Mobile Phone Universal Charger

IDAPT, the mobile lifestyle technology leader, has developed a line of universal charging stations of great versatility and offers them at an affordable price. Currently available in the market is the IDAPT i4, a mobile phone universal charger designed to cater to a wide range of mobile technology users and capable of charging up to four devices simultaneously. This innovative line of products can be easily purchased on the company’s website and through major online retailers in the United States such as Amazon, Sears, and Saks Fifth Avenue among others.

Whereas most universal chargers out there include a set of cables or tips that supposedly should allow users to charge everything in existence, many of these devices become obsolete only after a few years of use. IDAPT’s patented interchangeable tip system is what allows the i4 to be compatible with up to 4,500 different devices. The company’s commitment to keep updating its selection of tips is what sets them apart. As new devices flood the market every year, IDAPT continues to manufacture new tips compatible with the new formats. After doing so, they become easily available for purchase on the aforementioned websites guaranteeing users the chance to use these mobile phone universal chargers for many years to come.

For the process of charging your mobile phone or any other gadget, the first step is to set up the IDAPT i4’s glossy base. All that is needed is to plug the power cord to the base and then connect it to a power outlet. After this, the user is only required to press a power button to turn the device on. A set of six tips comes included in the original box upon purchase. One only has to select the three that will fit the devices at hand, pop them into the charging sockets, and then insert the phone or gadget into it. It is important to be reminded that a lateral USB port has been built into the i4 in case a fourth device needs to be charged or there is simply not enough space on the base.

So, if you’re tired of looking for a convenient yet inexpensive solution to your charging needs, consider the IDAPT i4 mobile phone universal charger. This great device is guaranteed to last thanks to its adaptability and high quality design.