IDAPT Universal Charging Speaker S2

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The IDAPT S2 speaker offers a unique solution to “charge & play” that most other speakers don’t. Its speaker system has two docking options and a superior, organic sound with three audio sources, an alarm clock and a radio. The S2 charges three devices at once. It provides rich sound to accompany whatever you are listening to or watching. It is compatible with past, current and future generations of mobile devices. The S2 combines style and sound with simplified charging, perfect for everyone’s mobile lifestyle.


Charge Three at Once
.Charge three devices at the same time.
.Two charging points with IDAPT’s interchangeable tip system and one Turbo Smart USB.
.Recognizes any Android or IOS device.

Bluetooth Streaming
.Bluetooth 2.0 Audio.
.High quality audio streaming directly from your device.

Full Audio Sprectrum
.Gives a smooth, organic and rich sound for your music and videos.

Powerful 20W Charger
.Enough power to stream and charge multiple power-hungry devices as fast as the manufacturer's charger.
.5 Watt (1A) per tip connection.
.Minimum 10 Watt (2A) on the USB port.

5000+ Devices
.Compatible with 5000+ devices.
.100% compatibility with current smartphones.
.Also for iPads, tablets, cameras, batteries, gaming consoles, Bluetooth devices, etc.

IDAPT’s Tip System
.Internationally patented.
.Flexible and easy to use.
.Extended tips to charge phones with cases on.
.IDAPT is committed to developing new tips as new devices enter the market.


3 Modulo included
1.1 A output for each Modulo
up to 2.2 A output for 2 Modulo

249.99 USD