Mobile Device Accessory

Many business travelers depend immensely on mobile devices and their connectivity. While traveling, it is of outmost importance to carry a convenient mobile device accessory capable of charging much-needed cell phones and tablets. With airlines consistently reducing the weight limits of a traveler’s baggage and the inconvenience that heavy luggage represents, it has become crucial to find an all-encompassing solution to our charging needs. For this reason, IDAPT has come to our rescue by creating a line of portable mobile device accessories not only capable of charging many of our precious mobile devices, but also clever enough to charge them all at once.

The IDAPT i1 Eco and the i4 are a wonderful companion for any business traveler. Compact and stylish, these two mobile device accessories can be brought inside our luggage to maintain all of our gadgets consistently juiced. Designed to grant a flexible option for charging a wide range of cell phones, tablets and e-books, the i1 Eco and i4 were also made to be good to our environment. Unlike many other mobile device accessories in the market, both gadgets offer its user the chance to be turned off when not in use. They eliminate the need to carry multiple chargers in our bags while also helping save energy everywhere we go.

Never find yourself with a dead cell phone when you need to conduct business. Weather you’re in a hotel or driving to a meeting, IDAPT’s i1 Eco can be plugged into the wall or a power outlet in your car, and immediately start charging multiple mobile devices. Its auto-shut off feature and the fact that it’s made from recycled materials make it a green choice for any of those whose jobs demand constant mobility.  Forgetting your gadgets are running low on charge can happen very frequently. Let the i1 Eco take this load off your mind while helping preserve our environment.

IDAPT’s i4 makes an excellent companion for the business traveler. This stylish mobile device accessory is a perfect fit for any hotel or conference room.  As a universal charging station, it allows its user to charge up to four devices at the same time.  The i4 solves most travelers’ charging dilemmas by providing a universal, portable charging solution.

Portable mobile device accessories are vital pieces of any business traveler’s luggage. Make airports and endless lines more bearable by keeping of all your essential gadgets fully charged with IDAPT’s line of universal chargers.