Portable Universal Charger Made For Active People

Many of us live our lives on-the-go. We want everything to be done in the smallest amount of time possible. From food, to transportation and technology, every day these three are improved to provide faster and better services. IDAPT, a company known for its innovative solutions and vanguard products, has created a portable universal charger for those of us constantly on-the-go. The IDAPT i1 Eco is able to charge almost any mobile device on the planet either in our home, car, hotel or anywhere it’s taken. Compact enough to be carried effortlessly in our luggage or purse, this charger eliminates the headaches caused by low battery warnings.

This portable universal charger features IDAPT’s patented interchangeable tip system that allows it to be compatible with over 4,500 devices and charge up to two devices simultaneously. A lateral USB port is provided to let us charge any other device we might have at hand. Compact and stylish, the i1 Eco makes it possible to keep our favorite gadgets charged at all times, no matter where life might take us tomorrow.

Environmentally-friendly, the IDAPT i1 Eco is made entirely of recyclable materials. This planet-conscious device has been conceived in an effort to provide a green solution to our charging needs while safeguarding our planet’s well being. Sticking to its commitment of reducing our ecological footprint, IDAPT has also made sure this product is packaged using recycled paper. It also features a “power-off” system that automatically turns it off, this way, preventing the waste of electricity and other precious natural resources. A restart button allows its user to reactivate its charging features when necessary. For busy people, who constantly forget to unplug their chargers from power outlets, this portable universal charger is a guilt-free solution to their forgetfulness.

In an attempt to cater to a market that constantly demands faster, better and greener products, IDAPT presents its customers with an excellent solution to elongating the battery lives of their beloved gadgets. The i1 Eco is the go-to charger for those of us who would like to take the task of charging our gadgets off our overcrowded daily to-do list.