Universal Chargers for Android

Android phones come in a myriad of sizes, shapes and colors. With such a steady supply of amazing handsets, these phones continue to increase in popularity among mobile device users. Offering stunning displays and incomparable software features, they continue to be purchased by users who openly express their admiration for the Android format and persist on giving Apple a run for its money. For all of you Android lovers out there, IDAPT has created a series of universal chargers for Android created exclusively to satisfy their thirst for power.

The ability to check our e-mail, download apps, and use any of hundreds of features offered by Android devices at any time also means we’re subject to maintaining these phones constantly juiced if we want to continue enjoying such things. For those of us who live life on-the-go, simply don’t have time, or constantly forget, charging our phones proves to be quite an arduous task. Thankfully, we can now put the thought of dead batteries behind us with the help of IDAPT’s range of innovative universal chargers for Android.

IDAPT’s i2+ and i4 have been designed in an effort to provide the market with a cohesive and convenient solution to its mobile device charging needs. Compatible with over 4,500 different devices, these universal chargers for Android charge three or four mobile devices respectively. They do so in a consistent manner without being affected by the amount of devices placed upon their base at once. They feature a sleek and sturdy base with power docks on which to place your devices. The chargers function through system of shock-resistant interchangeable tips that power your gadgets while protecting them from breaking in case the base is knocked down or hit in any way. A set of LED lights warns us once the base has finished juicing our devices by changing their color from red to green.

Enhancing battery life has now become much easier with the aid of IDAPT’s universal chargers for Android. As phones continue to evolve, you are guaranteed to be able to keep your IDAPT products for many years thanks to the company’s commitment to frequently update its tip system as new devices come out. For all Android fans, these universal-charging stations should be considered as a great long-term investment.