HTC Charger

The HTC line of mobile phones has proven to be one of the company’s most innovative inventions. As a mobile phone, it presents its user with a clean and customizable user interface. It offers other necessary features like e-mail, contacts synchronization, Wi-Fi, GPS Bluetooth and a camera among others. Its unibody aluminum construction makes it an attractive device worth showing off and its thin frame allows it to be carried in our pockets or handbags. The HTC’s ability to entertain, maintain us connected to the world around us, and help us maximize our time makes it one of the best-selling phones present in the current market. All of this said, the phone must maintain its battery life if we want to enjoy all its nifty features. For this reason, IDAPT has created the i4, a universal charging station that can function perfectly as an HTC charger.

The IDAPT i4 is a universal charger compatible with over 4,500 devices thanks to its patented system of interchangeable tips. As an HTC charger, this universal station allows you to juice up your favorite phone as well as any other device there might be in your household. Upon purchase, customers receive the i4 accompanied by the six most commonly used tips in the market which lets us charge almost any combination of mobile devices on the planet. The IDAPT i4’s base features three charging docks that work in a simultaneous manner, allowing you to juice multiple devices at the same time. There is also a lateral USB outlet so that a fourth device can be added to this charging station when needed.

The gorgeous phone that it is, the HTC’s boldness and functionality continues to amaze its users. More and more people convert to the HTC brand every day due to its incomparable features. A beautiful design, 3D display, superior data speed, and Snapdragon processor are some of the attributes that set this phone apart from any other in the industry. So for all of you HTC fans, IDAPT has created the i4 in an effort to help you maintain your phones fully charged at all times. Maximize the battery life of your cherished phone with the help of the IDAPT i4 universal and HTC charger.