Multi Charger

multi chargerIDAPT is a wire free multi charger station that frees space while at the night-table at home, at the office desk or at the hotel. Discover the most convenient way to charge up to four devices at once and clean up your countertops. With just a unit of IDAPT you will be able to charge more than 4,000 devices, including cell phones (all iPhones, Samsung, Blackberry, LG...), MP3/MP4 players, bluetooth headsets, Nintendos, eBooks... IDAPT is also a future proof universal charger, since the unit works with a simple system of interchangeable tips. We develop 20+ tips to cover all your needs and we update the connectors as new phones are launched to the market. So you don't need to replace your charger everytime you get a new device. IDAPT just covers all them,


IDAPT multi charger stations are on the market since 2006 and has been awarded on all the major Consumer Electronic Shows, from CES and IFA to CTIA.


We develop different types of multi chargers for different user needs. The i4 and i2+ are office and home solutions that have 3 or 2 tip points of charge plus a USB chargering port,while the i1Eco -awarded as one of the most innovative products at CES 2011- is an Eco-friendly travel solution. Thanks to this dual charger, you will be able to charge all your devices either at home or on the go, since in the pack you get the wall plug and the car adapter.