Purchase Mobile Charger

IDAPT, as a company, might sound familiar to some people especially those who care about our planet’s well being. Exclusively designed to reduce the gadget lover’s ecological footprint, the company has created the i1 Eco, a portable and environmentally-friendly adaptation in a line of well-recognized universal chargers. This mobile charger is currently available for purchase on the company’s website and many retailers around the world.

So why should we purchase this mobile charger? Well, besides being capable of conserving energy thorough an auto-off system not offered by the majority of chargers currently present in the market, it is also completely made of recyclable materials. This mobile charger has a very low impact on the environment as it lowers the amount of natural resources needed to keep all of our favorite gadgets juiced. Extremely convenient as well, it has a restart button visibly placed at its base to make it function when needed. As a mobile charger for a car, the i1 Eco can actually elongate the life of a car’s batteries when compared to many other products.

Another unique attribute that should further convince us of why this mobile charger makes a great purchase is that it features a patented system of interchangeable tips compatible with over 4,500 devices. A set of dual outputs makes it able to charge two devices at the same time either from home or the car.

As mobile devices continue to flood the market each year, the company frequently updates its selection of tips in an effort to cater to its customers’ needs. Since the i1 Eco can be used to charge almost any mobile device currently present in the market, it can also help prevent the manufacture of thousands of other chargers that will tragically end up in a garbage can once a new version of the gadget they serve is developed. Additionally, the manufacturer has gone the extra mile to ensure that no chemical paint has touched the i1 Eco during its making as a way to facilitate the recycling process once this product is disposed of.

The design featured by the IDAPT i1 Eco is minimalist yet stylish. Displaying a white and lime green color palette, it is an energy-saving accessory for any home or car. The purchase of this mobile charger should be considered as a smart investment for any owner of multiple mobile devices.