Universal Cell Phone Charger

Our universal cell phone charger allows you to charge all your devices at home, in the office or while traveling without the mess of tangled wires. With just one IDAPT you will be able to charge more than 4,000 devices: almost all cell phones (iPhone, HTC, Samsung, LG, RIM...), MP3 players, bluetooth headsets, PSP, Nintendo DS, Kindle... IDAPT is a future proof USB universal charger, since apart of the USB the unit works with a neat system of interchangeable tips. We develop 22 tips to cover all your needs and we update the connectors as new phones are launched to the market.


IDAPT develop different chargers for different user needs. While IDAPT i4 and i2+ are office and home solutions that have 3 or 2 tip points of charge and a universal USB charger,  i1Eco - recognized as one of the most innovative products in major CE shows such as CES and CTIA 2011 - is a portable and ecological solution. This universal cell phone charger is the perfect solution for you to charge all your devices while at home or on the go. In the box you will get the wall plug and the car adapter included.


We implement technology that uses self-regulating power outputs, which means that it doesn't really matter the number of devices you are charging (1 to 4), the IDAPT is able to simultaneously charge them with the same efficiency. Besides, unlike inductive chargers, users don't need to add a bulky case in order to charge. If you want to keep using your regular case, you will be able to do it.