Universal Charger

universal chargerWhat is the main purpose of universal charger? A universal charger is the charging device which lets you charge multiple electronic devices. It is worth to mention the category of universal chargers which should be used in conjunction with one group of devices only ( e.g. with notebooks ). In the same time when universal chargers are being discussed, participants may be referring to mobile phone chargers.

Mobile phone users should enjoy the idea of universal charger because they do not have to rely on manufacturer-specific chargers to keep their phones functional. Universal chargers allow users to replace broken or lost mobile charger without having to order a charger from a manufacturer/retailer. The concept of universal charging simplifies the mobile phone purchase and usage experience since user is not required to have detailed knowledge of phone model types or capacities.

The qualitative universal chargers are produced by few companies. All these products have a variety of features and are simply amazing. However the most successful solution if we judge on combination of price and functionality is IDAPT's Universal Charger i4. It is capable of charging up to 4 mobile devices at a time. The compatibility of IDAPT is unbeatable – more than 4000+ devices including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nintendo DS, PSP, GPS systems, digital cameras and Bluetooth products.