Solutions for Retailers

An Innovative Solution for Everybody’s Mobile Lifestyle

Smartphone accessories are highly sought-after products. IDAPT has achieved worldwide recognitions among industry experts for our ability to design innovative and stylish products that solve a real problem for customers. We have a wide range of products from Universal Holder, Universal Charger and Portable Power that will help simplify the everyday lives of mobile technology users.

Our range of Universal Chargers are known for its patented interchangeable tip system. With more than 20 different tips available and more to come, this system makes our product future-proof and compatible with more than 5000 devices.

A simple and organized display are the main key as customers only have few seconds to view and be attracted. IDAPT develops displays that showcase our product and educate your customers about its features in a memorable way, which makes them more apt to make a purchase. IDAPT has different POS displays that allow customers to touch and test the product, which encourages conversation with your customers.

We adapt according to your needs. IDAPT provides high flexibility with no minimum order. Contact us now