

An amazing characteristic of the i2+ universal charging station is its innovative tip system. The tips are designed to easily pop out and be inserted depending on the user’s needs. Their uneven placement, one on the far left corner and another on the far right, provide larger gadgets room to charge. To change the tips, all that is needed is to push the buttons on each side of the charging dock. Once popped out, the user can proceed to insert a new one and place the device onto it. The tips are also shock-resistant to protect the device’s charging port in case it’s bumped into or knocked down. Upon purchase, the i2+ is accompanied by some of the most popular tips in the market so as to accommodate individual needs. Some of the formats included are micro and mini USB as well as Apple connectors. The i2+ universal charging station also has a lateral USB outlet that enables its user to charge a third device.

The overall purpose of this universal charger is visual tidiness. Featuring a simple rectangle shape, it creates a stylish view and puts your coolest gadgets on display. This product is able to stand out from any other in the market thanks to the thought and dedication invested on its customizable charging tips, the vertical placement of charging devices and its power-off feature.