Future Cell Phone Charger

IDAPT’s i2+ and i4 universal cell phone chargers are a perfect option for hoteliers who want to provide their guests with everything they might need throughout their stay. Forgetting cell phone chargers is a commonly reported concern of many guests in the hospitality industry. Most of us can identify with the anxiety that comes after finding out we might not be able to maintain the battery life of our beloved gadgets, more so with our cell phones.  For this reason, IDAPT’s universal phone chargers make an excellent addition to any hotel room.

Compatible with over 4,500 devices, the IDAPT i2+ and i4 can keep multiple devices juiced simultaneously. They feature an elegant design, well-suited for most types of décor. Additional highlights include a “quick release” button for the safe removal of interchangeable tips as well as an LED display light which lets the user know once a gadget is fully charged. Besides alleviating the worries of many guests, these smart cell phone chargers also have the potential to help hotels save energy as they can be completely turned off when not in use. Millions of guests check into hotel rooms every year, the IDAPT i2+ and i4 can solve some of the challenges hotels face when accommodating an international audience.

As hundreds of mobile devices with unique cable requirements flood the market every year, IDAPT’s innovative products offer a feasible answer to servicing the charging needs of hotel guests. The i2+ and i4 present a distinct and compact solution for enhancing the battery life of any device. These cell phone chargers can keep most traveler’s devices, including cameras, charged at all times. Ideal for bedside tables, concierge areas, reception desks and conference rooms, they represent a convenient solution for the hospitality industry’s desire to go beyond the expectations of their guests. As items for sale, they also provide the chance to generate extra revenue for any hotel around the world.

Hotels can now forget about having to deal with frustrated guests desperate to re-charge and re-connect their mobile devices.  With the aid of the IDAPT i2+ and i4 cell phone chargers, it is now possible for hoteliers to supply their guests with a convenient solution to gadget woes.