Mobile Device Chargers

The hospitality industry faces complex challenges every day as it caters to a global clientele. In order to succeed, most hotels find the need to set themselves apart and make their guests’ stay astoundingly memorable. This task proves to be extremely difficult in a world plagued by a myriad of hotels and international franchises that spend vast amounts of money formulating ways to attract more and more visitors. Maximizing your hotel’s full revenue potential and appealing to a greater audience requires great attention to detail and the creation of unique services. Only those who are able to think out of the box and break the norm are the ones who have a chance at being remembered. For this reason, IDAPT, a Spanish technology leader, offers a line of universal mobile device chargers that can help enhance your guests’ experience, helping you increase your profitability.

IDAPT’s line of universal chargers features an internationally patented system of interchangeable tips compatible with over 4,500 devices currently present in the market. These devices are able to charge multiple gadgets simultaneously thanks to the various charging docks on their bases, which allow users to enjoy short charge times. Unlike many other chargers, IDAPT’s products can be used in an easy and quick manner. All the user is required to do is to push the buttons on each side of the charging ports to eject the tips and insert a new one according to individual needs. These mobile device chargers also feature a power button that can turn the device completely off when not use, this way, helping hotels prevent the waste of electricity.

Your guests can now forget about having to pack multiple chargers and a jungle of wires in their bags. IDAPT’s chargers will guarantee to be compatible with whatever mobile device your guests might bring from all corners of the world. Visitors to your hotel will no longer face the inconvenience of having to move beds around to find unused power outlets. Your employees will soon forget what it is like to answer frantic phone calls from guests asking to have their chargers mailed to their homes because they forgot them in their rooms.

IDAPT’s range of innovative mobile device chargers can help your hotel provide its guests a memorable experience and increase the chances of repeat bookings and positive reviews. Providing your clients with this service can also help eliminate the costs associated with requiring your employees to spend precious time finding and shipping forgotten chargers back to their worried users. Increase your revenue and maximize your costs with the help of an IDAPT universal charger.