iPhone Charger

The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary mobile devices to have reached the masses in the past few years. What’s not to love about it? The iPhone features a unique design and maintains us constantly connected and entertained through a series of apps not offered by any other phone. These amazing features can only function if the phone is on, of course. This phone is also commonly known for its short battery life in comparison to many other mobile devices on the market. IDAPT’s range of products, compatible with over 4,500 devices, offers an innovative way to keep our favorite Apple gadgets juiced. As iPhone charger, the i1 Eco, i2+ and i4 offer an exceptional opportunity to charge our mobile devices in a sustainable way.

Being in your car shouldn’t prevent you from keeping your iPhone charged at all times. IDAPT’s i1 Eco allows you to maintain the charge bar on your phone’s screen full while being good to the environment. This is an iPhone charger you can feel good about purchasing as it is made of recyclable materials and has an “auto off” system designed to preserve energy. If your iPhone needs more charging, just push the re-start button and this gadget reverts back to doing its magic. IDAPT’s i1 Eco is the perfect iPhone charger for those of us constantly on-the-go.

IDAPT’s i2+ is yet another option to rejuvenate the batteries of our beloved iPhones. This brilliant gadget can also be used to charge the iPod or iPad because it offers the same range of compatibility as the rest of IDAPT’s products. It can actually charge all three mobile devices at the same due to two socket tips placed on the base and a USB outlet, which is perfect for charging the iPad. On the other hand, IDAPT’s i4 also makes an excellent choice as an iPhone charger and differs from the i2+ in that it can charge up to four devices simultaneously. Both products get rid of all that annoying wire mess present on countless desks and prevent accidental tripping in the home or office.

As iPhone chargers, IDAPT’s range of products offer a clean answer to the question of keeping our iPhone batteries charged twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.