Multiple Charger

To ease the lives of those of us who own more than two mobile devices, IDAPT has created the i3, a multiple charger capable of saving its users vital time and space. Instead of wrestling with a never-ending array of cords and tips, this genius gadget allows its user to charge three mobile devices simultaneously.  The IDAPT i3 features an interchangeable system of tips that can be swapped to adapt to more than 4,500 types of devices. This is, in fact, the perfect marriage of ingenuity and design.

The IDAPT i3 multiple charger system comes with six tips compatible with Micro-USB, Mini-USB, iPhone/iPod systems and others suitable for the newest types of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung mobile phones. These tips are easy to install and easy to remove. The company offers a wider selection of tips through its online stores in case a user’s collection of mobile devices keeps expanding. IDAPT’s great availability of interchangeable tips makes the i3 compatible with almost any mobile device on the planet.

A breakthrough element of the i3 multiple charging system, is its ability to apply the same charge time to each gadget regardless of how many items are placed on it at once.  This feature is perfect for people who depend on the functionality of their gadgets for their professions or those of us who want to be accessible at all times.

As workspaces become increasingly cramped, the IDAPT i3 is an ideal tool for offices with small desk areas.  It is also perfect for the frequent traveler as its compact and lightweight base gives it the potential to save space and decrease the weight of a traveler’s baggage. This convenient tool should be the go-to item for anyone who has more than one gadget lying around. 

Let’s give our power strips and Mother Nature a break. As a multiple charger, the IDAPT i3 could help prevent the mass production of impractical chargers, this way, minimizing waste and power usage.  It can also be completely turned off when not in use through a power switch.

The future of universal chargers is now finally palpable. The i3’s resourceful capabilities will forever change the way we charge our favorite gadgets.