Innovative Mobile Device Charger

Wireless charging mats promise to charge all of our mobile devices without the annoyance of wires. Their manufacturers preach these chargers are able to juice up phones simply by having them placed on top of the mats. Although it sounds like a great idea, these products are more known for their shortcomings rather than the magic they’re supposed to perform. A quick search on one of the main search engines will easily confirm this fact. So, before we spend a significant amount of money on any of these devices, we should also take the time to consider the IDAPT i4.

The IDAPT i4 is a revolutionary mobile device charger compatible with over 4,500 devices thanks to a patented system of interchangeable tips that adapt to our needs. Included with its purchase are six tips capable of charging almost any device on the planet. Compact and stylish, it is an absolutely convenient way to charge up to four devices at the same time. Featuring a power off button, this gadget lets its user control the amount of time it stays on, assuring the least amount of power is used when charging all of our favorite gadgets. This charger also comes equipped with a lateral USB outlet to let us charge bigger devices such as tablets and e-readers. Thanks to the i4, messy cords and multiple chargers limited by their plugs are rapidly becoming obsolete.

Although it is not a wireless charger, the IDAPT i4 mobile device charger is far more convenient when it comes to its actual use. The PowerMat, for instance, while designed to be wireless, requires its user to place a tip sold by the manufacturer in the power port of each device just like any other charger in the market. Once the tip has made direct contact with the mat, it can finally start charging your device. The mat won’t charge phones or other gadgets unless the tip is used contrary to what its advertising suggests. It is also necessary to purchase multiple tips for different gadgets, which can become extremely expensive as the power grid only includes one tip upon purchase.

When it comes down to practicality and overall price, the power mats are not able to deliver the convenience and performance offered by the IDAPT i4 mobile device charger. Before spending that hard-earned cash, we should take a minute to consider the i4’s overall quality as a long-term investment.